This is a new story I decided to try, considering that no one has tried this angle yet. The main idea behind it is that when Lloyd goes to restore the great seed, something wrong happens and he gets sent back to the beginning of the journey. Yes, all the way to Iselia. Now, all we can do is sit back and watch to see if he loses his sanity because now he knows everything that's going to happen. Oh, wait, he's already insane….oh well. There may also be references from my list, so keep an eye out for them!

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Speech-Origin speaking

Space between Derris Kharlan and Symphonia

This was it. All of the group's efforts had come to this. From leaving Iselia, to obtaining the Eternal Sword and defeating Mithos, every sacrifice and every moment of pain had led to this. As Lloyd flew to the seed, flying due to the wings he had obtained from Mithos, he reflected on all he had done. Restoring Luin, defeating Abyssion and Sword Dancer, even going as far as to defeat the demons of Niflheim. Not to mention the emotional trauma of learning his father was Kratos, a 4000 year old angel who had nearly killed him and his friends, but ended up eventually helping them to succeed.

Down below, his friends and allies all watched as he flew. Each wishing with all their might that he would be successful in his attempt. To some, he had proven a life changing friend; to others he was an unstoppable force of goodness that defended his friends. One person, whose name need not be mentioned, even considered him higher than that. But for now, all minds and wills were focused on Lloyd, hoping for the best while they stood to the side.

As Lloyd came to a stop in front of the seed, he surveyed the area around him. Derris-Kharlan was above, Symphonia below, with plenty of Mana to sustain the necessary revival of the two worlds' hope. The Mana was so dense and thick, that Lloyd could hardly see all that was around him. Regardless, he summoned up the Eternal Sword to his side, and prepared to revive the seed.

"Almighty Eternal Sword, I ask you this one request. Use the mana around me to revive this seed, so that both worlds may flourish and no longer sacrifice needlessly. Please!" Lloyd exclaimed as he pointed the Eternal Sword at the Great Seed.

I will try. However, to do this will require a great force of strength; you may not survive once it's complete. I will ask you one last time: Are you sure you wish to do this?

"I said I was going to do it, so I'm going to do it. Now, let's do this!" Lloyd stated. He focused his energy into the sword and aimed it at the seed. "NOW!!" He shouted, and a great burst of light shone, blinding everyone who was present.

The mana began to swirl, forming a whirlpool around Lloyd and the seed. Lloyd felt it tug on him slightly, but ignored the sensation and focused on the seed. The seed began to react immediately, beginning to regain its bright bluish-green color. Its petals began to unclamp from each other and began to stick out. To be honest, it looked like someone was inflating a float than reviving an endless source of mana.

"Yes, its working! It's actually working!" Lloyd exclaimed, not noticing that he was slowly edging towards the core of the whirlpool of mana...

After his friends had recovered from the flash, they too observed that the seed was being revived. They were all overjoyed that it was working, save one blue-haired half-elf who was still watching with a look of concern on his face. Kratos walked up, and noticing his face, questioned him.

"What's wrong, Yuan? Isn't everything going as planned?"

Yuan didn't take his eyes off the seed as he responded. "I don't know. Everything seems to be going right; it's just that I can't shake off this feeling that something's going to go wrong." Using his angel senses, Yuan decided to get a better view of what was going on up there. What he saw immediately caused him to consider the fact that he was incorrect for once, but it seemed that Lloyd was edging closer and closer to the seed, almost as if he was being sucked in.

"Kratos. Stand here and using your senses, tell me what you see happening up there." He said as he scooted out of the way to make room for Kratos. Kratos enhanced his sight as Yuan had done and audibly gasped from what he saw. "Oh, no. This can't be happening! Not now!" He yelled, sounding like what would be considered fear, something that Kratos hasn't been known for using.

"What is it? What's wrong up there?" Yuan asked. If there was a problem that would involve possibly stopping the revival of the seed, they would have to act quickly if they were going to save it and Lloyd.

Kratos slowly turned to face Yuan, fear visible in his eyes and easily seen from the shaking tremors of his body. "It's Lloyd. He's being sucked in, and we can't do anything about it!"

Yuan's face was struck with shock, and he asked "What do you mean, 'we can't do anything about it!'"

