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Chapter 9: Wicked Game

March 1

The foul winter weather was finally starting to blossom into that of a refreshing cool spring. Although, the rain would fall occasionally, the warm showers were pleasant and calming. Raven found herself in the middle of one of these light spells of rain on a particularly lovely afternoon. The soft mist was kissing her violet hair delicately and her emerald knit sweater was keeping her perfectly warm. Raven held onto the book in her hands as she strolled through the entrance of the park. Flowers of bright blues and yellows were blooming all across the wide, green grounds. Walking further into the park, through the lush trees, Raven found a wooden bench and opened her novel, allowing the binding to rest on her lap.

She felt at peace, engrossed in her book surrounded by nature with the musical whimsy of the birds chirping and the wind rustling the leaves on the trees. But, as it had been lately, her thoughts were not on the book in her lap but on the boy plaguing her mind. A small smile crept up onto her face as she closed her eyes to concentrate on his image. After their confessions to each other in the library, things have been different between the two Titans. Raven was confused as to what their relationship was now. They were friends, but knew that there was something more to be said about it. It was all grey, no longer black or white. Their lessons had pretty much dissolved in the past week and their interaction around the Tower was very little. Raven did not want their teammates knowing about her feelings for her fellow Titan, regardless of the technicality of their relationship. But outside the Tower, and away from their friends, they would meet each other.

"Hey Raven." A deep voice whispered, the girl's violet eyes slowly left the confines of the page of the book and drifted upwards to the smiling face of Beast Boy who was standing in front of her.

"Hello." She said in her usual monotone, but it was no longer cold to Beast Boy's ears, there was a hint of brightness that streamed underneath. His heartbeat, as it always did, quickened at the sight of the small smile on her lips and the gentle blush that dusted her pale cheeks. The changeling sat down on the stone bench and Raven closed her book.

"Sorry I was late, Cy was bothering me 'bout stuff." Beast Boy stated cryptically, he did not dare tell the girl what this 'stuff' pertained to; she had yet to discover the bet between the two boys. As far as Cyborg knew Raven was still angry with the changeling and even more so, due to the fact that she no longer seemed to hang out in the Tower.

"That's fine." Raven whispered, her voice faltering slightly as Beast Boy's hand met hers. She still was not used to being this free with herself. So far, her emotions have stayed in check, causing no problems. But the pair had yet to go beyond that point, Raven was hesitant in testing the waters and the fact that light bulbs shattered when he kissed her on the cheek didn't make her want to try anything further. She felt Beast Boy stroke his thumb across her skin and his tenderness sent chills down her spine. As much as she knew he wanted to kiss her, and she him she didn't want to risk losing control.

Beast Boy wanted to kiss Raven badly. He restrained himself, thinking that if he did she would probably hate him for it. "Raven?"


"Will, um…" The boy sighed heavily, trying to organize his sentence. His hands were sweating and his voice would not stop shaking. Catching his breath he began again. "Do you want to go to the Mayor's ball with me?" Raven looked into his emerald eyes, a smile on her face and a nod of her head gave him the answer he wanted.

"Sure." She said quietly. Beast Boy's eyes widened in amazement and he grinned widely.

"Really?" Raven's smile grew wider and she rolled her eyes.


"Well, good." In his ecstasy the changeling put his arm around her shoulders. He was elated, knowing that not only would she be going to the ball, but that she would be going with him. Beast Boy kept his arm around the girl, they sat on the bench together in the vacant park talking together in the light rain, both at peace.

"Man, it's coming down out there." Cyborg remarked not taking his eyes off the television, entranced by the video game that he and Beast Boy were currently occupied with. "Look at it."

"Dude, you can't distract me with that. I'm not stupid." The boy turned to his friend and glared.

"Could've fooled me! Yes!" Cyborg finished off Beast Boy's ninja by decapitating him with his sword and threw his fist into the air in victory. "I am the king!"

"Whatever man." Beast Boy tossed his controller to the side and leaned back into the couch.

"Victory is sweet!" The robot grinned. "Ah! Man grass stain, see that score?" He pointed at the screen in excitement. "How high that is? Man, why don't you just start takin' them down now BB! I mean, after all, you're totally gonna lose!" Cyborg laughed. Beast Boy frowned at his friend angrily.

"Don't speak so soon!"

"Hah! Give me a break! You totally haven't talked to her in weeks!"

"How do you know?" The changeling challenged growing tired of Cyborg's cocky attitude.

"I know this because she hasn't been around here in forever, and when she is she's in her room…staying away from you. Just give up man, I won't hold it against you."

"No!" Beast Boy knew that giving up would have been the right thing to do, after all it would have made the possibility of Raven knowing about the bet far less great. But his pride, and the fact that he did not want to be Cyborg's slave, were getting the better of him. He stood up from his seat on the couch and looked into his friend's eyes. "I'm not giving up! I'm so winning this thing! Rae's going to the ball and that means I'm winning the bet!"

"What bet?" Beast Boy spun around on his heel and saw Raven standing behind both him and Cyborg.

"N-nothing." He stuttered sheepishly, a blush creeping up his neck. The girl knew he was lying, she heard every word he had said.

"It doesn't seem like it's nothing. What bet?" She repeated as flat and emotionless as ever. Cyborg watched from the couch, not quite sure as to what was going to happen.

