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Among the stars

Chapter 1: A promise kept


It was another beautiful morning at the Masaki residence. The sun was shining, the birds
were singing, and the delicious aroma of Sasami's cooking was wafting throughout the
house. Tenchi awoke feeling quite refreshed, and he faced the day with a sense of
optimism. Today was the last day of school before summer vacation, and Tenchi was
looking forward to spending a nice quiet summer at home. However he quickly realized
that with a house full of alien females that loved to get into fights, there wouldn't be
much peace in the house. Still, he was glad he wouldn't have any homework to do.

As Tenchi went out into the hall he almost collided with Ayeka, who was suffering the
aftereffects of a hangover from drinking saki with Ryoko.

"Good morning Ayeka." said Tenchi, giving her a warm smile.

Ayeka quickly tried her best to appear dignified, "Oh good morning Lord Tenchi." she
replied, returning his smile despite her pounding headache.

"Did you get a good nights rest Ayeka?" he asked.

Ayeka became nervous as she tried to find a way around telling Tenchi that she had
passed out on the floor next to Ryoko, "Ah...I've had better." Ayeka then excused
herself to go to the bathroom.

As Tenchi made his way downstairs he could overhear Ayeka muttering to herself about,
"Never getting into another drinking contest with that 'no good hussy' again." Tenchi
shook his head with a smile as he made his way towards the kitchen.

As he made his way into the kitchen, he couldn't help but admire the skillful technique of
Sasami's cooking. She could probably put many professional chefs to shame with her
ability. Her endless supply of childish enthusiam was also a welcome addition to the
house. As he was exchanging morning pleasantries with Sasami, a very tired looking
Mihoshi came into the kitchen. A week earlier, Kiyone had been temporarily reassigned
to another district to replace a GP officer who had become pregnant. Ever since, Mihoshi
had been very melancholy.

"How're you feeling today Mihoshi?" asked a concerned Tenchi.

Mihoshi looked on the verge of tears, "Terrible, I can't sleep at night without Kiyone
around!" she wailed.

A large sweatdrop formed on Tenchi's head as he tried his best to reassure Mihoshi that
Kiyone would be back soon enough, but nothing seemed to improve her mood. Sasami
tried her best to cheer Mihoshi up as well. "Come on Mihoshi, have some breakfast, I
made your favorite today!" The subject of food seemed to snap Mihoshi right out
of her depression, "Great! I'm starving!" she exclaimed excitedly. Tenchi and Sasami
promptly face-faulted.

Ayeka joined the others at the table looking much more refined than she did when Tenchi
had bumped into her earlier. As she bowed politely and offered her morning greetings,
she noted with satisfaction that there was an empty spot to sit right next to Tenchi.
Furthermore, Ryoko didn't seem to be around either. I have a good feeling
about today. Ayeka thought to herself with a smile as she sat down next to Tenchi.

Sasami looked about and noticed Ryoko's absence, "Hey, has anyone seen Ryoko today?"

Outside the Masaki household, the space pirate in question was deep in thought on the
roof. Tenchi's summer vacation starts tomorrow, now is the perfect time to ask him. But
what if he says no? He won't say no, I remember what he told me on the Yagami all
those months ago. But what if he forgot? Or wasn't telling the truth? No, Tenchi
wouldn't lie to me. Wait, he wouldn't just leave all his chores behind for someone else to
do, he's too nice to do that. It'd be great if I could find a robot or something to do his
work for him. Of course! Washu could help me out! Yeah, but at what cost? Ryoko let
out a loud sigh. She knew she was still a long way from setting things up so she and
Tenchi could take a trip to space together. As she tried to work out the various challenges
she knew she'd be facing, she caught sight of the object of her affection making his way
towards the bus for school. Whatever price I may have to pay, it'll be worth it. She
closed her eyes and let the warm rays of the morning sun calm her.

As the day progressed at the Masaki house, it was evident to Ayeka things weren't as
they should be. Her keen observation abilities had noticed something different about
Ryoko; she seemed very comtemplative. Ryoko was alot of things, but a deep thinker
wasn't one of them. Ayeka sometimes wondered if she ever thought anything through
in her life. It seemed everything Ryoko did was out of a spur of the moment instinct.
Ayeka concluded that if Ryoko was deep in thought, trouble must be on the horizon.
Ayeka decided to pay special attention to Ryoko actions that day.