Kratos turned back to look up at the whirlpool of mana that had swallowed up Lloyd and the seed. To the others, it would merely look like the effects of the revival, but to Kratos and Yuan, they could see that Lloyd had started to struggle against the pull of the seed. "If we try to interfere, not only do we risk harming the seed and Lloyd, we also risk getting sucked up ourselves!" Torn between the obligation to save his son and saving the world, the seraphim could only watch as his son struggled against the vortex.

Meanwhile, back up in space, Lloyd was beginning to have a difficult time resisting the pull of the vortex around the seed. It had popped up after the seed was about halfway through the transformation. The vortex itself looked as if it had been drawn with a pencil for the outline. Inside the hole, one could see a bright, white tunnel with flashes of black jetting across every few seconds. It was pretty matched up, with the seed moving him closer to the vortex and him flying back out of its grip. But it was obvious that he was fighting a losing battle, as the vortex was starting to pull him closer and with increasingly stronger force.

"Dammit! Is there no way out of this?! Origin, if you can still hear me, can you try to explain to me what's going on here?!"

Even I cannot say for certain what is happening here. The vortex itself is not life-threatening as far as I can judge, but I do not know what will happen if you are absorbed. Can you pull yourself out of there?

"I don't think so. I haven't got the strength to do it. Most of my energy was sent into reviving the seed." Lloyd responded, feeling himself grow weaker as he spoke. He could tell that he wouldn't last much longer against the pull. With thoughts quickly racing through his mind, he quickly realized that this may put his friends' life in danger, and he decided definitely not to allow this while he still had some power. "You said this wasn't life-threatening, right?"

That is correct. It is not life-threatening.

"If I were to enter this vortex, would it close afterwards?"

Yes, it would. It would either have to absorb you or the seed to be sufficed.

Realizing he had no choice, he then made a final plea to the King of the Summon Spirits. "Origin, if you are still around after this, tell my friends I wish them the best of luck in the new world." After saying this, he stopped resisting, and instead charged at the vortex with all his might. Once he crossed through, the vortex vanished, leaving only the great seed there.

Back on the ground, after everyone was informed of the situation, their joy quickly turned to worry, then anguish as they saw him plunge into the vortex. Kratos himself was on the verge of tears, realizing now the position Lloyd was in long ago when Remiel asked him if he wanted to save Colette or the world, and the emotional pain that came with that decision. After it vanished, Kratos finally had to grip a reality that he once adopted long ago. His son was gone from his hands, and his fate was no longer to be known to him.

Vortex tunnel/Iselia

Flying through the tunnel, Lloyd saw what appeared to be flashes of memories of the past in front of him. Images of rescuing Colette in the Tower of Salvation, saving Genis and Raine after they were arrested in Meltokio, protecting Sheena from Volt. These and many more images all flashed by him as he flew, not knowing where this new path would take him. Eventually, there was another flash of light, and Lloyd threw his hands in front of him to shield his eyes. When he could see again, he opened them only to quickly close them and roll his body into a ball so as to break his fall on what appeared to be solid ground. When he landed, he successfully rolled, but unfortunately rolled right into the path of many trees.

After shaking his head to clear the stars that had appeared in front of his eyes, he stood up and shook himself off while looking at his current location. He was standing at the edge of what he guessed was a forest and was looking out at a field in front of him. It looked similar to the one he used to see back home in Iselia when he went through the forest to get home to Dirk's house. It even had the same type of tall grass growing that swayed in the wind, colored with a yellowish sheen.

Looking at himself, he did a quick body check to make sure everything was still there. His body was still the same, albeit slightly shaking after all that had just happened to him. He decided to test his memory to make sure he wasn't mentally hurt. After reciting all the Dwarven vows, he was certain his mind was unaffected as well. He started walking around when he noticed that the added weight of his Material Blade, the Flamberge and Vorpal Edge, was much lighter than it should be.

Drawing them out, he was shocked to see that he was now wielding wooden swords, the same wooden swords that he used for training before he went on the journey. This was impossible, due to the fact he had sold them so he could purchase the knight Sabers back in Triet. This also meant that his connection to Origin was most likely lost.

Can you hear me, pact-maker Lloyd?

Tilting his head up, Lloyd thought he was hallucinating for a moment. That or he was still suffering from hitting his head against the tree. Deciding to see what was real or not, he called out "Origin, is that you? Can you hear me?"

Ah, Lloyd. You're all right. I was worried that the vortex would have harmed you or had an effect on you. You are all right, aren't you?

"Yeah, I'm fine. Whew, that's a relief. I almost thought I was hearing crazy voices in my head." Lloyd stated, then quickly caught what he said and added "Not that I think you are crazy or anything like that. I would never think of you that way."

