The Sands Drabbles

Summary: A collection of drabbles all centered around Agent Sands's past and beyond.

Author's Notes: You don't have to read "Alpha" to understand these, but the first collection of drabbles up to when the lights go out for Sands will be based on the flashbacks he has in 'Chapter 2 – Jesús.' Then, when I finish those, I will just add drabbles that are inspired, or, if you want to request something, I'll try my hand at it. For now, however, I'm simply fleshing out my version of Sands. Everybody has a different opinion as to just how crazy he is or how he got that way, and these are my two cents—or rather, my 100 words. Each drabble with have a separate rating—however, because of a couple of them, the overall rating will be R/M.

I believe someone summed up my Sands in their review of my other fic "Alpha." "Sands is fucked up." Please keep that in mind while reading.

And, lastly, big enormous thanks go out to Miss Becky for being my infinitely patient and absolutely wonderful beta.

Rated: PG for mild violence


"I don't want to!" Sheldon screamed, lashing out with his fists.

"Do it, Shelly! Just get into it!" Teresa ordered, while Christie and Charlotte attempted to hold him down.

"I'm not a girl!" he bawled, attempting to kick at his captors. Teresa laughed and pulled the dress over his head as he twisted and squirmed.

"Mom and Dad wish you were, and so do we—you weren't supposed to be a boy," Charlotte taunted.

"You even have a girl's name," Christie giggled.

Teresa screamed—blood dripped from her hand and Sheldon's mouth. Only then did Mr. and Mrs. Sands arrive.