Note: These are a bunch of random Kataang drabbles. I saw drabbles for each letter of the alphabet for Tokka, and I really wanted to make one for Kataang. Here is 'A'. I will update these often, so don't get upset if they are kind of short. Also, I wrote some of them out of order, but I will try to put them in order for the story. Each drabble will be a chapter.

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She was never too familiar with the shape having grown up in the water tribe. There was no reason to care really, the Air Nomads were the only ones who used the arrow, and they were supposedly extinct.

But she cared. It wasn't the sign itself, so much as what it represented. Arrows meant direction. They pointed the right way, so definite and true. Maybe that's why she liked them so much. They represented truth.

There were many reasons, but perhaps the thing she admired most about the arrow was the fact that it represents the future and the past. They always pointed forward or backward, never in the present.

She needed that. For her, the present wasn't the best time. Her mother was recently killed in a fire nation raid, and her father was preparing for war. Her older brother seemed to be the only one who paid her any attention anymore.

But looking into the past hurt too much, her mother would've wanted her to move on. As well as the future, for a time the future looked too bleak. The Avatar was gone, there was no hope. The siblings began to wonder if their mother had only made up those stories about the Avatar to get them to sleep.

Before him, there was no past. No present, no future, no life. He was her life. She trusted him in an instant; perhaps it was his personality, or the fact that he was another bender.

Or maybe, it was his arrows, telling her the truth.

He was real, he was here, and he brought her future with him.

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