The hours passed, and Ayeka became even more perplexed by Ryoko's behavior. When
Ayeka had made some comment about Ryoko's laziness she merely grunted and phased
out of the house. Usually a comment like that would at least inspire some sort of retort,
but not today. Then during the afternoon soap opera's, Ryoko left in the middle of a very
steamy romance scene to go towards Washu's lab. This strange behavior was becoming
exacerbating to Ayeka. What could she be up to?

As Ryoko made her way towards the diminutive genius, she felt a bit of fear run through
her mind. One never knew what sort of odd stunts Washu was going to pull. Ryoko
shuddered at the memory of being turned into a water-sprite.

Without even turning to see who was behind her, Washu spoke. "Hey Ryoko, you gonna
just stand there all day or are you gonna come over here?"

This seemed to catch Ryoko off-gaurd "Oh, of course little Washu."

Washu raised her eyebrow at Ryoko. Usually Ryoko would never remember to call her
'little' Washu. And by Ryoko's almost nervous tone she could tell something was up.

"Is there something I can do for ya Ryoko?" Washu asked in her high nasal tone of voice.

Ryoko seemed to falter a bit, "Actually little Washu, there if a favor I'd like to ask of you.
You see, Tenchi has summer vacation starting tomorrow. And I was hoping to take him
on a trip across the galaxy."

Washu studied her a moment before responding. "Well what do you want me to do? Put
him under hypnosis so he'll agree to go?"

"No no, see, I know Tenchi wouldn't just leave with me if it meant saddling the others of
the house with his chores. So I was hoping maybe you could make some sort of a robot
that would do his chores for him while he's away." She finished quickly.

Washu snorted and turned away from Ryoko. "I'm a scientist. I have VERY important
projects to be working on. I just don't have time to build some trivial little toy for you."

Ryoko looked downcast, but then inspiration struck. "Nice excuse Washu. Admit it, you
know you're just too dumb to build this robot." She stated in a cocky manner.

Washu spun around with a furious look on her face. "WHAT?! I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW I

"Oh yeah? Prove it!" Ryoko said with a smirk.

"I'll do just that! You'll have your little toy made by the end of the hour. I'll show you not
to insult the greatest scientific genius in the UNIVERSE!" On cue, two chibi-Washu dolls
came out of her hair and proceeded to cheer on their master as a sweatdrop formed on
Ryoko's head.

"Uh, whatever." Ryoko mumbled as she quickly made her exit from the lab. YES! I can't
believe that worked! Now, on the final part: convincing Tenchi. That thought made
Ryoko stop for a moment. She knew Tenchi would get anxious about the thought of
spending a few hours alone with her. The idea of spending a few weeks alone with
her might be too much for him. I've gone this far, I won't back down now.

The next few hours were torture for Ryoko. After coming out of the lab, she was promptly
interrogated by Ayeka, who claimed to know she was "up to something". Ryoko tried to
play it cool and throw a few insults Ayeka's way to try and convince her everything was
normal, but she could tell Ayeka was on to her. Ryoko knew she needed to get Tenchi
alone before talking with him, and Ayeka might pose a problem. Ryoko figured she'd
probably be at the bus stop making sure Ryoko didn't try and 'defile' Tenchi. I'll just
have to come up with a way to distract Ayeka while I go see Tenchi.

The hours seemed to pass like days for Ryoko, as she waited for Tenchi's return home.
Finally, she glanced at the clock and noticed he would be home in a matter of moments.
Ayeka was watching her like a hawk, searching for some clue as to what Ryoko's scheme
was. Ryoko excused herself to the the kitchen to get something to drink. In truth, she
was going to ask a favor from Sasami. Ryoko found Sasami busy doing the dishes, all by

"Hey there Sasami. Wow, you've sure got a big load of dishes to do huh?" Ryoko

"Oh hi Ryoko. Yeah, I guess I do have alot to do. Don't worry, I'll have the kitchen
cleaned before dinner." she answered wearily.

"Sasami, you should really ask that lazy sister of yours to help you out. I mean, making
you do ALL this work? That's criminal! I would do it myself but I have some very
important work to do right now. So why don't you get Ayeka to help you out, you look
exhausted." she said sweetly.

