A/N: Please don't shoot me. This was actually the first House fan fiction I ever wrote, and I'm finally posting it. Forgive me if it's not that good.

Allison Cameron gazed longingly through the glass windows of the office where she saw him sitting. There he was. Just sitting there reading papers. She watched him intently as he pulled out a small orange bottle and popped off the lid, rolling out two Vicodin pills and dry swallowing them.

Why did she always feel the need to watch him? Did it give her pleasure? Purpose? Something to yearn after? Certainly not...it was like torture. Day in and day out she'd come in and do what she was meant to do. She would do what he had always instructed her to do.

"Do your damn job!"

She vividly remembered how their first "romantic" interaction had gone, if you could even call it that..."charity case", he had called it.

That's why you're going out with me...I'm twice your age, I'm not great looking, I'm not charming, I'm not even nice...What I am is what you need...

...I'm damaged.

He had no idea how she really felt. Everyone thought they knew Allison Cameron so well. The kind, almost maternal type who loved all of her patients like family. Anyone could be her friend. How very wrong they were. But she had finally realized that maybe House wasn't the one for her...she had truly loved him...but maybe she didn't. Whatever the case, she had convinced herself that she shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't love him...and whatever other confusing words she muttered to herself during her long days at work to make her forget about him.

She supposed that she ought to be happy that her feelings for him had left her...but when she started thinking about him in that way, she'd start to feel for him in that way.

You swore you'd never go down that path again...

Just as these thoughts entered her mind, House swiveled around in his chair. He put his hands on his thighs and pushed himself up, but he was halfway in a standing position when he spotted her through the glass doors. His piercing blue eyes targeted her like search lights, and she saw it click in his head that he figured she had been standing there a while. She gave a small smile that was far from happy, and hurried in the opposite direction, even though she had been going towards the exit. She didn't look back, she just kept hurrying the other way. House would leave for the night...then she would exit herself, and it wouldn't be an issue.

She looked at her watch as she entered the women's restroom. 10:13. She sat down on the chair in the restroom and waited.

She was tired...she longed for a hot meal and the monotonous drone of the television before heading off to a warm bed and a weekend where she wouldn't have to deal with House's mockery and sarcasm towards his patients when she was trying to be a good doctor. When she was trying to "do her damn job". But he really isn't so bad, she thought. He's a jerk, but he knows what he's doing...he always gets it right.

She looked at her watch again. 10:19.

Geez...I can barely manage 5 minutes...I guess that proves how exciting the little girls' room really is.

She got up slowly and pushed open the door slightly, peering down the hallway.

This is ridiculous. You're being ridiculous, she thought to herself scornfully. Are you scared of him?


Then why are you hiding?

I don't want him to see me.

That's called being scared.

It's not fear! I just don't have the energy to deal with him right now.

Finally, she pushed herself out. She didn't have to hide. She kept her feet moving swiftly and her head low as she passed House's office again. She didn't dare look through the window...but she sensed that he was no longer there. She looked out the window of the building and saw that snow was falling quietly outside.

Stupid December snow, she growled to herself moodily, tightening the folds of her jacket around her body.

As she reached the entrance, she bade the clerks goodnight, and pushed open the door. But with her head still facing the front desk, she bumped right into House. Her surprise choked her momentarily.

"H-House!" she spluttered.

"Cameron," he replied, stepping out of her way.

"What are you doing just standing there in the doorway?" she snapped, trying to act normal. Sniping at House for his obliviousness was normal.

"Making sure that unsuspecting female doctors were paying attention to where they were going," he replied smoothly.

"I could have slammed open that door a lot harder, you know," she grumbled, starting to walk past him.

"But you were unsuspecting," repeated House, narrowing his eyes sarcastically. "That's the whole point."

"I could have been unsuspecting and still slammed the door," she pointed out, talking louder as she stepped out from the doorway into the falling snow. "If I'd had a bad day, perhaps..."

"How I give you a bad day?" he called back innocently, pulling that smug little grin he did when he was winning an argument.

