Crying Out

By Goddessgirl16328

Summary: Lily Evans is a beautiful girl who has many friends. And one enemy in particular. James Potter thinks she spoiled, Lily thinks he's arrogant. What happens when he discovers something know one else knows about when he moves into the house next door over the summer….

Little Lily is now 16 years old
She's steady tryna figure why the world is so cold
Why she's not pretty and nobody seems to like her
Alcoholic step-dad always wanna strike her
Yells and abuses leaves her with some bruises

The summer air blew back Lily's flowing red hair as she listened to the crickets chirp. She had been standing there long since sun down and knew that she would have to go in soon. She leaned against the wood porch railing and looked down at the small pond, at her reflection. Green eyes glistened back at her, causing her to look up. She hated her eyes, they were abnormally green and bright, she wished she had normal eyes, like nice brown soft eyes. She sighed loudly and slowly walked up to the back door and opened it with a soft creak. She looked back outside before stepping into her home; 'Only 2 more months then back to school…away from this house…'

A strong smell of alcohol met Lily as soon as she stepped in causing her to turn around and face the living room. The telly was on, it looked like the end of some late night show and her step-dad was lying on the couch, snoring loudly. The back of the couch faced Lily, so she quickly crept behind him and up the stairs to her room.

It was small room, and there really wasn't much room to move about with a queen sized bed in the center of the room with a simple quilt on it with two pillows. There was a cleared desk in one corner and a closest on the opposite wall. A huge window was on the far side, and was the only part of her room the Lily really liked. It had a beautiful view of the woods and mountains in the back. Lily quickly collapsed on her bed and looked over on the wall were a large clock hung. Midnight. Lily curled on top of her pillow and looked over out her window. Only two more months. Two more months…