"Well, I am kinda tired. I think I will ask Ayeka to help me out...AYEKA! CAN YOU COME

Ryoko quickly phased outside just as Ayeka was coming in the kitchen. "Of course I could
Sasami, you deserve a break anyway after cooking such a large lunch for us." as Ayeka
took over the dishes Sasami thanked her sister and then went out to play with Ryo-ohki.

Tenchi was walking home a little slower than usual today. As his thoughts were filled with
hope and dread about the coming summer. He wished he could get some relaxation time,
but he knew that the girls were probably going to wear him out. The stifling heat that
day was taking it's toll on Tenchi. I could really use a nice quiet bath. As he walked
down the path, he was greeted by a familiar sight: Ryoko waiting for him.

"Welcome home Tenchi." She said warmly.

"Hi Ryoko, um how was your day?" Tenchi nervously replied. His body tensed as he
waited for Ryoko to throw herself at him. Surprisingly that didn't happen though.

Ryoko looked at him with a wistful look on her face. "A bit lonely without you."

Tenchi inwardly groaned, a statement like that almost always was followed by a bear
hug. However, Ryoko walked towards him slowly, and as she neared him he could see
her face was a mask of worry.

Ryoko looked down at her feet as she kicked a pebble. "Um Tenchi, could I talk to you for
a bit?" she asked quietly.

"Sure Ryoko, what's on your mind?" Tenchi asked with concern in his voice.

Ryoko looked up him and took a deep breath, this wasn't going to be easy. "Tenchi, do
you remember when we were going to rescue Ayeka from Kagato? And when I tried to
stop you...I said that we should take a "honeymoon in space" together? Do you
remember what you told me?" she gazed into his eyes, trying to read his expression.

Tenchi was a bit bewildered, for he wasn't exactly sure what she was getting at. "Yeah,
I remember Ryoko. Um what's this about?" he asked with a perplexed look on his face.

Ryoko gazed at him, her eyes filled with hope, fear, and anxiety. "Tenchi, I was
wondering if you'd like maybe go with me into outer space, just the two of us. We
could tour the galaxy together, I mean since you won't have school for awhile I thought
now was a good time to go. So...would you?"

Tenchi was like a deer stuck in the headlights. He knew ever since that fiasco with the
dimension tuner that this was something very important to her. He knew he told her
back on Yagami that he'd like to take a trip with her someday, but he couldn't just drop
everything and leave with her. Besides, the thought of spending a summer alone with
Ryoko was pretty nerve wracking.

As Tenchi seemed paralyzed with indecision, she saw he wasn't exactly sold on the
concept yet. "You don't have to worry about leaving your chores to the others Tenchi.
Washu has built a robot that can do all your work at the shrine and the fields." she
quickly added.

Now Tenchi was really surprised. She seemed to have planned this all out pretty carefully.
He didn't really have a good excuse not to go with her, especially taking into account his
statement to her back on the Yagami. In theory he didn't mind the idea of touring the
galaxy with her. It's just that taking into account Ryoko's overly amorous behavior and
her penchant for getting into trouble would make such a trip a migraine waiting to
happen, not to mention the fact Ayeka would be hurt by his going. Despite this however,
he knew he couldn't turn her down based solely on those reasons. He was a man of his
word; he said he'd love to go on a trip with her back then, and he couldn't dishonor
himself by trying to back out of that statement now. He knew Ayeka would be hurt by
this, but this was a matter of honor, and if he refused Ryoko, she'd think he was lying to
her then.

Ryoko was a nervous wreck, she was sweating buckets. Even though only seconds had
passed, it seemed like an eternity. Eventually, she noticed Tenchi's indecisive look gave
way to a look of conviction. He looked her in the eyes, and stated with firmness, "Alright
Ryoko, I'll go with you." She almost fell over in shock after hearing this.

"You really mean it Tenchi?" she asked quietly.

Tenchi gave her a half-smile, "Of course I do."

Ryoko's eyes lit up and a huge smile formed across her face as she proceeded to leap
onto Tenchi in an instant, knocking him in the dirt, and hug him very tightly. "Thank you
Tenchi!" she squealed in delight. Tenchi tried in vain to get air into his lungs, but it
seemed as if Ryoko had other ideas.

"P-please...*cough*!" he choked out.

