Experiment A

By: Selim

Rating: NC17

Pairing: Roy x Ed

Summary: Captured by scientist with plans to develop an advanced alchmist society, Edward is forced to face trials that seem out of his world – and he doesn't even know it!

Warnings: MPREG, Yaoi, and other goodies. Notice, italics within Experiment Log is still the story, but an overview of Ed's behavior, both phsycial and mental.

Experiment Log

April 7, 1918

For the last three years, our studies have been fruitless, that is until now. As head scientist, I'm proud to say that we've developed a method to create the "perfect alchemist." We were concerned with this at first, especially since we've noticed a greater number of men that participated in the study of alchemy rather than women. We didn't want our studies to be for nothing, we wanted the perfect alchemist to show our benefactors.

True alchemy can be taught, but what if the child was breed to do alchemy. Studies by other scientists and psychologists (a new word we our putting in our dictionaries) have brought our attentions that two geniuses that procreate can create equally smart children. We want to test the thought that if two alchemy prodigies together created a child, we'd have a child that would put the State Alchemist to shame.

The military was more than pleased to hear our theory, since their alchemists tend to want to do things their own way. In conclusion, they have been patrons to our lab, making sure we have all the necessities to find ways to procreate our little alchemist; even when our studies went to the thoughts on male pregnancy. Then, just last year, the money quit.

We were angry, but not shocked. With the recent wars going on, it was understandable where the money had gone, but we needed to work quickly. We narrowed down who our shell was going to be, and had devised an idea on who we wanted to use to fill this shell. The shell, our Experiment A, was a hotheaded prodigy the Military had. We weren't too concerned with his real name, something like Eric – Elric. Edward Elric, I believe.

He seemed most suitable for this, since those prodigy genes should continue in line, if they were used right. Which is why our studies with both kinds of procreation, male and female, had not proven to be successful thus far, especially the females; all the girls we looked over didn't seem right, and hadn't learned fast enough to be considered a prodigy. Not like young Experiment A.

However, it has occurred to us who would be Experiment B. He, or she if we find one quick enough, has to be a prodigy as well. We must have looked for days without sleep, but nothing ever seemed right. What seemed perfect was always subjected to reject for some reason, need it be the looks of the person or what type of alchemy they used.

One of my subordinates, Dr. Nina Hudson (A nurse practitioner, and one of the finest I've had the honor to meet) brought up that the secondary didn't need to be a prodigy, just be able to perform untraditional alchemy. Finally, we choose who it would be, and for once since choosing Experiment A, we all agreed.

With our subjects chosen, we started up with our second objective, receiving our experiments. I've contacted a Rebel Group to grab them both, but they could only get one at a time. We choose to grab Experiment A first, so we can perform surgery to enable children. My only concern at this point would be, at what risk?

-Jonathan Gibson, Head Scientist of Experiment A – Advance Alchemist Society

Edward sniffled for the fifth time since waking up from his catnap. In front of him, his brother was still sleeping peacefully and the blonde state alchemist had to restrain himself from touching his brother's plump human flesh.

Ever since they got Alphonse's body back, Edward had felt nothing but pride in staring at even the littlest thing that Al would do. He often found himself grabbing random people's arms, telling them about how Al would act humanlike, even to the littlest of things like sneezing or having the hiccups. He was beginning to get the nickname 'mini Hughes' at Central Headquarters, much to Al's embarrassment.

Taking a handkerchief from his pocket, Ed rubbed his dripping nose. "When we get back to Central, you should go see the doctor, brother. You've been sneezing-"

"It's just a small cold, it'd be pointless." Ed leaned back in his seat, watching the scenery speed by him. "It'll be gone in a day at most. Don't worry." He dismissed the subject. "Why are you awake?"

"Your sniffling was keeping me awake." Al brought the subject back with ease, smiling.

"I'm not going to the doctor."

"Whatever you say, broth-" The train halting threw Ed into his brother, both with raised eyes as the doors in both the front and back were thrown open suddenly. Expecting the worse, Ed stood up swiftly transforming his arm into a blade. He guessed correctly when a man dressed in rags held a gun in the alchemist's general direction.

"Edward Elric, I presume?" Ed didn't respond. "Don't matter. Yer coming with me." His gun fired and both Elrics dodged it with ease as the other man fired the same weapon.

The first place Ed looked was the wall to see what the impact was. The bullet hole was nothing he'd ever seen before. The bullet didn't even graze the wall. Instead he looked at the ground and, instead of a shell, was a needle. What the hell were they firing? Turning back towards the men, the blonde took towards one with the intent to at least wound him enough to get away.

On golden eye fell back on his brother, making sure that Al was out of harms way. Sometimes he wanted to leave Al back at Central or Risembool, but the constant fear that it would be the last time he saw his brother often made him bring his brother along on missions. Those were also the times he missed it when his brother was in the armor, so he knew nothing could happen to the younger boy.

Ed never saw the other man raise the gun and fire until a stab at his neck caused his body to collapse in shock and darkness follow immediately.

Experiment Log

April 7, 1918

Today, Experiment A has been apprehended. He appears to have a cold, surgery will not commence until he is healthy. Rebels group has stated that Experiment A's brother had witnessed the abduction, but had ran away before he, too, was apprehended. We are concerned if he can victimize our experiment, but he ran off the train in the middle of nowhere. He won't arrive at civilization for weeks. By then, our experiment will have commenced and nothing will go wrong.

From this day forth, I will write about the behaviors of Experiment A as well as his social interactions with Experiment B and the development of a fetus.

-Jonathan Gibson, Head Scientist Experiment A – Advance Alchemist Society