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PS, I don't really know his real name. I just know him as Yondaime or Fourth Hokage. So I would appreciate it if you could help me.


Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Naruto gave a grumble as he scrambled around in his bed and turned off his alarm clock. He had stayed up late and now he was receiving his consequence. He glanced blankly around his apartment.

It was a one room apartment. It wasn't that small, but not big either. He had a TV connected to a game system. A table, refrigerator, stove, and sink. There was a bit of a mess, but nothing too serious. There were three windows on the walls, and one had a good view of the monument that was carved out of the cliff that stood next to the village.

Naruto went down the list of the faces with a small smile on his face. His dream was to become Hokage and even better. His smile grew into a grin when he got to the fourth face. It was that of the Fourth Hokage. The Fourth Hokage was considered a hero for defeating the Nine Tailed Fox that had attacked the village and killed many of the villagers. Naruto wanted to be even better than him. But his grin faded away slowly as he remembered something. The only way that the Hokage defeated the demon was by sealing it up in a new born boy. That boy was Naruto.

Naruto then frowned slightly at the fourth carved face. He had never really thought about this; but, it was really this Hokage's fault that the whole village despised him.

Naruto, being the immature person he is, stuck his tongue out at the face and said, "I'll be better that you and more!"

Naruto then got dressed and ready for the daily meeting of his team, Team 7. He went out the door, locked it, and started jumping from roof top to roof top.


"Argh, what really makes him late?" Sakura asked, as Sasuke, Naruto, and herself waited at the bridge where they would meet their team leader, Kakashi.

"Probably reading his perverted books." said Naruto, tired of waiting two hours each day.

Sakura and Sasuke didn't say anything but in the inside they totally agreed.

After waiting another half hour, Kakashi finally showed up with a book in his hand. "Sorry team, but when I woke up, I was remembering when I would wake up as a child to go to my own team." He then giggled slightly but soon stopped. He look at his team as they gave him a tired look. "Oh? No shouting today? What's wrong?"

They kept on giving him the tired look. Kakashi then looked at Naruto, who was still giving the tired look but it seemed that he was dwelling on something in his mind. A sort of spacey look. "Are you alright, Naruto?" Kakashi asked him, crouching so that he could be at eye level. Sakura and Sasuke turned to look at their teammate.

"Hmm? What you mean?" Naruto said puzzled. Kakashi stared at Naruto for a long time, then said, "Since Naruto is so out of it today, we will talk about the history of Konoha."

"What? But we were taught about it already." Sakura responded. "Wimp." Sasuke said crossing his arms.

"I am not a wimp! And who said I was out of it?!? I'm totally fine! I don't want to talk about boring history!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Well, too late, its decided. And I want to know if you really have thought about Konoha's history." After complaints from the other members, they went to the small clearing where they first trained with Kakashi and they sat under some trees.

"Alright then," Kakashi started as he took a seat on a stump, "who can tell me the names of all out hokages?."

Obviously, Sakura shot her hand first and answered, " The first one is unknown, but is known as Shodaime, the second one is also unknown, but known as Nidaime. The third's is Sarutobi. The fourth's is also unknown but is referred to as Yondaime." Sakura smiled to herself.

"Very good. Now tell me, in one statement, a fact about each one of them." Kakashi said.

Sakura shot her hand up again. "The first founded Konoha. The second was the co-creator of Konoha because he was the first's brother and he created the ninja academy here. The third, I don't know much about," she hung her head in shame a bit, "but I heard that he knows over a 1,000 jutsus and incredible intelligence. The fourth saved Konoha from the demon fox." Sakura gave herself yet another smile know that she could say a lot more.

"Well, I'm pretty sure Sakura knows what she's talking about. And because of that I'll ask her this question, but feel free to give any suggestions." Kakashi said referring to Naruto and Sasuke. "Now Sakura," Sakura gave her full attention thinking that she will receive more knowledge, "I'm pretty sure you know that the third was planning to retire and that's why the fourth became the fourth, but because the fourth died, the third took the place of hokage again. Anyways lets discuss the attack on our village by the Nine Tail Demon Fox." Naruto frowned after knowing that they were going to talk over the demon inside him.

"Do you believe there are any mysteries in this part of history that happened about thirteen years ago?" Sakura frowned at the question. "I don't understand what you mean, sensei."