"Rae, I—"

"It's Raven, Beast Boy." Raven stated, her voice wavering, full of raw emotion. "Am I your bet? One of your jokes?" The boy did not make eye contact with her keeping his head low, ashamed.

"Raven, it's not his fault." Cyborg tried to interpose, coming to Beast Boy's defense but was silenced by the deadly stare the girl was giving him.

"Beast Boy. Am I a bet?" Raven turned her attention back to the changeling standing in front of her, a violet eyebrow raised in anticipation of his answer.

"Raven, it's not like that!"

"How many ways can it be? I heard you Beast Boy." Her eyes began to well with tears that she refused to let fall.

"Raven let me explain!" Beast Boy whispered moving towards the girl.

"No. I can't believe you! All this time…"

"Please…" The boy reached out for her but she backed away. One of the video game controllers was encased in a black aura and began to crack.

"Leave me alone. This is the worst thing you've ever done."

"But Raven! It's different, it's complicated!"

"I'm done talking to you." Her words were accentuated with the loud boom from the controller. Cyborg jumped nervously, getting hit with rubber buttons. Beast Boy tried once more to reach out to the girl, but she would not have any of it. Raven glided out of the common area and disappeared into the hallway.

Once in her room, Raven locked her door and sat on her bed. She shook her head violently trying to get rid of her thoughts of Beast Boy. Her tears were in check, but her emotions, on the other hand, were not. Books flew off the shelves, her new mirror shattered into pieces, and the pillows on the bed exploded sending tiny white feathers everywhere. Raven sat amid all the destruction with her head buried in her knees. 'How could I have been too dumb to see! I should've wondered why he wanted to spend all that time with me, why he pretended to like me. He would never like me.' The girl continued to talk herself down, and all around her things continued to break.

'He was sincere.' Kindness said politely.

'Yeah about as sincere as a snake before it strikes.' She heard Rudeness laugh loudly.

'Are you comparing Beast Boy to a snake?'

'Well, he can turn into one, so it isn't too far off base.' Knowledge stated in a matter-of-fact like tone.

'For once you did the right thing! He was a moron anyway.' Yelled Rudeness above the murmuring voices, each emotion seemed to have something to say. Raven put her hands to her head out of frustration; all the voices were giving her a headache.

'Stop talking!' The girl blocked out the noise and closed her violet eyes in an attempt to find peace. The tears that she was so good in ignoring finally began to tumble down her pale cheeks. Raven laid her head down softly on the remaining pillow on her bed and closed her eyes. In the distance, she could hear knocking on her door and the faint sound of Beast Boy's pleading but this only made the tears fall harder. She pulled the blankets up over her head in an attempt to make him disappear. "Just go away." Raven whispered meekly as she forced herself into a restless sleep.

"Raven! Please open the door! C'mon, let me talk to you!" Beast Boy banged fruitlessly at her door, hearing the whirls of chaos on the opposite side. "Please!" He threw his fist against her door one last time.

"I'm sorry BB." Cyborg whispered coming up behind his friend. Beast Boy turned and stared up at him. The robot was surprised by the look in the changeling's emerald eyes; there was no luster, no shine.

"This is all your fault! You and your stupid bet!" He pushed past Cyborg in anger walking down the hall to his own room.

"I'm sure she'll be over this soon." Truthfully, he had seen Raven madder before this. But he had never seen that look in her eyes; they were full of pain and betrayal. He saw that she was far more upset than she was angry.

The boy continued marching heatedly down the hall towards his room, ignoring Cyborg. Beast Boy threw himself onto the lower portion of his bunk bed and covered his face with his hands. "Why did I have to be such an idiot? UGH!" He groaned through his fingers. Slowly he realized that he was the one that spilled the beans, after months of trying to hide the truth, of trying to protect Raven, he was the one that ruined everything. He felt wretched, being the one to hurt her. Beast Boy was too busy protecting her from others telling the truth, he forgot to protect her from himself. The changeling turned on his side to face the wall. All he could see was Raven. Her words were replaying over and over in his head, 'This is the worst thing you've ever done.'

Beast Boy felt his eyes stinging with hot tears. He knew that they were coming, but denied their desire to fall. The boy knew it was useless to fight them but it didn't stop him from trying. He blinked his eyes granting them their wish and the wet, salty tears crept down his face. Beast Boy groaned out of aggravation, he wanted to be with Raven. The short period that they had been together was the happiest he had ever been and now it was all gone as if it were only a dream. But he knew better than that, he knew that the girl in his dreams wasn't as nearly as wonderful as the one that he was so fond of holding, the tangible Raven. This reflection brought along the second realization of that evening. It had always been Raven. Before the brief days they spent together, before the months of lessons, even before the bet. The girl that he saw when he closed his eyes, the only girl that he could imagine, was Raven. "Man! What am I gonna do?" He asked his wall hopelessly. Beast Boy sat up suddenly and wiped the tears from his face. It was no use crying, Raven was far too important to lose and, try as he might, he could not ignore his deep-seeded feelings. He needed to figure out how to make things right with her. It was imperative that he fixed his mistakes. Beast Boy knew that his feelings for her were there long before all of this began; they extended far beyond just liking Raven. There was something more.

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