This idea has been stuck in my head for quite a while so I finally decided to stop being lazy and type it up. It's been sitting on my computer for a while too, and I'm now just getting around to updating it. I don't plan on this being too long; prolly only about five chapters or so, maybe more. And maybe an epilogue if I feel like it.

So, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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Chapter one

The pair sat in silence in the small hut, the only sound echoing about the small room was the fire as it crackled and spit, the flames licking at the logs and providing the heat that was scarce this time of year.

The small dwelling was lacking its usual soft chatter brought from the two women of the group, for tonight they dared the weather and decided to warm up a bit in hot springs not too far off from the village, the young kitsune child accompanying them. The elder of the five friends was currently lodging at a neighboring village, taking care of the injured and sick and would not be back for another week or so.

And so that left the two males of the group alone in the hut, dwelling in their own thoughts and hoping to catch a slight rest whilst the women were gone, their chatting usually hindering this simple pleasure that was meager among the five friends.

Violet eyes cautiously glanced at the other figure within the small room, watching carefully for any sings that would signal his attentiveness. The figure against the wall remained oblivious to the other's watchful gaze, unmoving with its head bowed and arms and legs crossed and seemed to be sleeping for all the movement it was providing.

Satisfied that the form would remain dozing throughout his escapade, a young man stood quietly, his robes rustling slightly with the movement but not enough to rouse his companion. He did not bother to attain his staff for it might signal his departure that he wanted to be kept secret. Sandaled feet slowly began their journey to the door, dark eyes all the while kept on the other individual within the room lest they happen to wake up and notice his escape.

Finally reaching the doorway, a gloved hand slowly reached up and pushed the entrance flap out of the way gently, not wanting it to scrap against the hard wood of the hut and notify his companion.

He was almost there. Just a few more inches and the flap would be out of the way enough for him to slip through and step out into the chilly night.

He was confident he would make it now. His actions failed to rouse his companion and at his point, he was pretty sure his friend would remain oblivious to his plan, much to the escapee's benefit.

Darting his gaze back to the dozing figure against the wall, the scheming figure bit his lip and slowly lifted his foot to step outside, the excitement of not being noticed causing his heart to beat rapidly in his chest.

Raising the arm that was holding the entrance flap in place a bit so he could have more space to slip outside, he swung the rest of his weight so that his body was in the threshold so now all that he needed to do was—

"One more step out that door and you'll be missing an important part of your anatomy. And I ain't talkin' about that damn hand, either."

The figure in the doorway froze at the threat, but he thought fast. "Ah, but Inuyasha, I was merely going to take a short stroll around the village." He flashed an innocent smile in the hanyou's direction. "Care to join me?"

Amber eyes fluttered open to narrow suspiciously at the monk. "And you expect me to believe that bullshit?" Inuyasha snorted. "Get yer ass back in here, Miroku, before I take my threat into action."

Knowing he'd been found out, Miroku sighed and dropped his arm, watching mournfully as the entrance flap swung back into place before turning around and trudging back to his original place, ignoring the ever vigilant golden eyes of the half-demon watching his every move as he sat back down and leaned against the wall, a slight pout adorning his features.

Satisfied that he wouldn't try anything else, Inuyasha grunted and settled back against the wall, closing his eyes and keeping his ears strained in the monk's direction lest he try that move again.

Miroku stared silently at his friend as he made himself comfortable, the two fuzzy appendages atop his head swiveled in his direction and twitching at every noise made within the hut. For once in the time that he's known the half-demon, Miroku cursed his heightened senses and settled back himself, half-heartedly glaring at his male companion.

A heavy silence settled over the hut after that brief exchange and neither monk nor half-demon wished to break it with awkward chitchat. Miroku continued to stare at the irate hanyou, narrowing his eyes as if trying to figure out the many secrets of his past and being. But as this silence continued to blanket the room to the point of where it seemed to almost suffocate the edgy hanyou, Inuyasha growled and spoke up.

"Would ya quit staring at me? It's getting annoying," Inuyasha grouched, shooting a glare at the sulking monk.

"Why is it that you don't allow yourself to enjoy the simple pleasure of a woman's body?" Miroku fired back evenly, raising a delicate black brow.

Inuyasha was slightly taken aback by the sudden and off-topic question and he scoffed, turning away from the perverted priest. "The hell you talkin' about, monk?" he asked the lecherous priest, staring at him suspiciously through the corners of his amber eyes.

Miroku shrugged and casually leaned back, placing his hands in his opposite sleeves while regarding the hanyou with a titled head. "It was merely a question, Inuyasha. Are you going to answer it or not?" His voice was smooth, casual and Inuyasha didn't think he liked it.

The hanyou narrowed his gaze at him. "What's there to enjoy?" he replied, refusing to back down on the monk's silent challenge. "Alls they got is some extra baggage on the chest and a hole between the legs. Nothin' I would consider enjoyable." Inuyasha shrugged and stretched, uncrossing his legs to bend them at the knees and rests his wrists on them. "And it's not like I haven't seen anything, anyhow."

