Untold Secretes

AN: Ok first off, I don't own Naruto and all that other stuff. Seconded, this is a NaruHina one-shot story. And three, this is my first one-shot. Hope you in joy!

"Well since the missions done, I really want to get away from this baka, I'll see you later Hinata. I'm going to take Akamaru home and rest." A boy with a gray sweater on with black pants that went up to his ankles spoke as he stood in front of two other people. Hinata was the one he gave a wave to before he left the girl with long black, purple hair. As he did so, he then heard the other person yell at him.

"What the hell you say, Dog-boy?" Hinata looked at the two boys that were now holding each other by the caller of each shirt.

"You want to go, baka?" Kiba yelled back at him as Akamaru joined his master by standing next to him and growled along with him. The boy in all orange and black then started to rise up into the air as Kiba seemed to be more powerful in strength then him. "You shouldn't be talking like your stronger then me if I can make you hang like this with one hand, Naruto-baka!" Kiba told him with a smirk on his face.

As Naruto was hanging onto Kiba's hand that's holding him up, he started to glare at him and was trying to kick him in the stomach when Hinata then spoke. "Kiba-kun, Put Na-aruto-kun, do-own, p-plea-ace." Hinata had asked really low making it hard to hear her and the only person, well animal that heard her was Akamaru. He walked away from the two bickering boys and walked over to her.

Hinata looked away from the two boys and looked down to the bog that walked over to her. She gave a smile to him as he sat next to her and then bent down a little to pet the tall dog that was up to her waist. She then gave a small sigh and spoke again as she looked back to the other two. "…..I wish they didn't fight all the time….." Akamaru looked up to her with determination on his face for he didn't like it when she was sad or anything but happy.

He then looked back at his master and Naruto and started to walk over to them. He stood next to the boys and then opened his mouth and took a big bit at each of there arms that were together for they where both trying to push down the other one to the ground. Hinata gave a gasp as she saw what Akamaru had done to Naruto and especially to Kiba. She never in her life thought that Akamaru would do such a thing to Kiba.

As both the boys started to swear out loud making everyone in the streets stop and look at them since they where just standing in front of the village gates. Akamaru then took this moment to walk back to Hinata and then put his head under her right hand, asking for her to pet him for 'his good deed'. Hinata gave a warm smile to the animal and then bent down to her knees and gave a small hug to it. She noticed that Akamaru only bit them to make the two stop fighting and in a way, they did.

Kiba was the first one to stop yelling like mad and looked back at his so-called-friend with a glare. As he was about to ask what made him do that, Akamaru nodded his head to point out that Hinata was with them still. Kiba looked at Hinata and then realized that she was the reason way he did. Akamaru had taken a liking to Hinata for the fact that Hinata was always so kind to him and himself. He also likes Shino but not as much as he did for Hinata.

Kiba gave a sigh and turned around to Naruto after he decided to end the conflict between them. As he turned to look at Naruto, he found himself, a couple of inches away from Naruto. He had stopped yelling bloody murder a couple of seconds ago and ran next to him.

"You call that handing your animal!" Akamaru and Kiba both started to growl at the comment.

Kiba then looked back at Hinata and Akamaru. "Hinata-chan, would you like me to walk you home? I can do that for making you sad."

Hinata looked at her teammate and was a little shocked at what he said. "N-No Kiba-kun. You di-ii-dn't make m-mee sad-dd." Hinata then looked down to her hands that where now in her lap as she bent down next to Akamaru. Kiba gave a sigh and started to walk over to his two teammates that was family to him. He held a hand out to Hinata and looked down to her with a smile.

Hinata looked up to him with a faint blush on her face and grabbed his hand. He pulled her up and then looked back to Akamaru and gave him a nod. "Let's get going, buddy."

Kiba then looked back at Naruto but didn't say anything and started to turn away from him with a smirk plastered on his face.

Naruto was a little confused about that look he got from Kiba and it started to tick him off not knowing what it meant. Kiba then started to walk off. "Hey, what was that all about, Dog-boy? Tell me damn it!" Hinata notice that Naruto was about to run off after Kiba so she ran next to him and grabbed him by the arm.

Naruto felt her grab his arm and looked down to her. She was blushing a little more now for grabbing Naruto and was looking down at the ground to hide it. "Naruto-kun, p-plea-ase leave Kiba-kun, alo-oone." Naruto wasn't able to see her face and didn't really like that. He didn't like it that Hinata was always trying to hide herself.

