Scissors and Cards

Once again, my tangent of evil and sugar continues. This time, Yugi goes too far… again! Except now it's personal. No one harms Kaiba's Ultimate Dragon…

Disclaimer: Me no own!

Kaiba and Yugi were acting as childishly as usual for any fic written by me. Once again, they were bickering. But for once, it hadn't got to the duel yet. Kaiba glared at Yugi, and Yugi smirked at Kaiba, with as much evil as possible for someone half insane on caffeine. Suddenly, his hand snatched out, and grabbed a card from Kaiba's deck.

"Oh? That how your going to keep it, Kaiba? Then lets see what happens when Mister Ultimate Dragon meets Mister Scissors…" Giggling like a maniac, he whipped out a pair of scissors, and, before Kaiba could move, chopped the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon in half. Kaiba's eye twitched, then he scowled at Yugi, biting back tears and grabbing both halves of the card from the laughing maniac. After about 5 seconds, he had some tape, and had stuck the card halves back together. Then he glared at the tape until it disappeared, leaving the card whole again. Yugi was shocked for a moment, then slightly scared by the demented look in Kaiba's eye.

"Recognise these, Yugi?" Yugi stared in shock as Kaiba slowly held up three very familiar cards.

"My Egyptian Gods!" Kaiba grinned creepily, then held up a shredder.

"Lets see if your card-heart can fix this!" Yugi screamed dramatically as Kaiba shoved the most valuable cards ever into a paper shredder. From their hiding place behind a parked car, Joey and Tristan exchanged a glance.

"Okay, those two are never having coffee again."

What do you think? Short and sweet, or rather, short and nuts. Like it? Hate it? Want to flay me alive for daring to make a fool of this pair of idiots?