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Now I'm not going to tell you what the title means. It's Spanish, so if you want to cheat and go look it up in the Online Spanish- English Dictionary, you can go do that. But I'd advise not to, since I'm telling you at the end of this preface anyway. You guys can't be that impatient. Are you? I don't know since I only talk to some of you over reviews and stuff. Also, remember to review if you want this story to continue! If not, I'll just make a different one, and keep this as a oneshot. Here's Violar!


Bella's POV

I watched as Jacob fell. The tears streamed down my face as she kicked him on the ground. I sobbed into Esme's shoulder as he threw Jacob into the wall, causing werewolf blood spurt everywhere. My Romeo & Juliet fairytale wasn't working out as planned. Paris was falling. But who was making him fall? Romeo's brother and sister. Romeo was out getting blood with his other brother. His father was working. The beautiful one just didn't care. Emmett snapped Jacob's neck, and I heard the crack loud and clear. Alice and Emmett were both covered in red, too much red to describe. We sat in a very awkward silence, the 3 vampires not breathing, and me breathing heavily. I could hear my breath clearly, but I couldn't feel it coming in. I couldn't feel anything. I was numb. Sadness can do that to you.

"The tribe will be coming soon. Jacob was supposed to come over. They're going to check on him." Alice spoke in a faint voice, as if she couldn't believe the events that had just occurred. I don't blame her. I'm not used to it either. But who would be?

"We oughta get out of here before they come," said Emmett cautiously. As if at any moment I could break down. Hadn't I already.

"Right," I tried to say. My voice cracked. I couldn't stand this. I had to get out. I got up off of the floor and picked up my clothes. I walked out of the open doorway, not caring that I was in my bra and underwear. The whole world could see me for all I cared. I let the rain wash over me, as if cleansing me of sins. What did I do, though?

The rain pounded down on my tear-stained face, but my eyes held no emotion. I had seen the eyes of the others. They were full of love and concern. The thing was, I didn't care. About anything. I would probably stay in this state until Edward came back. I climbed up into Emmett's car, without stumbling. Ironic. On one of the worst days of my life a miracle happens. I strap in and watch as the blood flows off of Alice and Emmett when they step into the storm. They get into the car, silently. Emmett startsup the engine, and we drove away from the horrible place.

6 hours later

Edward's POV

Jasper's eyes widened as I drove into town.

"What's wrong?" I asked him.

"Everything," he said breathlessly.

"Was there a death in town?"

"No. Somewhere around here. But not in Forks. But it hasn't been discovered yet. I don't think. These emotions are really strong, Edward. They're coming from our house."

"Our house?"


"What are they?"

"Rosalie feels jealous. I don't know why. She's the one that has everything. But Esme, Emmett, and Alice all feel pity."


"Not much. I think he's at work. There's something else you should know."


"Bella's at our house too."

"She is? Why?"

"I don't know. But it's confusing me. She isn't feeling anything."



"How can you feel nothing?"

"It's like this big hole has been ripped out of you. It's terrible." I gunned the gas up to 120 mph.

"Is she okay?"

"I think so. Something big happened, Edward. We gotta get over there."

"I know." I went faster and faster, telling myself that Bella was okay, and not hurt. But was she? Jasper's predictions were a little bit off sometimes. The worry swelled in my eyes. I couldn't stand this. "Jasper," I said.


I pulled over. "I need you to drive. I'm going to go into the forest and run. I need to make sure that Bella's okay."

"Edward, I think she's fine."

"Yeah. But I need to know. Please?"

He sighed. "Okay, but be careful." I jumped out of the car and walked to the woods, where I immediately started to sprint. Flashes of red, orange, and yellow flashed past me. The house loomed ahead, and the I ran through the backyard and into the back door. Alice looked at me sadly from where she was sitting at the dinner table.

"Where's Bella?" I asked frantically.

"She's in my room. Sleeping."

I raced upstairs. Something in Alice's tone made me suspicious. It was very solemn. I was terrified. I burst through the door, and her head whipped around in Alice's bed.

I ran to her, picking her up in my arms, and she lay there, weak and clingy. She held on to me for a while, and I tried to set her down to ask what happened. She grabbed on again, as if her life depended on it. I decided to go for it anyway. "What happened to you?"

She was crying now, and her voice was barely audible. "I went over to Jacob's house to tell him the news, and he got mad."

"And then what happened?"

She paused, catching her breath. "He raped me."

So do you guys get it yet? Violar means rape. And it's Spanish, so the V makes a B sound. It's pronounced bee-o-lar. Just to let you know. If you want more, you have to review. I'm evil and I like it! If nobody does, I'll just make it a oneshot and start another one. REVIEW!!!