He knew that Hinata was shy but didn't understand why she should be. Even though her family always said she was weak compared to Neji, Hinata was indeed strong and beautiful. He then swung himself around to be in front of her. He brought his hand up to her chin and pulled her chin up so she could look at him.

Hinata was now staring to blush even more to ear to ear as she looked at Naruto in the eyes. "Hinata-chan, why do you always hide your self?" Naruto asked her as he looked into her eyes with her.

Hinata saw in his eyes that he was looking into her eyes for the answer and waiting for her to answer him. Hinata was waiting for Naruto to just stop looking at her but found it to be taking to long for him so she tried to answer as much as she could. "……..I don't really know, Naruto-kun……." She told him as she stuttered though out the whole sentence.

Naruto was starting to like looking into her pools of silver eyes and started to give a warm smile to her. But to his surprise and Hinata's disappointment, Naruto let go of Hinata and looked away into the village. Hinata then looked at Naruto at confusion on what just happened and what she should do now.

Naruto on the other hand knew what he wanted to do. "Hinata-chan, would you like to come with me? I need you to know something that I've been hiding to myself for years." He then turned to look back at the girl that was only a foot away from him. "Will you listen to me, as you do for others?" Naruto had a series face on but when Hinata looked into his eyes, she saw sadness. She gave a nod to him and as he saw that, he gave another warm smile to her that made Hinata's heart skip a beat. "Let's get some privacy then." He grabbed her hand and started to walk with her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hinata was waiting for Naruto to come back from the kitchen as he told her that he was getting her some tea. As she waited for him, she was sitting on Naruto's couch trying her best to find out how she came from getting Naruto to stop fighting with Kiba to then be sitting in Naruto's living room. She was looking down at her hands as her hair came to her face a little.

"How come you always try to hide your self, Hinata-chan?"

"Hinata-chan, would you like to come with me?"

"Will you listen to me like you do with the others?"

Hinata was thinking back at what had happen when she heard Naruto open a cabinet door. "The tea must be done..." Hinata looked at where the kitchen door was and then found that Naruto wasn't coming out. She looked back to her hands that were in her lap making some more hair fall down in front of her again. "What's going on right now? I can't believe that I'm with Naruto-kun alone, in HIS apartment as well. I don't even know what to do and don't really remember why I'm here. All I remember was the sadness in Naruto's blue eyes."

Hinata then felt a hand push her hair out of her face. She looked up to see that Naruto was sitting next to her now with a warm smile on. Hinata started to blush again for Naruto's hand still being on her face and for the fact that she didn't even notice when Naruto had walked in or when he sat down next to her.

"You ok, Hinata-chan? I called your name at less three times." Naruto asked as he finally took his hand away from Hinata's face and then took his headband off., giving him a softer look.

Hinata then started to blush more and looked down to her hands again as her body was now facing Naruto. "I'm sorry, Naruto-kun. Y-You cou-uuold hav-ve called me, so I cou-uuold serve m-myself."

Naruto then sat all the way back into the couch and started to laugh as he placed the back of his right hand on his for head and covered the top of his eyes a little. "Silly, Hinata-chan. You barely heard me now. How were you going to hear me call you to the kitchen if you didn't hear me when I was two feet away from you?"

Hinata started to blush again and turned her self away from Naruto. Naruto looked to his right as he noticed Hinata turn around. He then placed his right arm behind her and pushed himself up to the edge of the couch as he lend closer to her. He then saw Hinata flinch as she saw him come close to her. He gave a smaller smirk and reached for her chin with is other hand.

He pulled up Hinata's reddish face so she could look at him. "You ok, Hinata-chan? You never answered me."

Hinata was now getting redder then before as she felt Naruto scooting a little closer to her. She wanted nothing but for Naruto to just lean closer to her and let her feel his moist lips but pulled away from him. Naruto was so confused at what she had done for he did know that she liked him. That was the reason why he wanted to talk to her.

"I'm ok, Naruto-kun." Hinata told him with out stuttering but was very low. Hinata had scooted away from him and started to look at the two cup of tea that were placed on the coffee table before them. Naruto notice that Hinata was looking at the tea now.

