"Tsunade has a mission for you."

Fate… such a powerful thing.

I like to think that we choose our own destiny, that we pave our own path and pick our own fate. I like to believe that someone can take their life and turn it around, that one choice can make a difference.

But I can't help but think that fate was there that day. The day where all of this began.

Somehow, by some miniscule chance, we were paired up for that mission. Somehow, out of everyone else that could have gone, it was us. And for that, I'm thankful because out of all the ninjas that could have accompanied me, I am glad that it was him. Anybody else… and it would have changed everything. We might not have come back at all.

Even so, it was not easy.

"How long?"

"No more than six months."

Six months. Six, endless months. Yes, it didn't take us any longer than that. It wasn't supposed to. We were supposed to go in, get the target, and get out. Simple.

Yeah, right. The mission was anything but simple.

Everything went wrong.

He stopped suddenly, his worn sandals skidding in the dirt. He didn't seem to notice as his companion stumbled to a halt behind him, inches short of colliding.

"Give me some warning next time." The other growled.

But he ignored his partner, his ivory eyes locked on the wall towering over them, its long shadow covering them in a dark shade.

His companion shifted impatiently.


The one in question let out a long sigh and allowed a small, relieved smile to grace his lips.

"Sasuke…. We're home."


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