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Harsh Healing

"You are injured yet again? "

"Legolas was tortured by Orcs, then fell from a tree and broke his ankle," explained Aragorn.

"And what of you, my son? " Elrond enquired, raising his eyebrows and regarding Aragorn, who was covered in blood.

" I was shot by an arrow," Aragorn explained.

"I will heal your hurts," said Elrond, causing the friends to sigh with relief.

"Thank you, we can go on our hunting trip tomorrow, then!" smiled Aragorn.

"No, you shall not. I plan to lock you in the infirmary for the next month!" Elrond said with an evil grin.

A/N Written for the "There and back" challenge.

This is a sequel to "Odious Orcs". It is a parody,AU and not meant to be taken seriously.I only meant "Odious Orcs" to have one chapter, but this idea for a sequel came to me.