Untold Secrets

Heirii: Ok, I'm just going to strait out tell you my readers, if I have anymore …. . Umm the only reason why I haven't up dated the story is for I don't know what to do next in the story. I mean this story was meant to be just a one shot but that kind of changed on me so yeah. I have on idea what I'm doing anymore.

So, I would like to ask people for feed back. If you wish for the last chapter where I will ended it very, very nice, may I say cuz it's the last chapter and I do believe every last chapter should be like that or if I should just stop.

If I do stop, I will be deleting all the chapters but the first one for I don't really care for those ones. I mostly like my first one. But, if I do finish my last chapter, I will fix up my chapters because it seems that people hate my grammar and I didn't really think my grammar compared that bad to other fanfics I've read –shrug- but yeah.

I will say sorry for my bad grammar and I will say that I have been working on it. I'm sorry you people have to deal with my disability with spelling and grammar, well then again. You really don't have to read my crap….Humm, what was I saying?

Oh, anyways, I'll be working on the chapters if I do make the next chapter but I would like to ask you people if you wish me to finish the story. If not, I'm cool with it. I'll start working on my other stuff and maybe finish my old, old Inuyasha Fic That's a big maybe.

Naurto: I want you to finish! I want to know what happens with Hinata-chan and I! Why can't I have my Hinata-chan!

Heirii: …Naurto-kun, get out of here. This was supposed to be just me talking to the readers. Leave, now.

Naruto: Well, what if I said that I'm a reader?

Heirii: …Your not….Cuz…..your just not.

Naurto: Wait! You were going to do something with the readers for being gone for so long! I want to help! PLEASE!

Heirii: …Fine. Just don't play around, got it?

Naurto: Yes! Ok, since Heirii has been gone for so long, she wants to hold a game for you people that we claim as the 'readers'.

Heirii: Yes, The game is who ever answers this one question first in the comments, gets to be in one of my Short story chapters.

Naruto: Yeah, she will also give you the chance to tell yourself a bit about yourself for the story if you win the contest or put your own idea into the storyline of the chapter. She will ask you also what characters you would like in them and-

Heirii: Ok, shut up. –shakes head side to side- Mostly, if you win, I will try to talk with you one on one. You my email me at or you can contact me on a website called, Gaiaonline. Yes, I'm a gaian on Gaia and the name is dori. Just like how I typed it and nothing else.

Sakura: Don't email her for we all know she doesn't read her mail.

Heirii: What the hell!? Now you're here? Go away! I never liked you so why should you be talking?

Sakura: …You don't like me? Why am I in your story then?

Heirii: Well to tell ya the truth, I was working on my other Naruto story that wasn't based on a one shot, and I have you in that story and yeah….I got it mixed up so I just mostly went with the flow…

Sakura: Wait what? What's your other Fanfic for Naurto about?

Heirii: Doesn't matter! I need to finish this contest thingy and I will check my email since theres a good reason to now, so ha!

Who ever answers this question first, wins. I will need to contact you some how to add you in the story or you can have the joy of just knowing that you won and you are better then the other readers [ Just kidding and not have to be in the story. Just let me know.

Now the question is, In the new Naurto Shippuuden, What is the groups name that Sasuke builds after Orochimaru was killed off?

Hint: Suigetsu is in the new Group.

Hinata: ….G-Good luck to all of yo-you…..

Kyuubi: This is stupid and a waste of time.

Heirii: Why do you say that?

Kyuubi: You never get reviews and I don't blame them. This story is boring.

Heirii: You know what, Kyuubi? I don't care what you say. Good Luck to the winner!