Crying Out

By GoddessGirl16328


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James charged forward as John pointed the gun at him. James ignored the threat, and rammed into him, shoving him into the side of the truck. John yelped as he fell, bringing Lily to the ground with him, and pulled the trigger. Everyone froze at the sound of the gun. Lily screamed as she saw the bullet hit her best friend, straight in the chest. Nicole fell to the ground, breathing loudly and looking more afraid then ever.

'NICOLE!' Sirius yelled as he ran forward to her, falling to his knees and pulling her close to his chest. Remus ran towards John, who was on the ground, still strangling Lily. James was fighting to try and get the gun away from him and release Lily at the same time. Quickly, Remus elbowed John in the face, and grabbed the gun from his hand. Pointing it at John, Remus whispered,

'Let her go.' John stopped struggling against James, who gave him one last strong punch in the face before yanking his arm from around Lily's neck. Lily fell into James' arms, panting loudly though unmoving, her eyes fixed on her bleeding friend. James quickly picked Lily up and pulled her away from John as Remus kept the gun fixed on him. James pulled Lily close to his chest, looking more relieved then ever.

'Sirius…' Nicole whispered as she coughed loudly, the red substance spreading across her lavender shirt.

'Don't worry Nicole-' Sirius began, but Nicole's breathing was slowing down and her eyes closing slowly, then flickering open.

'Nicole!' Sirius cried as he held her tighter, as if this would stop her from ever leaving him. Nicole's ragged breathing suddenly stopped. Lily stood staring at her friend before her legs gave out. James caught her and carefully lowered her so she was sitting on the ground.

'Nicole?' Sirius whispered, pulling the girl away from him. Her face was pale and her blood covered his grey shirt. 'NICOLE?' Suddenly they heard a bang, and everyone turned to see Remus on the ground, holding his arm in pain as Petunia stood on the side of the truck, holding a gun.

'NOBODY MOVE!' She screamed, pointing the gun at everyone. John quickly crawled forward, grabbing Remus' dropped gun. Stumbling to his feet he pointed it at Lily.

'Lils, be a good girl an' come bac' ter the truck.' John said with a toothy grin pointing the gun at her.

'Lily, don't go!' James cried out as he bent down and lifted her into his arms again. 'Don't listen to him Lily. Stay here.' Lily looked between Petunia and John, then up at a worried James, down at the hissing Remus who was shakily standing up and holding his arm tightly. She then turned back and looked behind her at the heartbroken Sirius and her….her…

Cold fury suddenly washed over her. They had killed her best friend. The one girl she trusted. The only one who could help her. The only one. She no longer felt weak or felt that she needed to listen to anyone.

Lily's head shot back to face John, her eyes glowing a bright green and breathing heavily. She was beyond furious. She was beyond outraged. She walked slowly towards John and her sister, yanking her arm away from James as she went. She abruptly stopped, just standing in front of the two people who had caused her the most pain in her life.

'How…DARE YOU!' Lily screamed loudly, louder then any one thought any one could yell. The wind picked up, pushing Petunia and John away from her and her friends. Her hair flying about wildly, Lily made a slashing motion with her right arm, causing the two relatives to stumble over each other as they soared to the right. Lily screamed again in fury, the winds getting stronger.

She moved her palm out to face John and Petunia, and they were instantly bound with heavy ropes. Lily turned quickly and faced her left palm at Remus. Feeling a warm tingling sensation on his arm, he looked down and saw the gun shot wound was completely healed. Lily ran over to Nicole, pushing Sirius out of the way. Faces both palms on her friend, she pushed all her magic towards her friend. Nothing happened. She tried again, letting a small noise of frustration. Still, her friend didn't move.

'Work, you stupid magic WORK!' Lily yelled as she tried again and again, but still nothing happened. Lily looked down at her friend and then burst into tears, her strength gone, her power gone, and her helplessness returned…

Now Lily's stuck up in the world on her own
Forced to think that Hell is a place called home…