Hello everyone! Well, this is my first Teen Titans fic after an idea came to me the other night! I was so excited that I wrote it and decided to post it! It's a fun concept that I really enjoy and fell in love with after reading the fantastic play "Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw. Hence the name of the fic! Anyways, here it is! I hope you enjoy it!

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Chapter 1: The Bet

The last rays of sun were setting behind the skyline of Jump City and bright lights began to fill the windows of various buildings. Raven sighed as she shut the drapes. Walking over to her mirror she scrutinized her reflection. She hated parties, particularly the mayor's New Year's Eve party. Getting dressed up was never one of her favorite things to do, but over the years she found a look that she could live with. Black dress pants, and a gray, long-sleeved shirt. Make-up was out of the question being that she had no clue on how to apply it. Raven brushed her now long violet hair into a neat bun. After years of having shorter hair, the young girl opted for a change, a big one in her book. The seventeen year old gave herself one more look over, fixing an out of place hair, and left her room.

Walking into the common room, she discovered that she was the only one ready. "And I was worried everyone would be waiting on me." Raven whispered sarcastically, floating over to the vacant couch and sitting down. She glanced at the clock on the wall, 7:45. Only fifteen minutes stood between her and the dreaded event. Closing her eyes she had momentary peace. Momentary that is because in the next minute she was assaulted with a lethal cocktail known as giddiness and sheer delight. Raven didn't even have to open her eyes; it was quite obvious as to who had entered the room. No one she knew, save for Beast Boy on occasions, exuded as much happiness as Starfire.

"Friend Raven!" She yelled ecstatically, clasping her hands together. Raven opened her violet eyes to see the girl's big emerald ones staring directly at her.

'She looks better then you.' Jealousy muttered in the back of her mind.

'Shut-up.' Raven hissed annoyed. In all honesty she was jealous of her friend. Starfire was lovely, dressed in a long form fitting sapphire gown. Her beautiful red hair was up in a complicated looking knot and her tan skin glowed as if her inner bliss was clamoring to shine through. The princess twirled around the room, clearly not able to contain her excitement. "You look nice Starfire." Raven said in her signature monotone. Starfire stopped her twirling to stare at her friend's attire. After a few seconds of deliberation, the young girl came up with something to say.

"You…too." She nodded a bright smile plastered on her face. Before Raven could say thanks three boys bustled into the room, each in a very sharp looking tux. As usual, all three stopped right in their tracks to take in the appearance of their stunning teammate.

"Star, you look…" The boy with spiky black hair started to say but couldn't finish; before he could the girl he was complimenting had him in a bone-crushing embrace.

"Thank you friend Robin!" Starfire gave Robin a kiss on the cheek, causing him to turn beet red. He took her arm in his and smiled, leading her over to the elevator.

"Ready?" Cyborg asked the remaining two remaining Titans.

"Ready? I've been waiting all day!" Beast Boy moaned impetuously to his robotic friend. Raven rolled her eyes at the impatient changeling and sighed. Without thinking, she quickly grabbed her book off the end table and clutched it in her hands protectively. But whether it was the book she was protecting or herself from social interaction, she wouldn't say.
The ballroom was decorated in silver and white, a futuristic theme that was cliché even at the time of its inception. The teens were ushered to their table, right next to the mayor's, amidst the clapping of those already seated. Once they all had sat down and the clapping had ceased the dinner began. Waiters appeared out of nowhere with various plates and platters placing them down delicately in front of the guests. Raven stared down at the lobster on her plate as if it were going to attack. If this were any premonition as to how the actual party portion of this evening was going to be, Raven was in for a long night.

Once the dinner was over, and the mayor was finished giving a very longwinded speech, the tables were cleared, the lights dimmed and the once unnoticeable DJ began playing what he considered to be music. "Do you…um, wanna dance?" A rather shy Robin asked Starfire. The girl took his hand and led him out onto the dance floor where many other couples were dancing and having a relatively good time. Cyborg spotted a pretty blonde girl on the other side of the room and excused himself leaving the two remaining teammates at the big circular table. Raven sighed and pulled her book off of her lap. Beast Boy moved over to the seat next to hers and read the title that was scrawled across the cover.

"What's a Bell Jar?" He inquired raising an eyebrow. Raven didn't even dignify his question with a response and continued to read, hoping that he would leave her alone. She could feel his eyes burning a hole into the side of her head. He wasn't gone.

