"Her life had been pretty straight forward. Katara's path was told to her, and she was expected to follow without once straying from the trail her ancestors oh-so-carefully marked:

Learn to be a good housewife, grow up, marry some available survivor of war, become the good housewife, have children, and send them off to war or teach them to be a housewife.

The safe path. The expected path. The one where you walked forever, never ran or skipped or penguin-sledded through life. The one that all the young ladies took, the one where she would never have to be alone, though she wasn't exactly in good company.

An unbearably straight line that never curved over a hill, or skidded across the ice, or brought you all around the world. The line that sucked your feet to the ground and made you walk through the tundra under the gray sky, and you could never get free, never be free, not even if you could fly.

And then there was his path. The one that let you travel to anywhere, and ride elephant coy, and make new friends, and bend the elements, and fly, fly, fly through life. The path that gave you deep gray eyes that matched the sky, instead of icy blue like the dead snow she had to walk on.

His path had crossed hers at a young age. Everything he did amazed her, and she wanted off the ground and off the path and to stop traveling in this boring strait line across the boring flat land.

Everyone thought she was crazy, and they all disapproved, even her own brother. The only one who seemed to support her a teeny bit was her Gran-Gran, because just like Kana, Katara had always been one to zig when others zag.

And just like that Katara's new path was to go with Aang, and Sokka's path had always been to protect his sister, so that's how it all started. They zipped through the skies, and made new friends, and learned to bend, and he took them to anywhere and beyond, because sometimes rules are meant to be broken, and paths are meant to be forged on your own, or in the company of good friends.

And just in case you're wondering, yes, Katara did grow up, and married not only a survivor of war, but the very Avatar who had ended it, and she is still a wonderful housewife (minus the "house" part) and yes, she had children and taught them many things, and two of them chose to go back to the South Pole and walk the straight path.

The only difference is her two other children have eyes like the sky and fly, fly, fly through life on their own zigzagged trail."

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