The Quiet One
By Lyris Mendax
Rated T ( for violence, and language )

This is my first Hana Yori Dango, fanfiction please keep in mind as you read this that I have seen some of the Anime and read a little of the manga, and the live action. I will try to be true to the characters, but they might slip a little OOC. This deals with a very hard subject, one that many have had to face in their life, in one form or another.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hana Yori Dango and do this for the readers and my own enjoyment.


It is always the quiet one's you need to be wary of. How many times had that been whispered and how many times had it been proven to be true.

He was the quiet one of the group the one that would keep most of his thoughts to himself, so few could ever really get close to him. Maybe that is why it had come as such a shock to so many, that his feelings would run as deeply as they did.

So they had a year together. Let them live that time in hot love, let her learn the truth about the man she had helped bring a little peace to. He would be here and ready for her. He would do what he loved doing the most. Giving her love without worry or question. To be her pillar, when all else tried to throw her to the ground and bury her under a sea of hate.

He was her first love and he would do all in his power to be her last love. A year was not that long of a time after all. Not when you had your whole life to be with the other. He was going to make him pay after the year was over, because she would be hurt by him, again. They might not even last the whole year, all the better. It would give him the chance to spill out his rage, and have a just reason for it.

How long had it been now? Three or four months? Just a little more time, and he knew something would happen. Their was a knock upon his door, for now he did not pay it much mind so lost was he to his own thoughts. He was not with his family, it had been easier to spend his time away from her, his temptations to find her and try to reason with her too great. He had made the promise of a year, just as they had been granted it, by that devious woman.

He had left a way for her to find him. She was the only one he wanted to have that kind of power, that place in his life. She was the only one who had that right. That light knock, called his attentions again. This time he moved and the door was opened. The darkness outside, could not hide her from him, her slight form was shaking with cold, and she looked like she had seen much better and happier times.

They stood for a long moment looking upon each other. A sniffle from her, a quiet smile from him, then the offer of open arms. It did not take long, she was in his hold, and he could feel his want for life returning again. Her hands tighten into fists holding the cloth of his shirt, her tears made a few stains form upon it, but he did not care. He never did when it came to her.

His hand moved to lightly stroke her hair, the silk like feel was a welcomed one. He had missed it so much, a little bit of greed upon his part as he took in a light sniff of her fresh scent. Even that had not changed. A soft kiss was placed upon her forehead, his arm moved to pull her closer to his body. He wanted to ask what was wrong; why she was here? He wanted a reason to hurt the one that had stolen her from his side, that first time. But sadly he had been blind to what he had a mistake he would never make again.

For now he held his words, just holding her was too important. He could feel the cold from the open door, he was partly worried that she had no coat on, he almost felt her whole body weaken in his hold. A quick move and she was lifted, cradled safely in his arms. A kick with his heel, as he turned and the door was slammed making it latch as it closed. Making her jump slightly at the sudden sound and press closer to his chest her shaky arms moving to hug herself just as she had tried to cling to him before.

He calmly took her to his room and sat with her upon the bed. Just happy for now that he was able to hold her, that she still needed him. He whispered soft words to her, as his hand still moved upon her hair. His lips would still seek to take small kisses, upon her soft skin that was slowly turning warmer, because of his hold, because of his care.

At last she had cried herself into a deep sleep, and still he was happy just to hold her. Slowly he moved, inching his way backwards, still keeping her in his strong safe hold. A pull of the covers, a shifting of both of their bodies, he had her laying upon the bed.

A soft sigh and he willed himself to have some kind of control. He moved to pull off her shoes then her socks. She had turned and her skirt had moved, showing him a bit of her long leg, then he stiffened in pure rage. Upon her thigh he could see it clearly.

A set of bruises that looked like the shape of strong fingers making a brutal grab. Almost absently he moved placing his own hand over it, as if to use his own fingers as a kind of measure. His marble like eyes filled with emotion for the first time in almost two years. He made no move to hide what he was feeling, mostly because no one would be here to see it.

He looked upon her tear stained face, almost wondering what other marks her clothing might be hiding. A light touch confirmed that she would be sleeping for a time so it would be safe for him to do more. Slowly her clothing was removed, and he saw more and more that filled him with a bitter rage.

How far had the monster gotten? How much damage was done to his treasured girl? He could not bring himself to remove the last bit of clothing that would have told him all of it. A soft sigh and he moved to pull a shirt upon her small form, covering most of the hateful marks upon her body.

Slowly he got himself ready for bed, and climbed in next to her another moment of greed on his part. He so wished to make sure that she was safe and sound. She whimpered in her sleep and he moved to take her in a light hold, pulling her close. Using his own body to try and sooth away her worries, to push away what might of happened to her.

He felt in his heart that he knew who was to blame for what had happened and he was going to pay, but for now he was going to help her feel ready to face the world once more.


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