"You're right," Cameron said, giving him a mock smile. "My mistake."

She turned around and peered to the right down the street and called over a taxi. As it pulled up in front of the curb, she opened the door and had one foot inside when House called back to her.


She looked over at House, who had his hands stuffed casually in his jacket pockets.

"You gonna use those extra seats?" he asked, gesturing to the car with his head. Cameron turned her head to look at the two empty back seats of the cab and looked slowly back.

"Why?" she asked.

"Well, not that limping five miles back to my apartment in the snow doesn't sound enticing--"

"Point made. Get in," Cameron cut in tartly. A minute ago, she had been trying to get away from him at all costs...start her House-free weekend early. Taking a cab home with him was not what she'd expected, but her heart leaped at the smile he gave her.

One 10-minute cab ride home won't hurt, she thought.

It certainly won't help...

Shut up.

She sat down and buckled into her seat as House opened the car door and stuck in his head with a smile on his face that was too happy.

"Why, hello, Dr. Cameron! Fancy, seeing you here," he said happily. He sat down in the seat next to her and folded his hands in his lap.

"Oh my gosh, this is going to be so much fun!" he said in a high, girly voice, flipping invisible hair. "Let's just stay here and share our feelings!" He leaned in close and batted his eyes. Cameron couldn't hold back a smile.

"Shut up, House," she snorted. He pulled back, smiling mischievously, and folded his arms. A few minutes passed before House broke the silence with the question Cameron had been dreading.

"Why were you staring at me?" An awkward silence passed between them. Cameron looked at him.

"What?" she asked innocently.
"Before...I was sitting there and I was standing up and you were just standing there," he replied.

Why does he have such a good memory?

"I wasn't staring...I just happened to be passing by your office when you looked up."

"You are a miserable liar, Allison Cameron, and I wasn't born yesterday."

"I just zoned out a little bit, that's all..."

"While staring at me? How convenient..." She threw him a death glare.

"Let it go, House," she growled, turning her head pointedly and staring out the window. She could feel his eyes burning holes through the side of her head, and she saw his eyes narrow in the window's reflection. She turned her head back to face him.

"What?" she snapped irritably. There was a moment's silence.

"Everyone has their baggage, Cameron," he said softly. She tried to hide her gulp, and the nervousness in her eyes, but it was no small feat. Does he know...?

As they drove up to Cameron's apartment, she gave a sigh of relief. Finally, she thought.

"Well, I'll see you on Monday," said House casually. Cameron nodded, and was almost out of the car when she stopped. Was that it? She didn't want to be around him, and the awkward silence in the car had been torturous, but now that she was out, she felt...hospitable. She turned back to House and said, "Hey...do you want to...come in for a...a drink or something?"

House stared at her with a look of shocked surprise that he couldn't hide. But when he spoke, he did so firmly.


Now you've done it..

Shut up.

What are you expecting?

It's called being friendly.

It's called being stupid! Wanting what you can't have!

Shut up!!!

Cameron hurried up the steps to her apartment and unlocked the front door, House behind her. She threw her keys on the counter.

"Make yourself comfortable," she said, gesturing to the couch and walking over to the fridge where she pulled out two beers.

"Bud Light?" she asked coolly, joining House on the couch.

"Cameron has Bud Light?" asked House tauntingly, taking one and twisting off the cap.

"Hey, I didn't used to drink, but that was before I became your employee," Cameron retorted.

"Touché," said House, raising his bottle and taking a drink. Cameron raised her eyebrows and lifted the cold drink to her lips. The bitter, golden liquid washed over her tongue soothingly. She set down the bottle with a dull clunk on the wooden side table and looked over at House.

"So, tell me," she asked, watching him take another drink. "What does a doctor like Gregory House do on a Friday night?"

"You mean when I'm not chilling with my employees?" he asked, sarcasm dripping from each word, as usual.

"Oh, yes," Cameron assured him, playing along.

"So," said House, licking his lips and placing the bottle on the coffee table in front of them and folding his arms. "Your real question is if I have any home dawgs."