"O-oh yea, I forgot about those." Naruto then went over and grabbed them both and handed one to Hinata. Hinata looked at the cup and said thank you as she grabbed it from his hands. But as she did that she held Naruto's hand. Both of them started to blush in front of each other. Hinata then took the cup and looked back to the ground.

"D-did, Naruto-kun just blush by me toughing his hand? N-no, that can't be! I might like him but he doesn't like me like I do with him, right?" Hinata then looked at Naruto in the corner of her eye as she took a sip of the tea. "T-this i-is goo-od, Naruto-kun."

"….Yea…." Naruto responded to her as he looked down into his cup. After awhile of Naruto just looking into his cup of tea and not taking one sip of it, Hinata then placed her cup back on the coffee table making Naruto snap out of his gaze.

"Naruto-kun, wasn't there something you wanted to ta-alk abo-out with m-mme?" Hinata tried to ask him with out stuttering but found her self stuttering at the end.

Naruto placed his cup on the coffee table next to Hinata's and slowly answered her as he kept his gaze on the ground. "Yea….." Hinata looked at him a little hurt for she never saw Naruto act like this; depressed, alone, sad. Naruto then flow back into the couch again and his head landed in the middle of the back of the couch making his bottom slide off a little from the couch.

Naruto gave a small sigh and throw his right arm up to his eyes again. "Hinata-chan, just leave…….I thought I could talk to you about it but I-I…" Naruto then was cut off by him self. Hinata was shocked to see that a tear had fallen from his left eye.

Hinata with out realizing where she placed her hand, hand leaned on to Naruto's right leg and asked without stuttering, "Naruto-kun, what's wrong?" Naruto felt Hinata lean on him and flinched a little by her touch. He wiped his eyes and then removed his arm from his eyes. "It's nothing, Hinata-chan. Just tired……" He then tried to push Hinata off him as he gave her a fake smile but was then pushed back down by a determine Hinata.

Naruto looked at Hinata and saw something in her eyes. He couldn't tell what it was it was saying but couldn't take it anymore for he thought it was saying pity. He looked away from her by looking to the side of him for out of anyone he knew, he didn't want to see pity in her eyes as she looked at him. "Get off, Hinata."

Hinata was shocked and confused as Naruto just spoke to her with a harsh tone. "….No…."

Naruto then looked back at her. "No? Why not, Hinata? What do you want from me?" Naruto started to yell out his questions to her as she looked scared and confuse. The only reason she was scared, was the fact that Naruto was acting so differently. He then pushed her off him and then sat at the end of the couch with his head down. "…."

Hinata didn't know what was going on but knew she wasn't going to leave Naruto when he's like this. She then, with out thinking it over, placed her arms around Naruto's waist from the back and held him close to her. Naruto throw his head up by Hinata holding him and her face in his back. Hinata then slowly moved her head to the side, still holding on to him.

"Please, Naruto-kun. Tell me what's wrong. I want to help you…….with all my……heart…….." Naruto then looked back down to the ground but then wrapped his own arm around on of Hinata's arms.

"Hinata-chan, I'm sorry for yelling at you. I ask you to come over to talk to me but then I yell at you. I'm sorry….."

Hinata then looked up into his eyes and say that he was drowning in sadness and pain. "Just tell me what's wrong, Naruto-kun."

Naruto then pulled Hinata's arms off him and turned to face her. She was surprised by that for he did it so fast but before she could register what he just did. She found her self being kissed by Naruto. He had grabbed her chin and pulled her into a kiss.

As Hinata was still confused at what was going on, Naruto then started to lick her lips, asking to come in as he kissed her. Hinata then started to close her eyes from pleaser as Naruto licked her lips and gave a small gasp as he then bit her lower lip. Naruto took that time to slide in his tongue into her mouth to explore more of her taste.

Hinata opened her eyes as she felt Naruto's tongue in her mouth but then started to close them again. She then grabbed his shirt with both her hands as she felt Naruto warp her in his arms. Hinata started to join Naruto by rubbing her tongue with his making Naruto moan a little himself.

Even thought Naruto really didn't want to, he pulled away from the hunger Hinata. He looked at her seeing that she still had her eyes closed. He looked at her out of breath and saw her slowly open her eyes as she started to breathe a little heavy with him.

They sat there in silent till Naruto let go of her from his arms. Hinata was starting to get sad when she felt Naruto's, strong, warm, arms leave her but then looked at Naruto that had his head down in front her.

