Rated: R for violence and disturbing material

"Why You Gotta Make Me Hit You, Baby?"

Rebeca crashes headfirst into the wall, shrieking in pain. Blood pours from her nose, her mouth, from several large gashes, and from a million tiny cuts. Sands stalks her, staring impassively at her writhing form.

"Jeff…Jeffrey…" she pants, blood bubbling at her lips. Sands chuckles.

"Rebeca, you should have known better. You should have known this would happen," he says, sounding cheerfully remorseless. He leans down, and the muzzle of his gun clicks against her teeth as he slides it into her mouth. She moans.

"Way of the beast, babe. No one to blame but yourself."

He smiles.

She dies.

This is the last segment that's his past. After this, he is thirty-six and it will be the movie's canon.