She quickly loosened her grip on him, "Anything for you my Tenchi." she cooed. Tenchi
took this opportunity to catch his breath. When he got a look at her, she was radiating
with joy. His thoughts couldn't help but drift towards the girl who would be less than
thrilled about his choice.

Tenchi was still catching his breath when he spoke again, "Ryoko, if you don't mind, I'd
like to tell Ayeka about this alone. I get the feeling she might get a bit...angry with you. I
don't want a big fight starting ok?"

Ryoko's smile seemed to falter a bit as she thought of her rival, "Ok Tenchi, you go
ahead and talk with her. I'm going to start packing."

Tenchi glanced over at Ryoko, who was following him home, "You know I should get
permission from my grandfather and father before I go with you."

Ryoko gave him a seductive smile, "Tenchi, I know your father would approve of this trip.
Especially since it'll be so...'educational' for you."

Tenchi began to sweat a little as he realized what sort of 'education' Ryoko was referring
to. Images of him being strapped down nude while Ryoko 'taught' him flashed through
his mind. While there was a part of his brain which found that scenario quite enticing,
most of his brain found it quite frightening. His thoughts were interrupted as Ryoko spoke
again. "I don't think your grandfather would mind too much either. I'm a perfectly suitable
opponent for your sword practice. And I'm quite eager to see some of your thrusting
techniques Tenchi." she purred in a sultry tone.

Tenchi once again caught on to her not-so-subtle innuendo, and his face become very
flushed. Ryoko giggled when she saw his reaction, "I'm going to go pack now. You go on
and tell Ayeka, ok?" She blew him a kiss before flying off. Shaking his head, Tenchi
began his walk towards the house. What have I gotten myself into?

Ayeka was making progress on the dishes when Tenchi came in and asked if he could
speak to her for a moment. She quickly agreed and proceeded to sit down at the table
with Tenchi. Her curiosity was flaring when she heard how serious he had sounded.
Tenchi seemed to try and avoid her gaze as he searched for the right words to use.
He decided not to beat around the bush.

"Ayeka, I just wanted to tell you that I'll be going away for the summer with Ryoko.
We're going to go into outer space together." he said quietly.

Ayeka was nothing less than stunned. Tenchi was going off with Ryoko for the summer?
She felt like she had been slapped in the face as she struggled to comprehend this
strange turn of events. She was about to ask "why?" but Tenchi stopped her by speaking

"Please try to understand, you see, back when you were being held by Kagato, I had
said some things to Ryoko. She had wanted me to go with her on a "honeymoon in deep
space" with her. I had turned her down...but I did tell her that I'd like to go on a trip with
her someday. Well, it seems as though Ryoko is going to hold me to that statement now.
I want you to know that I'm not choosing her over you or anything like that, it's just that
if I refused Ryoko now, she'd think that I was a liar." Tenchi nervously awaited a
response from Ayeka. He had hoped she would understand his position and try not to
freak out too much over the results of his decision.

Eventually Ayeka looked up at Tenchi with an emotionless expression on her face, "I
understand Lord Tenchi, this is a matter of honor for you. I wish you a safe journey. Now
if you'll excuse me, there are some chores I need to attend to." she stated in a lifeless

As Ayeka left to finish her housework, Tenchi lowered his head in guilt. He knew her well
enough to know just how much she was hurt by this. She had a tendency when she was
really upset to revert into an emotionless, regal princess attitude. He hoped she wouldn't
see this as some sort veiled attempt to choose Ryoko over her, but it seemed as if she
did just that. Maybe she does understand, maybe I'm not giving her enough credit.
She's a smart lady, she'll think it over and understand. Or, maybe she won't, and she'll be
in a deep depression all summer long while I'm out being dragged around the galaxy by
Ryoko. Maybe this was a big mistake, maybe I should have found some way to get out of
this 'trip'. Yeah, then Ryoko would be the one in the deep depression. Oh why can't
things be SIMPLE! Giving up on trying to figure out a solution to his problems, Tenchi
decided to go practice with his grandfather. He'd probably go extra hard on Tenchi seeing
as how late he was.

As expected, he received an extra hard beating that day.

"Tenchi, your mind was far from focused today, care to tell me what is bothering you?."
his grandfather inquired.