Cameron raised an eyebrow.

"That's what cool people say when they mean 'friends'," House explained. "I learned that from Foreman."

"I see," replied Cameron. She wasn't stupid. She knew exactly what he meant, and Foreman probably had never uttered those words in his life. There was a long silence that passed between them as he pondered, but Cameron waited patiently.

"I have Wilson," he said simply.

"Wilson?" she asked skeptically. "Seriously?"

"I have some poker guys I hang out with occasionally, but I don't need many friends," he said. "I have my piano, and these little babies," he said, pulling out his bottle of Vicodin. Cameron gave a small smile. House pulled a sad face.

"And of course," he choked out. "I always have my dignity!"

Cameron chuckled and nestled back down in her pillows.

"What about you?" asked House. "Does Allison Cameron have any chicas locas?"

"Crazy girls?" scoffed Cameron, translating without hesitation. Two years of high school Spanish hadn't left her completely clueless. "Gimme a break."

"Okay, how bout normal friends?"

"I have . . .a couple girl friends," she said, choosing her words carefully and taking a long drink from her bottle.


"Yes," said Cameron. She was relieved when he asked no more questions. She sighed quietly and looked around the room, her eyes finally falling on the blank screen of the television.

"Movie?" she asked.

"Chick flick?"

"Not necessarily..."

"Then I'm in."

Cameron smiled and got up, opening a drawer full of DVD's. Gone with the Wind, Titanic, Charlie's Angels...

Crap...all chick flicks. I have got to go shopping...

"Alright," she said, turning to House. "You pick, 'cuz I have no idea what you'll like."

"Oh, goody," said House, getting up and limping over to the drawer on his cane. He ran his finger down the line of movies and pulled one out, looking at the cover.

"Memoirs of a Geisha?" he asked scornfully. "Really?"

She snatched the case out of his hand.

"Wilson? Really?" She pushed the movie back into his original place and folded her arms. "Choose."

He smiled and continued looking through the movies until finally he stood up.

"Zip, nothing," he said. "All chick flicks." Cameron sighed as House limped over to couch again.

"Okay, well..."

Suddenly, a brown and white blur streaked out from the open door across the hall and write under House's cane, pushing it out from the ground. He stumbled, and he would have fell if Cameron hadn't caught his arms. He got a good hold on his cane again and pushed himself out of her arms and looked back at the object that had tripped him, which was now nestled on the couch.

"For the love of God," cried House, glaring back at Cameron. "You have a cat?" Cameron looked over at her cat, who was purring loudly, curled up in a fluffy ball in the warm spot that House had left.

"Yeah, that's Coco," she said, her cheeks burning red with guilt. "I'm so sorry...she usually stays in my room..."

"Well," said House, picking up his cane and holding it up. "She better steer clear of me, lest she suffer death by cane." Cameron felt like reprimanding him for his cruel comment, but she could hardly blame him. House threw the cat a death glare. "And now I see you've taken my seat, too?"

"N-no, I'll get 'err," said Cameron, hastily pushing the speckled cat off the couch. Coco gave a rebellious yowl before retreating back into her dark bedroom. Cameron quickly turned her attention back to House.

"Are you okay?" she asked softly, throwing a worried glance at his leg. The concern in her voice surprised House. He cleared his throat and patted his pocket.

"Nothing a little Vicodin won't fix..."

"House," she cut in, the worry in her face leaving House feeling generous.

"I'm fine," he said firmly.

"House, she kicked the cane right out from under you--"

"And you caught me!" said House loudly. Cameron looked at him, taken aback at his raised voice.

"I...I guess I-I did..."

She sat back down on the couch, feeling oddly flustered. House, however, stood standing. He looked around the room, and spotting what he was looking for, walked in the opposite direction, towards her counter. Cameron just stood staring blankly at the carpet, but blinked when she heard the soft tune of the radio...

She looked over her shoulder as House walked back over to her, and held out his hand. She looked at it, then back at his face.


"Well, you have no movies...we've got to do something, haven't we?" he pointed out.