"I shouldn't have done that, Hinata-chan. I'm sorry…..It's just that……your so fucking cute!" Naruto told her as he placed his hands on her arms.

"What d-did you s-s-say, Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked as she started to blush for just realizing what had just happened between them and what he sad.

Naruto then looked into Hinata's eyes and let go of her from his grip. After he stared at her for a moment, he then placed his head on her shoulder. "Hinata-chan, I've been lying to everyone for years but mostly to you……..I-I can't take much more."

Hinata then placed her arm around Naruto and then felt Naruto do the same to her around her waist. "Hinata, I've liked you ever since we went to take the Chuunin exam or maybe before then….." Hinata couldn't believe what she heard and wanted to look into Naruto's eyes to see if he wasn't lying to her but couldn't for Naruto was holding on to her so she couldn't see him.

"I know that you've liked me from the start but didn't want you to come close to me for I didn't think that you should aim so low as to someone like me….."

"That's not true, Naruto-kun!"

"I'm weak and nothing special. I bring only trouble to others and I'm labeled, monster."

"You're none of those, Naruto-kun! Why would you think you're a monster?"

"I only started to say and act that I liked, Sakura-chan so I could keep you away from me and hope you would give up your feelings for me. You come from an important family that could never let you go out with someone with me….."


"When Sasuke-teme, left Konoha. That's when I really started to fell something for you and when I was told to leave. All I did as the days went by was think of you….."


"When I came back from training for three years, all I wanted to do was be with you……But I saw that……you and Kiba got more closer over the years I was gone….."


"I waited a whole year to see if you and Kiba were going anywhere and that leads us to today, Hinata-chan….." Naruto then gripped Hinata tighter. "There…..I told you……happy……?"

Hinata then started to smile to him with tears falling down her face. Naruto felt one of her tears fall on his ear and looked up to her as he leaded away from her, still holding her with one of his arms on hers. "I-I didn't mean to make you cry, Hinata. God! I knew I should have waited a little while more to see if you still like me! You must like Kiba….I'm sorry for"

"No, Naruto-kun. I don't like Kiba-kun that way." Hinata told Naruto as she cut him off of his sentience. "H-how cou-uld I if I'm ii-n lov-ve with, Naruto-kun……." Hinata then started to blush as she was able to finally say how she felt about him for so many years.

After a moment of just staring at each other, Naruto then leaned in to Hinata and licked the last of her tears that was falling down her red cheeks. Hinata gave a small moan to that making Naruto smirk a little. He then started to move his tongue from her cheek to the rig of her lip.

"……Naruto-kun……" Hinata got to say before she felt Naruto's tongue lick her lips again and started to give small kiss on them. She then grabbed at Naruto's jacket again but one of them found its way up, under his shirt and started to rub his bare skin. That made Naruto moan after he let them breathe for a moment.

Naruto then started to push Hinata down into the couch as he placed his tongue into her mouth. As Naruto started to suck on her upper lip, he started to grab Hinata's left breast and started to rub it as he mange to unzip her jacket. Hinata gave a gasp as she felt his hand on her breast and started to arch her back making her breast be priest closer to his hand.

Hinata then reached up to Naruto's neck with one hand so she could get more of Naruto into her mouth with her tongue and his. With her other hand, she then removed it from under Naruto's shirt and then started to unzip his jacket.

As Naruto felt his jacket open, he then pulled away from the battle field he was making with Hinata in their mouth's and started to leave love kisses down from her cheek to her caller bone. Hinata was trying to bring Naruto back to her lips by placing her hands on his face but as Naruto looked at the begging girl under him, he gave a smile then lend in to bite her ear and then whispered in her ear,

"Let's take it to the bedroom, Hina-chan." Hinata then felt Naruto grab Hinata from the couch, pushed the rest of her jacket off and grouped to the ground, and carried her to his bedroom, down the hall.

As Naruto placed Hinata on the bed, he stood before her and blushed for a moment at her. Hinata did the same as she saw him staring at her. Hinata then sat up onto her legs from lying down on the bed. "Hina-chan, do you really want to keep going….." Naruto asked as he couldn't believe what was going to happen if she said yes.

Hinata then stood on her knees as she was still on the bed and gave a small kiss on Naruto's lips as she got to his height. She then slid her hand from his upper chest to all the way down to his pants. She grabbed the pants with both hands as she kept kissing Naruto on the neck now and then started to unbutton them.

