Happy? Flowers? Pink!?!

Story Description: "Raven why are you wearing pink?" Oneshot Raven Beastboy

Authors Note: This is a chalenge my friend proposed to me and few other of my friends so enjoy. The chalenge is to use the words 'Pretty Pretty Flower' She gave us tuns more so expect more.

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Chapter 1: Pretty Pretty Flower

All the Titans were at the park and eating. Well most of the Titans. Raven had just glared at them when they proposed she go so the left her at home. They were eating... well sort of. Starfire was eating but Cyborg had thrown meat at Beastboy making him duck and having it hit Robin. Who threw an ice cream cone at Cyborg but accidently hit Beastboy as he was getting up. Thus starting a big food fight. A bowl of gravy hit Starfire and everyone stopped. They turn to see who through it and saw Raven.

They would have just stared intsead of Gape but she was wearing a pink cloak. Not only that but it had gold lettering on it that said, 'Bow down before me mortals for I am god' and 'I am goddess of all things Fluffy!' Not only that but she was giggling. "Raven why are you wearing pink?" asked Robin. Beastboy untangled himself, making the others fall, and said, "Did happy get out again?" Raven glared, "NO!" then she looked apologetic and then went over and kissed him on the cheek saying, "Sorry." Then she looked behind him and ran to a feild of daisies squealing.

Everyone stared. "Has she finaly lost it." asked cyborg. Beastboy blinked. Robin looked thoughtful and declared, "She's been brainwashed by a super evil super villian!" Starfire laughed and ran over to Raven. She was skipping around throwing flowers in the air singing, "I love flowers, Such pretty pretty flowers, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVe Flowers." Starfire ran around with her and sang the song too. Both were way out of tune. "Hey Raven what were you doing while we went to the park?" ansked Cyborg. She grinned. "I through a party."

They all gaped... well all except for Beastboy who looked at her and said, "So you are not brainwashed?"


"And Happy didn't get out?"


"And you kissed me?"


"did you mean to?"



Raven looked at him her eyes twinkling. "Because Beastboy. Theres somthing I'v been meaning to tell you." She came closer. Everyone was looking at her like she was insane. "Beastboy I... I... I think you need seriuos counceling. I mean did you actually think I was going to say 'because I love you!?!' Its actually because Speedy dared me to." She walked away Ravenishly. Starfire looked at Robin then at Cyborg then at Beastboy and started to laugh so hard she cried. They all had these looks that made them look like goldfish.

Beastboy later called speedy to yell at him but he said, "I never dared her anything I was to afraid that she was going to kill me."

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