"Okay then, tell me what you know." Kakashi told her. Sakura took a breathe in and started, "Well, about twelve to thirteen years ago the Demon Fox attacked our village. The Shinobi in our village tried to defeat it but failed, many of the villagers were killed. So the Shinobi decided to hold it off until the Fourth Hokage came. He did come and he defeated the Demon Fox, but to defeat it, it required a powerful jutsu that took his own life."

"Well done, right to the point." Kakashi replied. "Did you want it in detail?" Sakura asked. "No, no. You did alright." Kakashi told her.

"Well then, where's the mystery to that?" Sasuke asked. Kakashi turned to Sasuke and smiled under his mask. "Well, Sasuke, you should know a little about Yondaime. Tell me what you think about him."

Sasuke gave an emotionless face and answered, "I don't know anything about him, I never met him, but I did hear that he had an incredible speed. I heard that he created a justsu that could transport him from place to place with his speed."

"The perfect answer." Kakashi answered. "Now here comes the mystery. Compare what Sasuke just said, to what Sakura said earlier." The three of the started to rethink of the answers and then compared them. Yes, even Naruto thought too. This time he put all of his thought to it. But he couldn't get anything. He was super fast and he put the demon in me…where's the mystery? Then he turned his head around when Sakura opened her mouth and said "Wait."

Kakashi, Sasuke, and Naruto turned to listen to her. Sakura looked up at Kakashi. "If the Fourth Hokage had that justsu that could transport himself anywhere in a flash, then…" She paused. "Then what?" Naruto was deperate. Sakura then turned to Naruto. "Then there was no reason for him to be late to face the Demon Fox." Sasuke frowned at the new fact. Naruto stared at Sakura pondering on what she just said. He was late…but why?

"And there is it my students. The lesson today is that there are mysteries that can't be solved or figured out. No matter how much we want to know."

The three Genin turned their heads to their sensei and shouted "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO TELL US?!?!?"

Kakashi stared at his students in shock, "You think I know?" The three of them then fell back from his answer.

"Oh, what a headache." Sakura said and put her hand on her head. "So why did you make us think about all of that?" Sasuke questioned.

"Like I said before it's a lesson about mysteries. And I also told you that you can give suggestions." The three Genin sighed. "You're just trying to make things harder for us, aren't you?" Sakura said.

Naruto then turned to Kakashi, "Hey, Kakashi-sensei, do you have any theories about it?" Kakashi turned to Naruto and stared at him for a long time. After a few moments, he answered, "Yondaime, was my sensei. But not even I knew him that well to come up with any theories." His students started at him, rethinking of what they just found out.

"Well then, how 'bout we call it a day?" Kakashi said to his pondering students.

"But sensei, its only noon." Sakura said.

"I've giving you much to think about, that should be enough." Kakashi told the pink-haired girl. They all got up and stretched then together they headed towards the bridge. From there they headed their own ways.

Naruto this time decided to just walk home. He was hungry and he thought that food might help his thinking. And if he came up with a flawless theory, he could probably impress Sakura and beat Sasuke at something. He smiled at the thought and he also thought of the perfect place to eat.

Not short after, Naruto was eating his third bowl of ramen at the ramen shop. But, because he was thinking the situation over, it took him longer than usual.

"What's wrong, Naruto? It seems like you're deep in thought. You never think when you're eating here." Said the ramen shop keeper, handing him a fourth bowl. "Oh…"

"Well," Naruto thought over, "you see, my sensei gave us an assignment or something to think over, well, he didn't exactly tell us to think it over, but I want to give him a perfect answer, but its really hard to figure out, cuz there is no reason to why he would be late." Naruto picked up some chopsticks and started eating the ramen. The shop look at him confusingly, not getting a single thing he said, but still answered back, "Well, it's a good thing that you're trying so hard."

"Yep, I'll be the best ninja there'll ever be!" Naruto said slurping some noddles, but froze when a hand slammed down on the counter next to him. He turned slowly to look at the owner of the hand.

It was a man with incredibly messy blonde and blue eyes. He was wearing a jounin uniform, but was wearing a long white vest over it. It had red flames coming from the bottom and had red kanji written on the back. He was also wearing a hidden leaf headband on his forehead. Naruto only gave a blank look, with noodles hanging out of his mouth, at his look alike. Who, in returned, looked back at him, only instead of a blank look, he gave Naruto a smile.

"I'm guessing you didn't have any luck with finding a place to stay at?" said the ramen shop keeper. The man turned to the keeper and gave a frown.