Naruto took that as a yes and turned his head to the side so Hinata could get a better view of his neck and then raised his hands up to Hinata's shirt. He pushed Hinata down on the bed with him falling down with her. As they both fell, Naruto was able to take Hinata's shirt off and started to suck down her neck again and started to go lower to her mid stomach.

Hinata grabbed Naruto's hair as she gave another moan from Naruto's kisses. She started to ach her back again as she felt Naruto now unzipping her pants. As she looked down to him, she started to blush even more then already as she saw him unzipping them with his teeth. Hinata was about to sit up when Naruto then placed his hand on her stomach and then started to reach for her breast. She laid back down as she felt pleaser for Naruto had started to play with her nipple but then started to slide his other hand down her now half open pants.

Naruto then came up again and started to suck on her left nipple making her moan, "Naruto….kun….." As he liked her moaning his name, he let his hand that was in her pants move down more and placed a finger in her. "…..Naruto….." She gaped at the sudden thing in side her. "…..more….." Naruto then used his other hand to replace his mouth on her nipple and started to rub it.

His mouth then moved up to her neck and then to her mouth. He then started to fight with her tongue again but then with his hand that had his finger in her. He pulled it out and then moved in back in with two fingers this time and started to keep going in and out of Hinata's opening. Hinata then moved away from Naruto's mouth for air and gave a gasp from the pleaser she was getting and started to bit her lower lip. She looked at Naruto as he was breathing heavy and had a smirk on. He then removed his fingers from in side her and started to lick them before her.

Hinata was shaking from pleaser now and wanted more as she saw Naruto lick what she had placed on his fingers. Naruto then slid off his remaining clothing and started to remover the rest of Hinata's pants. Hinata took this time to sit up and take her bra off and went to get closer to Naruto's poisons lips that made you go crazy by its touch and mange to roll Naruto to his side then to his back as her goal was successful. Hinata then started to rub her waist into Naruto's making him moan. She then started to do what Naruto was doing to her and started to kisses him down his neck and slid her tongue on to his nipple. She then used her left hand to feel his tone abs.

She then moved her mouth to his other nipple and then rubbed her waist into his again making both of them moan. "Ah! Hina!" Naruto was taken off guard at what Hinata did. She made her wondering hand go down to Naruto's lower part and grabbed his dick. She then started to rub it on the top of it with her thumb making Naruto throw his head back in pleaser. As his head was back, Hinata then raised her head to his now open neck and started to suck on it making Naruto moan even louder. "Hinata….your making me ……..go crazy here……"

Hinata then stopped rubbing his dick with her thumb but then slid her whole hand around it and started to make her hand go up and down on it. Hinata then stopped sucking his neck and lowered her head to his mid, low, waist. She started to lick and suck right there as Naruto started to hold her head there. "Hinata……faster…….faster……Hinata….." Hinata listened to him and started to move her hand that was pumping him up and down faster. "…….Hinata……." Naruto moaned out loud as he put both his hands to his side.

As Hinata felt his manhood get harder, she then moved her head again and placed her mouth next to his again. She then griped her hold on Naruto's little pal and gasped, "I….want this…..in me." Hinata was telling him in between breathes. "…..Not……your fingers……."

Naruto gave a smirk at her as he also was out of breath as she then let go of him down there. Naruto then pushed Hinata to her back and before they landed, he grabbed one of Hinata's legs and placed it on his shoulder as they landed. "As you wish, Hina-chan." Naruto then placed himself where he could get ready with his dick. Naruto then placed one of his hands on Hinata's waist as the other one rested on the other side of her. Naruto then lend in and pushed in so Hinata could take some of it at a time. Hinata shout her head back from the pain of Naruto coming in but was then hit with pleaser as she felt him coming in more so he could put most of 'it' in her so she could get use to the pain even more.

Naruto could see the pain he put on Hinata as he but his big pal in her. But as he started to put more and more of 'it' in her, the pain on her face was gone. "…..Naruto-kun……... go………" Hinata begged him as she looked into his eye. Naruto then started to thrusts into Hinata making Hinata yell, "Naruto!" She then placed her arms around Naruto so she could get closer to his body heat.

