Title: The Crack Fic of Doom Fandom: Prince of Tennis Pairing: Mizuki Hajime/Horio Satoshi Rating: Total crack. Disclaimer: Not mine. Notes: I wrote this fic as a joke for my friend's birthday, so it kinda ends somewhat abruptly. Thank you for reading. Constructive criticism is very welcome!

Gasping for breath, Mizuki Hajime tried to push the other boy away, shaking his head to help clear away the confusion. He couldn't believe the wimpy freshman was this strong, this lustful. Before he could gather his thoughts, and figure out what was happening to him, soft hungry lips pressed harshly to his, while the smoothest hands Mizuki had ever felt caressed along his sides, pushing his shirt higher. He gave a sharp gasp as the red head took a nipple between his teeth, biting it not too gently. His efforts to get away were futile; the other boy responded to his efforts by slamming his back into the wall, which dug into his delicate skin.

"Wait…" he managed to gasp out, as his assailant pressed a desperate, needy kiss to his lips. Gasping for breath, he choked out, "you… you're from Seigaku right?"

The red head nodded smirking, "Horio Satoshi, two years love-making experience." He ground his erection against Mizuki's groin as he spoke. Running his tongue along Mizuki's jawline he smiled at the shiver's running along the taller boy's spine.

Mizuki felt his will weaken, he had never given the red-head a thought, since he wasn't a regular he wasn't a threat to St. Rudolph. But his body was forcing his brain to admit that Horio was skilled with his hands and tongue.

Deciding that since his efforts to flee were useless, he might as well give in, maybe it would end sooner that way? Mizuki wrapped his arms around Horio's neck, pulling him closer for a more intimate, passionate kiss.

Horio grinned smugly, he had defeated another conquest.