Cameron was so surprised at this gesture...it was so out of character...that she didn't get up until House took her hand in his and lifted her up. She snapped out of her trance, and put her right hand on his shoulder, and House took her other hand in his. Slowly, ever so slowly, she felt her body began to sway in time to the methodical music...the strum of the warm guitar...Acoustic...it was so calming...

Well I had a dream

I stood beneath an orange sky

Yes I had a dream

I stood beneath an orange sky

With my sister standing by

With my sister standing by

I said Sister, you know you know

It's a long road we've been walking on

Sister you know it is you know it is

Such a long road we've been walking on

Cameron loved this song...she had heard it somewhere before...almost like in a dream, just like the song said. She had an odd sensation...like an egg had been cracked on her head, and a warm feeling was trickling down her back...her fingers prickled pleasantly and her breathing had become long and even. It was a wonderful, relaxing feeling she, somehow, had never felt before. She had danced before, oh yes, she had surely slow danced...with a man that she had been fond of...but it had felt nothing like this. Was it the song? Or was it House? She tried to imagine herself dancing with someone other than House, and realized that it wasn't the music...

Here is what I know now

Goes like this..

In your love, my salvation lies

In your love, my salvation lies

In your love, my salvation lies

In your love, in your love, in your love

She took a long, deep breath, and rested her head on his shoulder...she could feel his heartbeat. The soft thump...thump was soothing, and soon she felt her heart pulsing against his jacket in time with his own heartbeat.

When I am alone

When I've thrown off the weight of this crazy stone

When I've lost all care for the things I own

That's when I miss you, that's when I miss you, that's when I miss you

You who are my home

You who are my home

And here is what I know now

Here is what I know now

Goes like this..

In your love, my salvation lies

In your love, my salvation lies

In your love, my salvation lies

In your love, my salvation lies

Suddenly, she felt House's warm fingers caress her cheek unexpectedly. She looked up at him, and noticed for the first time how incredibly blue his eyes were...a piercing, hypnotic blue. She noticed they were getting slightly bigger, when she realized that he was bringing her face closer to his, coaxing her closer with his finger under her chin.

In your love, my salvation lies

In your love, my salvation lies

Before she knew it, she felt his lips against hers, and her insides buzzed. All relaxation disappeared as it clicked in her brain that she was kissing House...Excitement coursed through her veins and her blood bubbled with exhilaration. But then...it really really clicked. This was HOUSE. She tore from the embrace and glared at him.

"What are you doing?" she snapped. He looked at her...gave her that odd look that you couldn't tell what he was thinking. Shame? Sadness?

"Cameron," he whispered. "Just let this be what it is." She stared at him sadly.

"We..." but he was already kissing her again.

And then, it was gone. The song was over, and House had released her from his warm embrace. Her eyes were closed, her hormones still whirling. She only opened them when she heard the door open and then close. House was gone. She couldn't let him get away that fast, and she hurried outside into the cold air, where snow was still falling.

"House!" she cried, running after him. He was at the curb, and a taxi was already there. "Wait!" she called. He didn't turn around, just opened the car door and had one foot inside before she grabbed his arm and whipped him back around.

"Where are you going?" she asked, a lump forming in her throat. Did he think he could pull this off? Make her happier then she'd ever felt, then run away? "You...you can't just...just..."

He wrapped a hand around her neck and pulled her back into a kiss that made Cameron dizzy. But she pulled away.

"You think you can just kiss me and that will make it all better?" she whispered. "You can't just...do that and then leave!"

House, his fingers still curled around her neck, stroked her face with his thumb, brushing away the single warm tear that trickled down her cheek.

"You look beautiful in the snow," he said, smiling. Cameron couldn't help but smile.

"You bastard."

House gave her a final kiss on the lips before going back into the cab.

"Hey," said Cameron firmly. He looked back up at her. His shockingly blue eyes made her gulp.

"Everyone has their baggage."

House stood there, unmoving for a while, the snow collecting on his shoulders, before he gave a small nod before getting into the cab and driving off.

Cameron sighed and smiled.