At this, Miroku's eyebrows rose into the thick fringe of his bangs as he regarded his friend with an air of astonishment, clearing wanting the hanyou to elaborate.

Rolling his eyes, Inuyasha sighed and met the monk's questioning gaze. "I've wandered these lands ever since I was a little kid, Miroku. I recall stumbling upon a woman bathing more times than I can recall Sesshomaru showing emotion. A woman's body is no new wonder to me, outside and in, and I don't wish to indulge in unnecessary conflict with a woman's wrath." He said, referring to the two woman of the group bathing themselves not too far off.

Miroku actually gaped at him. "Inuyasha, are you saying that you're not a virgin?"

"Yeah, so?" he replied somewhat tersely, narrowing his gaze at him.

The monk quickly shook off his bewilderment, trying to mask the tinge of jealousy welling up inside him as he waved a hand dismissingly in the air. "There's no need to get offended, Inuyasha, I was merely asking a question. I'm just a bit…shocked, to say the least." Miroku said with a slight shrug, scratching his head absently.

"Shocked?" Inuyasha echoed bemusedly. "Why the hell are you shocked, of all things? What, you think I'm incapable of finding a good lay?" he asked bluntly, brow furrowing in slight annoyance.

Brushing off the hanyou's choice of words, Miroku responded without preamble. "No, not at all, my good friend. All I'm saying is that I find it hard to imagine that you actually are in truth not a virgin when your nature provides it hard for you to express your desires for the opposite sex so openly as I do." The monk explained evenly, silently wondering how they got to this topic in the first place. It was most likely him, since this was his area of expertise they were conveniently discussing.

Inuyasha growled. "Oh, so now you're saying that I'm incapable of being perverted?"

The violet-eyed monk inhaled and shrugged a shoulder, nervously scratching the back of his neck. "Well…more or less." He watched intently for the half-demon's reaction, genuinely interested.

The hanyou continued to glare at him for a few more seconds before leaning back and scoffing at the notion that he was incapable of anything. "I'm incapable of nothing," he voiced his thoughts in a low rumble, crossing his arms defiantly over his haori clad chest.

Miroku quirked a black brow, an almost smug smile spreading across his mouth. "Is that so, Inuyasha?"

Amber clashed with violet as Inuyasha's gaze darted to the man sitting across from him. "Damn straight, monk."

A grin curved the priest's lips as he leaned forward, a smug glint in his eye as he regarded his hanyou friend through dark orbs. "Well then, Inuyasha, since you seem to be so convinced that you're 'incapable of nothing', as you put it, why don't we put that confidence to the test, hm?" Miroku proposed, tilting his head to the side slightly.

Inuyasha's honey orbs narrowed. "Is that a challenge, monk?"

Miroku shrugged and a corner of his mouth kicked up. "Perhaps."

The hanyou stared. Then, "Whaddaya got?"

"All I want you to do is to prove to me that you are indeed capable of showing your desire for the female body for seven days. Anything is allowed, so be creative. But," Miroku suddenly smirked. "That also means no insults or put-downs for seven days as well. If you want to appreciate the fairer sex, throwing an insult highly decreases your chances of showing that appreciation and succeeding in this case." The priest looked incredibly smug and Inuyasha felt a tick start in his right eyebrow.


"Kagome, of course." He replied with a shrug.


"When they return from the hot springs."

The hanyou grumbled something under his breath and his face adorned a thoughtful look as he stared at something only he could see.

"Well, Inuyasha?" the smug-looking monk continued, a shit-eating grin on his face. "Do we have a deal?"

Inuyasha glowered at the haughty priest across from him, lids lowering and jaw set in determination before giving his answer.

"Alright, bouzo. You're on. But since I now have an objective in the course of seven days, it's time to discuss your end of the bargain," Inuyasha smirked, leaning forward with his hands bracing his weight on the floor.

Miroku's brows shot up in silent inquiry.

"Since I have to 'show my desire' for the opposite sex, namely Kagome, that means you hafta resist your desires for the opposite sex, namely Sango for the next week, until Kaede gets back. And that means no groping, no wise ass remarks or perverted comments, and abso-fucking-lutely no peeking in on baths." Inuyasha fired back, satisfied that he was the one looking smug now, enjoying the fleeting look on Miroku's face that suggested that the hanyou had just carried out his earlier threat to deman him before his violet eyes narrowed a tad bit suspiciously as he stared at the hanyou.

"Is that a challenge, Inuyasha?"

"Could be."

The monk quickly schooled his features and shook his head, confidently locking gazes with the cocky hanyou across from him. Inuyasha's gaze didn't waver as Miroku searched him for any falseness or loophole that he could worm his way around, but his search proved fruitless and he sagged in defeat briefly before straightening up and defiantly speaking the three words that would be his undoing.

"Then I accept."

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