I hope you guys like my first avatar fic, I won't tell who the leading lady is until the second chapter, tell me what you think.

Water, Earth, Fire, Air long ago the four nations lived together in harmony, then everything changed when the fire nation attacked, only the Avatar master of all four elements could stop them, but when the world needed him most he vanished. Ten years ago a girl named Katara, and her brother Sokka found the new Avatar an air bender but at a great personal price. Katara is gone; I brought her body home, and gave her a burial at sea, like she would want. After that though I couldn't even bring myself to look at Sokka, Toph, or Zuko and for the second time in my life I ran, I ran from everything and I haven't looked back once, that is until last week…

You see after I defeated Ozai, Iroh took his rightful place as ruler of the fire nation, took Azula into custody, and signed a treaty with the earth and water nations ending the war. A month ago he passed, and named Zuko as his successor. I had heard he asked for quite the unique funeral service, body burned, ashes scattered at sea, to the wind, and some buried below the earth. Last week I went to pay my respects to the burial site, it saddened me to look on his grave; he had offered many words of wisdom during my fire bending training. I was only there a few moments before a woman dressed all in black even the veil draped over her face, took a place beside me at the grave and bowed her head. I nodded to her and began to make my way down the path only to have her voice halt me.

"How did you know the Fire Lord?"

I turned back to the lady in mourning; it felt like it had been years since I had spoken to anyone. I like my privacy, mind you I have never once abandoned my duties as the avatar, but that was the first time in ten years I spoke to anyone on a personal level.

"He was my teacher many years ago, a great…if not somewhat silly man"

Again I experienced something I had avoided for a long time, she laughed ever so lightly, she must have known him. I remember thinking that this woman must be of noble birth, by her expensive dress and the way she held herself, but there was strength to her that…well it reminded me of her, of Katara. Again the lady in black surprised me by asking to meet with her at a café in the nearby town. I intended to stand her up and go about my business like I always do when someone expresses a desire to spend time with me, but for some reason I found myself sitting in the "ember's glow" the next morning. True to it's name the restaurant was dimly lit bowls of hot embers being the only light source gave the interior a feeling of perpetual twilight. A light smoke which smelt of spice permeated the air, that same smoke seemed to swirl around her as she took the seat across from me. The combination of smoke and lighting served the same purpose as the veil did the day before, hiding her face from my gaze. I thought it would be better that way if I never saw her face then I would hold no attachment to her, for that same reason I never asked her name. we exchanged pleasantries for a time, and I will admit it was nice to speak with someone again, Until that is she began asking about me, I told her my name was Mushi, I couldn't help smiling at that, though she didn't seem to notice.

She asked if I had been able to attend the funeral service, I explained I was indisposed at the time, which was true, I had been helping to rebuild an earth village that was hit by a tidal wave, of course I omitted that part, I don't like calling attention to myself as the avatar unless it's necessary, that's why I grew out my hair and wear gloves (arrow tattoos are a dead give away). All and all I enjoyed the meal, and despite myself the company. I began to excuse myself but as I stood she spoke.

"Will you be traveling to the earth kingdom anytime soon? I'll be going back day after tomorrow, and I'd like a traveling companion"

Before I could think I found myself nodding, and agreeing to accompany her to the earth kingdom. We made arrangements to take her carriage to a nearby port, and I found myself smiling as I left that café. When I got back to the inn I was staying at, I lay on my bed and stared up at the ceiling. My mind kept going back to this woman, why did wasn't I able to distance myself, to brush her off like everyone else? I just couldn't put my finger on it. I did manage to get myself to sleep but the dream played again, every night for ten years I see her….burning over and over as Ozai cackles, that is until I silence him. The result was the same as always I wake up in a cold sweat right as I snuff out the former Firelord for good, and as I did then I feel empty and unsatisfied, only to have those images greet me again when I fall back to sleep. I have not had a good night's sleep in ten long years.

The next day I went to the address she had given me, she suggested we spend the day getting to know each other better, and I inexplicably agreed. She like myself was staying at a local inn, however I would soon find out my assessment of her nobility was confirmed, the inn in which she stayed was twice the size as mine. I found her sitting by the reflecting pool, behind the main building. I spoke to her back remembering my rule about becoming attached.

"Perhaps, we should reconsider traveling together tomorrow, I'm not one for companion ship, for reasons I would rather not talk about."

She nodded to me not turning to face me as she spoke. Her voice was odd she was demure and restrained, but at the same time there was strong independence as well. I found her fascinating, which again reinforced my assessment that I needed to take my leave of her.

"I understand completely Mushi; we all have things about which we do not wish to speak. And since we won't be spending the long trip with one another we should make the best of today don't you think? So do tell where in the earth kingdom do you hail from."

Her comment threw me, I had never displayed any earth bending nor did I wear earth kingdom garb. So why would she automatically assume I resided there? I played along with her, there was no harm in it, and I couldn't reveal my true origins.

"Kyoshi island, but how did you know I was earth kingdom."

Her answer gave me an odd sort of insight into myself, let me look at what I was from a fresh pair of eyes, and I am sad to say part of me did not like the view, because I knew she spoke truth.

"It's the way you hold yourself, the way you move, you are very strong you're steps are firm, as if weighed down by something, there is no lightness to your step, like a very serious earth bender."

She had me down and I couldn't deny her words, so insightful, and eloquent curiosity got the better of me, I had to look on the face of this women who knew me even better then I knew myself. I walked forward to look at her reflection, at least then I wouldn't have to make eye contact with her. But when I looked down into the water and upon the face of this woman who had intrigued me so, I stumbled back. How could I have missed it? After all this time why couldn't I tell? She was….

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