"What do you want?"

Beast Boy swallowed hard. 'Now or never.' He ran a hand through his jade hair nervously. "Um…I was just wondering, uh…" The violet-haired girl began to glare, annoyed by his stalling. 'Crap, she's getting mad! Just say something!' The green boy eyed her attire. "So, hah, um why…didn't you…dress up?"

"I am dressed up." Raven said giving him a glare that would scare the devil himself. Beads of sweat began to form on the boy's hairline.

"Oh." He laughed scratching the back of his head. "Well, yeah. I guess I'll be going now." Beast Boy shot up from his seat and ran over to the table with the array of cheese platters and punch bowls. "Say anything but that…idiot." He growled.

"Aw c'mon, there has to be other people here that want to talk to you other than yourself." Cyborg laughed, grinning like a madman.

"Why is she always so boring?"

"Who's boring?" Cyborg followed his friend's gaze to their table to see Raven sitting alone, reading a book. He shrugged his shoulders, shoving a piece of cheese into his mouth. "She always reads at these things."

"But it's as if she's trying not to have fun."

"That's just Rae, you know how she is."

"But she needs to loosen up!" Beast Boy complained, playing with his cufflinks. His eyes didn't leave Raven. She looked so lonely to him, sitting by herself. 'That's no way to live.' Cyborg shrugged his shoulders again.

"Just let her be, she's set in her ways man."

"No, I don't think so."

"What do you mean?" The young robotic man questioned. Beast Boy looked into his eyes somewhat seriously.

"No one wants to be that lonely. She needs to get out more."

"That isn't gonna happen."

"Why not?"

"Because, as I said, she's set in her ways. She wouldn't change for anything." Cyborg laughed, tossing another piece of cheese into his mouth.

"I bet I could get her to change." Beast Boy said somewhat confidently. His friend choked on his cheese, from laughing too hard. He grabbed a cup of punch and downed it to suppress his cough. Tears were rolling down his face from the sheer hilarity of what his friend just said.

"Be careful grass stain, bet is a dangerous word." Cyborg warned, wiping the tears away, a competitive tone apparent in his words.

"Well, I bet I could." He said far less confident then he had before.

"Hm, I see a little wager forming." Beast Boy stared up at his friend, a confused look on his face. "A wager, a bet."

"I know what a wager is, I just don't get what you mean." He snapped.

"Well, I bet that you can't get Raven over there to change." Cyborg pointed to the girl in the corner, sitting by herself.

"What do you bet?" His friend thought it over for a second before coming up with an idea.

"I got it! If you win, which I doubt, I will build you something you've been wanting."

"…A moped!?" Beast Boy asked, trying to hide the excitement he was feeling. Cyborg nodded. The boy refrained from dancing around the room, eyeing his friend skeptically. "Would it work?"

"Of course man, if you could get Raven to actually cooperate in this scheme it'll be the best running moped in town!"

"But she wouldn't cooperate!" He said realizing that her cooperation was, in fact, a big part of the bet.

"Oh, I think we could make it worth her while."

"How?" Beast Boy raised an eyebrow.

"The details can be worked out later, what's important now is what I get if you lose." Cyborg said rather deviously.

"Um, well what if I lose?"

"If you lose…hm, what do I want?" He pondered stroking his chin, in fake thought.

"Just get on with it." Beast Boy muttered, concentrating on his shiny black shoes.

"Well, you know I do need a personal assistant."

"What, no way!"

"Someone to keep track of all my awesome videogame scores, do my laundry…" Cyborg rattled all the things he needed done on his fingers as Beast Boy watched him growing more irritated by the moment.

"No." He folded his arms over his chest to finalize his point.

"C'mon BB! Look at her!" He grabbed his friend by the head and directed his gaze to Raven sitting alone at the table. "You said it yourself man, it wouldn't be hard remember?"

Beast Boy sighed and after a moment's thought agreed to the bet. "Fine. I know I can get her to loosen up." The two boys shook hands to seal the deal. "Oh yeah, how long do I have?"

"Well…the next big mayor thing is in July so how 'bout then."

"What, but that's only six months!"

"A bet's a bet BB." Cyborg grinned as he slapped his friend on the back.

'What have I gotten myself into?' Beast Boy thought as he heard the sound of people counting down the few remaining seconds until the New Year.
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