"I told Ryoko that I'd go into outer space with her for my vacation this summer. I had told
her a few months ago that I'd like to take a trip with her, and it seems she wants to hold
me to that statement. And of course, Ayeka is upset because of this. She's trying to hide
it, but I can tell she's hurt." he replied.

"Ayeka is a wise woman, she may be upset now, but I think she'll be able to see through
the haze of her emotions and find the truth of the situation. You made a promise to
Ryoko, and you should not feel so guilty for living up to it." he stated in his typical calm

Tenchi began to feel a bit better listening to Katsuhito's words, "Yeah, I guess you're
right grandpa, I suppose I have a tendency to worry too much about things. Well I think
I'm going to go take a long bath, I'll see you later tonight." Tenchi bowed politely before
leaving the shrine office.

Back inside the house, a joyous Ryoko was packing what little possesions she had for
her upcoming trip. Her mind was bubbling with hope and excitement, she couldn't
remember when she ever felt this good. Her blissful thoughts were disrupted when a
certain first princess of Jurai walked in on her.

"I hear you somehow convinced Tenchi to take a journey with you into outer-space. I do
hope you realize what sort of responsibility you have now. Tenchi is a member of the
royal family, and you shall be in charge of his security. I'm warning you Ryoko, if Tenchi
comes back hurt, or if he even complains about a bug bite he received, THE FULL FORCE

Ryoko chuckled lightly after seeing Ayeka's outburst. "I can assure you that Tenchi won't
be complaining one bit. I'm going to make him happier than he's ever been, and he'll
experience joys the likes of which he's only dreamed of." she hefted her breasts towards
Ayeka to emphasize which "joys" she was referring to.

A large vein formed on Ayeka's forehead and her eye began to twitch. "YOU MANNERLESS
TRAMP! If you think you're going to defile Tenchi like that, then you've got another thing
coming!" sparks began to form around Ayeka as she readied for battle. Ryoko merely let
out a hearty laugh and continued packing. "Sorry Princess, I'm in too good a mood to
fight today." she said in a perky manner.

As evening fell upon the Masaki household, one couldn't help but notice the differences.
Ayeka was quiet and solem, occasionally casting venomous glances at the now cheerful
Ryoko, Mihoshi seemed indifferent to the matter, as she was still upset at Kiyone's
absence, Sasami seemed more upset over how Ayeka's mood than about Tenchi going
away, Tenchi looked like he was carrying a heavy mental burden as he picked at his food,
Ryoko was on cloud nine, happily munching on her dinner and chatting with Sasami, and
Nobuyuki was overjoyed about the prospect of his son spending a summer alone with a
beautiful girl.

Sleep did not come easy for Tenchi, as his mind was filled with dread over what sort of
crazy adventures he knew Ryoko would drag him into. He was also still worried about
Ayeka, for he noticed how melancholy she was earlier that evening. Eventually he did fall
asleep, but his subconcious would not let him rest so easily. In one dream Ryoko was
forcing him to go on a crime spree, and they were eventually surrounded by Galaxy Police
and killed, in another Ayeka comes after them and in a fit of jealous rage decides to
murder them, and there were other horror filled dreams that plauged him that night.

After one such dream, Tenchi slowly opened his eyes to find out what time it was, only to
find Ryoko 6 inches away from his face.

"AAAAHHHHH!" he screamed while leaping off the bed.

"Rise and shine sleepy head, time to get ready for our little honeymoon." Ryoko said in a
singsong voice.

"You almost gave me a heart attack Ryoko! And It's...only 6:30 in the morning! Why did
you wake me up so early anyway? I had a pretty rough nights sleep." Tenchi groaned.

Ryoko gave him a sly smile and draped her arms around his neck. "I bet you were
dreaming about me all night weren't you?" she inquired in a husky tone.

Tenchi quickly pried free of her grasp and was about to make a hasty exit from the room
before Ryoko cleared her throat to catch his attention, "Don't you think you should put
some pants on before going out there? Or do you really want everyone to see your cute
boxer shorts?" she giggled while holding up his pants. Tenchi turned crimson as he
snatched the pants out of her grasp. He could tell it was just going to be one of those

While Ryoko took a morning soak in the bath, Tenchi was downstairs sipping on some
tea watching Sasami prepare breakfast. He usually wasn't up this early so it a bit of a
change of pace for him.

