Lan was in big trouble with Maylu. This was because he had told her exactly what he had told his mother to get out of duties of cleaning up the house… he had yet to tell her that his cousin was coming to stay. He felt that, considering Maylu's stance on what girls could most defiantly do, that she would take the side of his deranged cousin.

"Oh, come on Maylu… I mean nothing about it!" the boy said, or more of whined.

"Well… I find that you telling your mother that you are helping me with my math homework, of all things, was the dumbest thing that you've ever done," the girl snapped.

"I still don't think that I did anything wrong," the boy muttered.

"It was the fact that she knows momma won't believe your story Lan!" Megaman commented.

"And how dumb it was…" Roll muttered.

"Well, you get to buy me stuff at this little café!" Maylu commented.

"Oh… there's Chaud, Anetta and Mr. Famous!" Lan cried out, hurrying over to where they were sitting in a huge booth because the shock had allowed Maylu to drop her grip on the boy. It was a huge U shaped booth and Lan crawled over Chaud to get away from Maylu, who let out a loud breath from the nose.

"Hikari! What the hell are you doing!" the older boy commented.

"Maylu's mad at… you're drinking tea!" the younger Net Saver commented.

"Yeah… I couldn't sleep last night and warm tea helps…" the boy said, only to watch as Lan took his cup and went and dumped it into the trash can. "Lan Hikari!"

"I'll get you something else! Just not tea… not tea…" Maylu watched as Lan shuddered and went and bought a coffee cake… or what this shop called a coffee cake. It was a mouthful bite backed with tons of caffeine. She frowned, knowing that this always woke Lan up, but she wasn't sure what it would do to a boy who wasn't normally hyperactive.

"I'm going to send a message with the others to have them meet us here," Maylu commented.

"Yes… well, I think this will help you," Lan said, suddenly climbing over Chaud and shoving the cake into the older boy's mouth as he opened to say something to Maylu about her idea. Lan held it over his mouth so that he had to swallow. This was going to be… interesting.

"What did you give me Lan?" Chaud's voice spit out with speed. He groaned and his head hit the table. "It's already taking effect…"

"Well… it's got three doses of caffeine…" Lan commented.

"No… crap… I'm going to have a headache…" Chaud muttered.

"Do I need to get you another to take care of the headache?" the younger boy commented.

"I'm not supposed to have caffeine. I really need to get out of here before I do or say something stupid… that hopefully I won't remember and no word of will get back to me later on… or better yet… him," the boy commented.

"Oh… you do silly things!" Lan commented just as Yai came in with Dex and Tory, who had all received the message to join them. "When you're on caffeine you do silly things awesome."

"Shut up Rocky!" Chaud snapped, which made Famous's eyebrows rise all of a sudden. Yai looked from Famous, then to Chaud then shrugged her shoulders not thinking any more of it.

"Me, shut up! My stupid cousin is coming and she's going to pull… no… pour invisible tea all over me!" Lan snapped at the older boy.

"Pour… invisible… tea?" at this Chaud suddenly began to laugh. "Good grief… that was funny…"

"Sakura isn't funny! She's an evil genius," Lan commented.

"I've never heard Hikari Sakura ever called an evil genius before," her eyes went wide. "Hold on… you're related to Sakura."

"Yeah… my cousin…" Lan watched as Yai started laughing aloud.

"No way! No way! There is no possible way that you two could be related!" Yai laughed. "Not Mr. Procastination to Ms. can't find enough to do!"

"You mean… your cousin is coming to visit and that's why you bagged out at the last minute!" Maylu snapped. Chaud was laughing along with Yai.

"She's awful…"

"But she is a genius?" Anetta commented. Chaud had forgotten their previous conversation and wasn't thinking about where she would take this.

"Let's just say she's on Chaud's level," Yai commented. "Both should have college degrees right now… and shouldn't be hanging out at our grade level."

"So I didn't want to skip grades! I didn't want to be a spoiled brat like you," Chaud suddenly stopped laughing, snapping it out. He slunk down into his chair.

"That wasn't nice…" Maylu commented, glaring at the boy.

"I'm sorry Yai… its just… I purposely made sure that when I tested I made it look like I was grade level for my age, but advanced… other wise he… he just would have been over ecstatic,"

"Well… she can hack almost any computer system… bet you don't have the guts to do that!" Yai commented. Famous gave her a look.

