Disclaimer - I don't own Rockman. And via Rockman, I mean any and all, wether it be Rockman or Megaman or NT tacked on the end.

Author's note - Well, this is another fic that has been long in the making. I have seen way to many OC's that have been placed with Chaud that in my opinion, in the process of doing so, just doesn't work very well, or it just makes the characters out of place. SO, I am going to try my own OC.

I would also like to note a few facts about my fic which will be important to note. Yemi Hikari is an OC of mine, but she belongs to another fandom. Second, the bases of this fic comes from when I was little and the OLD Megaman show was on. It may have just been my brothers and my imagination, but we remembered a show that no one else remembers. How we remembered, please don't ask, but my brother oddly remembers to, and he was younger. Perhaps it was me making it up as I went and telling him. I ave told stories since I was little, even if they aren't very good.

I would also like to note that I am using the American names. (If I slip up, PLEASE let me know!) I also have heard rumors about a Chaud/Yai pairing in NB7. As I don't believe this fully, anyone who does, please give me a source of information that works. (I don't disagree with the pairing. Just the rumors.)

The Dream

It was the N! Grand Pre and it was the final round. The finalists were Lan Hikari with his Net Navi Megaman and Chaud Blaze with his Net Navi Protoman. Everyone was cheering and the battle started. Megaman and Protoman were battling hard, not giving an inch in the battle arena. It was then that it came down to using the Program Advance. Chaud's gut instinct told him that Lan would have Megaman use one too.

So, they each slotted in the first chip at the same time, and then the second. It was then time for the third chip. Chaud slotted his in, but as he did so, it became obvious that Lan had not, as Megaman still had two swords and wasn't bringing them up to form the attack. It was then that Protoman sent his Program advance forward.

As the attack went forward, the entire surroundings around the arena went black. Lan and everybody else disappeared. In Megaman's place stood a woman with white hair and blue eyes. There was something familiar about her, something that brought a panic into Chaud's chest, something he couldn't place. He opened his mouth to shout out to her to get out of the way. But, as he opened his mouth, the program advance hit her, causing her to fall to the ground.

As Chaud's panic grew worse, the ground began to shake, and out of the darkness, Pharohman rose up in all his great size. It was then that Pharohman released his attack, as he towered over them. At first, Chaud thought it was headed toward Protoman, but then released it was headed towards himself. Chaud froze then, unable to move. He partially knew that there really was no time for him to react. It was then that someone else pushed him out of the way and onto the ground. When Chaud looked up, he saw the woman disintegrating like a Net Navi deleted.

As Chaud saw this, he pushed himself backward, horrified at what he saw. It was then that he saw Pharohman change. What he changed into was Dr. Willy. Dr. Willy reached out and grabbed him.

"Hee... hee... hee. Thought you could escape me, did you? Why even try? Wether you want to or not, your mine. There's nothing you can do about it. Your souls as dark as mine, boy. You know that Megaman and Protomega-girl tried to save you, but it didn't work."

Author's note - Short and sweet. And, at a wonderful cliff hanger.