"Yes," he said while taking a seat next to Naruto, "it seems that there are so many apartments at this village, but there aren't any rooms left." He sighed and rested his head in his hand. Naruto kept on looking t this man, with the noodles still hanging, and how they looked so much alike. The man sensed that he was being watched and left his head a little and looked at Naruto. Giving him a gently smile again, he said, "Well, don't you look familiar."

Naruto frowned and swallowed the rest of the cold noodles. "This man, Naruto, has been looking for a place to stay for the past to days and has had no luck so far, so please be polite." Said the keeper handing over a bowl to the man. Naruto only gave a grunt and started to drink the leftover soup.

"Do you not like strangers?" said the man. Naruto turned to face the man.

"Do you not know who I am?" Naruto replied. The man only stared at him with no expression at all.

"Is that why you hate strangers?" he answered back, while picking up some noodles with his chopsticks.

"They usually hate me." Naruto said, turning sadly to his empty bowl. He thought about his whole life and how the whole village despised him. He thought about how lonely had been before he met Iruka and Kakashi. They had been like fathers to him. He thought that without them he would have been in a horrible state. Naruto turned to see the man's expression, and he was shocked by it. He gave a confused, shocked look.

"They hate you?" he asked. Naruto stared hard at his face, and gave him a 'yes.' "The whole village hates me."

The man gave him a frown. "They whole village hates you?"

"They hate what's inside me." Naruto replied. The man turned to his ramen. He still had a confused face, but it was more of angered face. Naruto didn't understand why he was so surprised. He was a ninja from this village. This shouldn't have been news to him. Especially if he was a jounin.

"It wasn't your fault. They shouldn't hate you." The man said still looking at his ramen.

"Ya, it was all that hokage's fault." Naruto said. The man gave a faint sad smile. Naruto frowned at this. They sat there in silence for like ten minutes. Over this time Naruto thought over earlier's situation. It still seemed like there would be no apparent reason on why the hokage would be late. Naruto thought of any small things that could have kept him busy. Maybe he ate something bad and had to use the restroom…

"Arghhhh!" Naruto slammed his head against the counter. How could he have thought of something so stupid?

"Have you had bad days?" asked the man before he started too drink the left over soup.

"Yes, but…it started getting better when I graduated to Genin level." Naruto said, with his head still on the counter.

The man placed the bowl back down, "Really? How so?" he seemed interested.

"Well, I dunno really. I guess I don't feel as lonely as I did back then." Naruto said lifting his head back up and rubbing his headband, checking if it got scratched. The man smiled at his answer. "That's good. I'm glad."

Naruto turned to the man and gave him the same blank look as before. This man seemed to care a lot about him. He reminded him of Iruka and Kakashi. Father-like.

"Hey, um, you need a place to stay, right? Well…uhhh, you can stay at my place…until you get an apartment…or somethin'…" Naruto had a hard time saying this. It wasn't that he didn't want the man to stay with him, but it just felt awkward. The man paused, but immediately smiled at the offer. "Really?"

Naruto shifted in his chair, "Well, you don't have to, if you don't want too. It's not that big, but there is room for one more."

"I thought you hated strangers." Replied the man.

"Well you're one of the first to not hate me." Naruto answered back. The man grinned, "This is great."

Naruto looked up back at the man and was surprised of how alike their grins were. But Naruto couldn't help but grin back, and they grinned together.


"Its not that small. Its really roomy." Said the blonde man, as he and Naruto entered the apartment. Naruto took his shoes off and ran to the kitchen section of the room. He was excited to show his guest around the apartment. (sorry, I forgot to mention earlier that yes, there is a bathroom and a balcony, my bad) Naruto went to his favorite part of the apartment, the view from the windows of the village and the monument. "I like to look out at the village from the balcony. Because I want to become Hokage, and I know that all hokages look at their villages."

The man smiled gently at him and his excitement to become hokage. "So, you want to become hokage?"

Naruto looked back at him, "Hell ya! Its my goal! Because if I become hokage nobody will look down at me and hate me. They'll have to respect me. In fact, I'll be the best Hokage there will be!"

The blonde man smiled more, "You'll be a great Hokage, Naruto."

Naruto stared at the man hard when he said that. It seemed that he had heard that exact same voice before when he said his name. Naruto shook his head. Just a coincidence.