"My cousin is not immoral!" Lan snapped at the blond girl.

"Actually Lan… she has done some hacking," Famous commented. "She did it… for the government… perfectly legal… its better to call her a program breaker or cyber breaker."

"She'd make a perfect girlfriend for Chaud," Anetta commented, smiling as she did so, causing Yai to sulk. Chaud however glared at Anetta.

"I don't need a girlfriend!" Chaud snapped.

"Yeah… you do have girl problems… which I think having a girlfriend would solve… no more rabid fangirls!" Anetta commented.

"You could be his girlfriend," Maylu commented, only to be kicked under the table by Yai. "Oh… sorry… forgot."

"Forgot what… hold on… Chaud dating my cousin… no!" Lan's eyes went wide.

"I could date your cousin… if she's really pretty…" Dex commented. "Oww! Why'd you kick me?"

"No bodies dating or marring any of my cousins!" Lan commented, which caused Famous to turn pale.

"I think one of your cousin's is already married," Megaman commented. "Momma told me…"

"Not possible!" Lan commented. "They wouldn't be so rude as to not invite me to their wedding."

"Uhh… papa lost the invitation and didn't know about it… he still doesn't know… umm, I just remembered who she married," Megaman said turning pale. "I think we need more snacks Lan…"

"Oh… alright," Lan commented, hurrying away.

"So… who did Lan's cousin marry?" Maylu commented.

"A man named Meijin Eguchi," Megaman commented. Chaud suddenly snorted.

"You mean she's married to…" Chaud paused and stared at Famous. "No wonder you get mad at Lan for calling you Mr., Mr. Famous."

"Shut up Chaud… you aren't funny. I wish Lan had not given you that caffeine…" the man muttered.

"I think it's hysterical… what will Lan do when he finds out that you're married to his cousin," the boy grinned. His eyes suddenly got a glint in his eye and his smile was not normal.

"Don't you…"

"Chaud… you know who my cousin's married too?" Lan asked.

"You do…" Dex commented, not seeing the pale looks on everyone else's faces.

"As Megaman said… a man named Meijin Eguchi. You do know who Meijin Eguchi is, don't you Lan," Chaud asked.

"Should I?" Lan asked, his eyes narrowed.

"Uhh… can we talk about this later?" Megaman commented.

"Chaud… this isn't funny," Protoman sighed.

"I think it's hysterical. Lan… you've seen… as a Net Savior, quite a few personnel files. I know you've seen Meijin Eguchi's… or so I think,"

"Oh yeah… that was… oh," Lan looked straight at Famous. "No… no… It can't be. No!"

Suddenly Lan was running around the café screaming no. Chaud was laughing and everyone was glaring at him… except Dex. "I don't get it."

"Remind me never to give a certain Net Savior caffeine… and sugar for that matter," Famous commented.

An old man stuck his head into the shop. "Who's that loud mouth screaming… oh… it's just Lan Hikari! Bye!"

This caused Chaud to laugh even more and slink down into his seat. He explained to Dex. "Famous is married to his cousin."

"Oh… that is funny!" Dex was suddenly laughing aloud too.

"Its funny that it took you that long to get that," Chaud laughed.

"Huh?" Dex stopped laughing. "Is that supposed to mean something?"

"Nope…" Chaud commented.

"You are evil…" Maylu commented.

"I know…" Chaud commented. "And I am going to regret this later because I'm embarrassing myself."

"You!" Maylu commented. "We're the one's embarrassed. You blabbed Famous's social life all over the place. You made an idiot out of Dex. You aren't taking girl problems seriously… and Lan's the one running around like a chicken with his head cut off…"

"He brought that on himself…" Chaud laughed harder.

"How so?" Yai commented.

"He's the real evil one… giving me the caffeine…" Chaud commented.

"I thought the hot tea was supposed to help you wake up," Anetta commented.

"That was caffeine free tea… the other herbs are enough…" Chaud laughed, tears coming from his eyes.

"I am so not ever going to give him caffeine…" Maylu, to which everyone nodded.

Author's note – The old guy popping in… was the idea of my brother Unanimous XII for having the old man pop in. As for Yai knowing Sakura and why… that will hopefully come later…