Sasami let out a long yawn as she was stirring some soup. "Sasami, are you ok? You
seem a kinda tired this morning." he asked while taking a sip of tea.

"I didn't get much sleep last night. Ayeka was tossing and turning all night long, and she
had a few bad dreams too. I think she's still sad about you going away for the summer."
her voice trailed off as she finished.

Tenchi hung his head, "I'm sorry Sasami, I didn't mean to make Ayeka sad. I wish there
was something I could do..." Sasami cut him off before he could finish, "Don't worry
Tenchi, I'm not mad at you, and I don't think Ayeka really is either. I'm sure she'll be
feeling better soon, and when you come back, everything will be just the way it was
before, you'll see." her usual cheerful demeanour returned by the time she finished.

After finishing his tea, Tenchi decided to get his packing out of the way before breakfast
was served. As he finished putting things in the final suitcase, he took a good look at his
room. I guess it'll be awhile before I'll be sleeping in here again. I hope I can make back
in one piece. his glum train of thought was interrupted by Sasami calling him for

The atmosphere around the table that morning seemed quite similiar to the previous
evening with Ayeka still staying silent. Tenchi wished there was something he could say
to brighten her mood up before he left, but he came up with a blank. Once breakfast was
done with, Ryoko immediately latched her arms around Tenchi. "Say Tenchi, since you're
all packed up and we've eaten breakfast, how about we get going now hmm?" she
asked sweetly.

"Yeah I guess we could go now." he answered in a defeated tone.

Everyone gathered outside the house to bid the two of them farewell. Tenchi promised
his grandfather that he would continue his training regimen, Nobuyuki tried to get Tenchi
to promise to "do his father proud" which Tenchi decided to avoid responding to since he
knew what kind of hentai things he meant. Sasami bid Ryo-ohki a teary goodbye, and
promised to have lots of carrots for her when she got back, she gave Tenchi a big hug as
well, eliciting some grumbling from Ayeka and Ryoko.

"Oh by the way Ryoko, I'll expect you to bring me back some Zelvian crystals." Washu
stated nonchalantly.

"What for!" Ryoko replied irratated.

"Simple, I need them for some experiments. The Zelvian crystals are amazing energy
conductors, problem is the Zelvian people are isolationists, they refuse to let anyone
take their crystals, so I figured you could steal some for me. Remember Ryoko, you owe
me for building that robot for you." Washu sported a huge smirk as she finished.
Knowing she didn't have much of a choice, Ryoko grumbled her agreement.

Goodbyes and well wishes were exchanged between everyone, finally coming down to
Tenchi and Ayeka. "Lord Tenchi, I wish you a safe trip, may you blessed by good fortune
on your journey." she stated in a quiet tone. Tenchi took her hands in his and looked her
in the eyes, "Thank you Ayeka, that means alot to me, I wish you good fortune as well.
I'm going to miss you, all of you." he gestured to the crowd gathered around.

"Ok ok, enough goodbyes, let's go Ryo-ohki!" Ryoko threw the cabbit in the sky as she
spoke. Everyone watched as it made the transformation into a formidable spacecraft. A
large beam extended down from Ryo-ohki to Tenchi and Ryoko, and they were
transported up to the bridge of the craft along with their luggage

Ayeka gazed sadly as the ship sped away from Earth, part of her wondered if she ever
would see Tenchi again, What if something happens to them? What if they get killed or
hurt, or what if he and Ryoko... Ayeka forcibly stopped herself from continuing on that
train of thought. She knew she'd be utterly miserable if she spent all her time worrying,
so she tried to think optimistic, Maybe they'll come back safely in a few months, and
everything will be just as it was before, maybe... she let out a sigh as Ryo-ohki became
little more than a speck of light in the sky.

Back on the bridge of Ryo-ohki, Tenchi and Ryoko stood side by side as they watched
their home receed from view. Ryoko gazed at Tenchi with a smile on her face, "Well
Tenchi, it's just you and me now...among the stars."

End of chapter 1


Authors Notes: So what did you all think? I know you Kiyone lovers are probably setting
up a lynch mob because I wrote her out of the story, but I want to note that it's
important to the story that she not be there for Mihoshi to hang onto. You'll see what I
mean in upcoming chapters.