Naruto showed him more of the apartment. Like his TV where he spent more of his time playing video games, than watching TV because he didn't have enough money to pay for cable. (spends most of it on ramen) He also showed him the picture of his team. The man smiled at the picture and giggled a bit. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing. Just remembering when I had a team of my own." He said.

"What happened?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing. They made it into jounin. Except for one of them." He smiled sadly.

"Did he fail?" Naruto asked.

"No, he died during a mission. He was still a Genin." The man handed the picture back to Naruto, who could only give an "oh."

"Don't worry. There are plenty of things in the past that all of us want to change, but we can't. No matter how horrible or……regrettable it is." He patted Naruto on the head, "If there was a way, I would have changed some things."

Naruto thought about what he would do if he could go back in time. Maybe he would actually train his butt off even harder for the exam to become a ninja. Or probably getting that chance to kiss Sakura when he was pretending to be Sasuke. Or maybe even going far enough to not letting the Fourth Hokage put the Fox Demon in him. Or even maybe to just get a glimpse of how his parents looked like. Naruto sighed, "Ya, me too."

"Well, since we can't change the past, we can't dwell on it and hope it changes. We have to think about the present and try to spend it in good times, and, like what you have done already, set goals for ourselves in the future. Don't do something that you're not comfortable with, nor do it your whole life. It would only make your life harder. Just think about doing the things that will make you happy." The man said. Naruto thought about what he had said. It was true. If you did something you didn't like for your whole life, you wouldn't have a good one. "Well then, where should I put my things?" the blue-eyed man said as he cocked his head toward the bag that hung on his shoulder.

"Oh, you can leave it anywhere, I guess. It would be best, I think, if it were in a place where it wouldn't get in the way." Naruto said looking around the room. The man placed the bag next to the front door and then took a seat at the table.

Naruto offered him anything from the kitchen, but he refused. They started to talk about Naruto's team. About Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke.

"He really gets on my nerves. He thinks he's all cool and tough." Naruto complained.

"Do you fight a lot?" the man asked.

"He starts them." Naruto answered back.

The man smiled and sighed at the same time, "Don't hate. It also makes your life harder. You start to concentrate on beating him and only beating him. Nobody is destined to hate or kill one another. Its not good for anyone. And if you're only looking for somebody to test your strength against, they don't have to be your enemy. You could be friends. You could still test your strengths as friends."

Naruto had a lot to think of every time the man finished saying something. His ways of looking at things were different from his. It was the only thing that made them different. But every time the man would explain it, it would make sense. Naruto pondered on the thought of him and Sasuke being best friends. They could be considered friends, maybe best friends, but the thought of laughing together, saying nice things about and to each other creeped him out. Naruto showed a face that seemed like he was disgusted.

The man laughed at this, "Here's some advice, how about you just keep some things to yourself when he says something about you. Just stay quiet and grin at him. If he asks what it is, continue to smile at yourself. Ignore anything bad he says to you. And the point of this is not to lose your temper. If you show a weakness, he will always get you with it. If he figures out that your just pretending that it doesn't bother you and you're acting it cool, just admit it and say 'I know.'"

Naruto really paid attention to all the advices to what he should do to Sasuke. These advices weren't mean, but they were more like exercises to keep your temper down, and ways of getting along little by little.

"Just try your hardest." The man concluded. Naruto couldn't wait to see if these things would work.

"Hey, I never got your name. I mean you already know who I am." Naruto had just realized this.

The man stared at Naruto for a while. Then answered, "I don't know if I should tell you. I bet you have noticed that I'm wearing a jounin uniform from this village, and about why I am had a shocked reaction from the villagers and how they treat you. To tell you the truth, Naruto, I've been on a mission for a long time. About thirteen years. And I decided to come back and stay. I'm sorry, that I can't tell you my name, I'm afraid I have enemies of my own and I don't want to risk your life. And I can't tell you my mission either, I'm pretty sure you know why."

Naruto thought about what he said.

"Think of it this way; you can name me." The man smiled at him. Naruto grinned at the idea. It was like naming a new pet.

"Hmmm, how 'bout I give you a name tomorrow. I'm kinda tired from thinking too much today." Naruto yawned.

"You're right, its late, and I'm pretty sure that you have to meet with your team tomorrow, correct?"

"Yep, but don't worry. My sensei comes like two hours late anyways."

The man giggled again, "Alright then, goodnight, Naruto."

"Good night."


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