Naruto shout his head back as he felt Hinata kissing him all over his chest. Naruto then placed his head next to her ear as he kept thrusting into her in a steady paste. He grabbed both her hands as he let go of her waist and throw them up above her; holding her steady. "Ahh!" Naruto moaned as he had pushed more of himself into Hinata since he had lead over her.

Hinata started to lick Naruto's checks since she was pined down by him. "……Faster…..Naruto……" Hinata moaned out as she kept kissing him on the neck and throwing her hip into his. "Mhmmmm"

As Naruto gave a warm smile to her, he then started to lick her ear lob and started to travel down to her neck and stopped as he reached to the spot where her neck ended and her shoulder blade started. "…..Hinata…..rap your legs around my waist……." Naruto demanded in between kisses.

Hinata non-hesitant complied with Naruto's command. She then started to ach her back for wanting to place her body next to his, but Naruto still had her pined down.

Naruto felt her legs around him and saw her struggling to get out of his grip. "Show her that you're the male, not her." A voice demanded in Naruto's head.

Naruto stopped moving but heard Hinata moan for more. He then continued. "Damn it, Kyuubi! Leave me alone till I'm done!" Naruto yelled to the demon in him as he went a little fast into Hinata making her yell his name again.

"If you don't show her that you're the male, I'll do it for you…..Do you want that?"

Naruto got anger with the demon and found him self baiting into Hinata on the neck. Na-Naruto!" Hinata yelled in pain. Naruto didn't listen to her cry for he was feeling something happening to him and bit down harder. "Naruto…..that hurts….." Hinata was now trying to loosen his grip on her hands but couldn't. "Naruto, please……stop that……"

Naruto then started to pump into her faster, making Hinata a little scared at his change in speed. Naruto then stopped baiting on her, leaving a red mark and bleed a little. He took his lips to hers and before her took them; Hinata saw that Naruto's eyes where now red and not his beautiful pool of blue ones. He focused his tongue into Hinata's mouth and started to push her wrists harder down into the bed. She felt his tongue dive into her mouth making Hinata confused even more on what's happening.

She was having the best thing happening to her with the person she's been in love with for so long, to something that's starting to scare her. She then started to move her legs from around Naruto away and tried to lay them on the bed. Naruto though, started to growl at her for doing that, that he then held Hinata's hands with one hand now and reached down to her left leg with the other. He forced her leg to go up in the air and over his shoulder.

He started to pump her faster making Hinata cry in more pain and tears coming down her face. Hinata was begging pumped so hard, the bed started to hit the wall every time Naruto thruster into her. "Naruto! Please stop!" Hinata cried as Naruto stopped kissing her lips and went back to his mark on her neck.

Naruto after another thrust sent his head up and yelled, "God, Damn you!" Naruto pulled out of Hinata and laid her leg on the bed. He then let go of Hinata's hands and placed his hands on each side of her and did the same with his legs so he could gaze down at the scared Hinata. He started to breathe heavy to gain control of his body again.

Hinata looked up shaking in confusion and with eyes filled with tears. Naruto looked back at her and as he did, Hinata saw that he had his eyes again. "Hinata…..I-I……" Naruto started to shack him self as he gazed down to Hinata's neck and say what he had done. He bought his hand to it and rubbed the mark he left on her to rip the blood off.

"N-Naruto-kun, what h-happen to you?" Hinata asked as she felt his hand on her neck. Naruto then bent down and kissed it softly with his lips and then placed his head on her shoulder as she still was shaking along with her.

"…..I already told you…….I'm a monster……." Naruto then let a tear fall from his eyes and land on her shoulder. "Look what I've done to you……I made you……" Naruto then stopped talking as he felt Hinata's shacking hands on his back, holding him in an embrace. Naruto then shifted his other arm to go under her and started to embrace her as well. "…..If only, Kyuubi didn't……"


Me: And that's the end! Hope you liked my story. I know that it's a crappy ending but I didn't really want to see a happy ending cause that's how it always is and I wanted to be different, lol. Also, I don't know if Hinata gets to find out about Naruto's secret of Kyuubi. I know Sasuke and Sakura do but don't know about the others…. Oh well - Oh and if you got lost on how many years went by when Naruto was telling Hinata about his own crush on her, it was at less 3-4 years making them at less 16 or 17 in the story and yea.

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Kyuubi then walked next to author and they both started to give an evil look to Naruto that was still sitting on the ground.


Naruto then sighed and started to walk off as the other two started to laugh together at Naruto's pain.

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