It's all right Lloyd. It wouldn't be the first time someone thought I was a crazy voice in their head. When I first made the pact with Mithos, he nearly went berserk and almost killed Kratos. It took him and Yuan a week to convince him I was not an illusion.

Putting aside the fact that this may have been the reason why Mithos acted like a crazy lunatic, Lloyd decided to find out more about what had happened to him. "So what caused that vortex back there to open up? It wasn't me, was it?"

No, I believe what happened was this. You remember seeing all the mana around you before you attempted the revival, correct?

Lloyd thought for a moment before remembering the scene. "Yeah, I remember now. There was so much of it visible that I could hardly see outside the area around me and the seed."

Well, I think that the mana was so built up that it reached a dangerous level to where it would react violently to the Eternal Sword's power. In this case, the reaction was the vortex.

Lloyd absorbed this information, and then proceeded with his questioning. "So where am I now anyway? It looks familiar to the fields outside of my hometown of Iselia."

That's just it. You're back at Iselia. That's where the vortex dropped you off at. It's just that there's something you should know about where you are.

"What is it? Not like you're going to tell me I've been sent back in time to before the journey. That'd be completely ludicrous."

Well, you see, I'm afraid that's exactly the situation you're in now.

Lloyd just stood there in response. He stood there for a good two minutes in complete silence before Origin tried to get him to talk again. Um, Lloyd? Are you okay in there?

"You're joking right? I mean, really, if this is a joke, then I'll admit it. You got me Origin. Haha. Now really, what happened?"

I just told you. You are in the past now, before the journey begun. It's the same as if nothing happened at all and it was all a dream. That is, aside from the fact that I'm talking to you now and you have all the memories of it happening.

Lloyd stood there for a moment in silence again before saying "Could you excuse me for a moment? There's something I need to do real quick."

Oh, sure. Go right ahead.

With that, Lloyd walked off a few yards away into the forest before vanishing from sight. There was complete silence for a few seconds before a sudden "GODDESSDAMMIT!" rang out through the woods. Anyone who heard it either covered their ears at the loudness, or scowled at the thought that someone would insult the goddess Martel. Lloyd then walked back out, looking slightly more relaxed than before.

Are you all right now?

Lloyd sat down on a nearby rock and said "Yeah, a little bit. So how'd that happen, me getting sent back in time?"

If I didn't know better, I'd say it's because of the mana's reaction again. It must have responded to the reversed growth of the seed by creating a wormhole for you to fly into.

Lloyd sighed and closed his eyes. One could easily see that Lloyd was in a pretty bleak situation. He had no Eternal Sword, was stuck in the past, and apparently had no way back. If anything, the only thing he could do now was go through the journey again. However, at the same time that this saddened him, he suddenly realized something else: opportunity. He could use the knowledge of what will happen to change events than how they occurred.

He opened his eyes and said "Origin, since I'm in the past again, does that mean I could possibly change things than how they originally happened?"

Origin sat in silence a moment before answering technically, you can. Since you were sent back to the past, it rewound everything. You actually could do just about anything, to be honest.

"Well, then. That makes things a little better. Heck, it makes them a lot better." Lloyd said, images flashing through his mind of situations he always wanted to change. He wouldn't change anything too dramatically, but that doesn't mean he couldn't change things to make it better for everyone.

He stood up and said "Well, now what? I would assume that I need to resume things like I did before, right?"

That would probably be the best thing to do for now. Who knows, there may come a time when the vortex opens again and sends you back. Until then, just do what you did last time, except for all the mistakes and screw-ups if you can.

"Sounds good to me. Guess the first thing to do would be to head back to Dad's house to see what day it is. Then I can figure out what to do then. You'll still be around, right?"

Of course I will. You are bound to me as I am bound to you. Just make sure not to do too much Lloyd.

And on that note, Lloyd turned and walked into the forest to the direction he knew to be towards his stepfather Dirk's house. As he walked, he began to think of things he would do differently now. It almost seems like a second chance to do the right thing instead of screwing up. Hmm, one thing I know I'll need to do is make sure not to get caught at the ranch and get Iselia burned down. That's a definite note. And next I can…

Author's notes: Oh, geez. I've done it now. What could Lloyd possibly want to do so differently? Some obvious things I know, but some others may come as a surprise to you. Read and Review to find out!