A/N: This actually started out to be a songfic, but it ended up not fitting the song, so I just deleted that part of it. Just a short little take on Hermione's view after Harry and Ron have died battling Voldemort...

Heroes. Some people say that heroes are hard to find these days, but I don't agree with them. Being a hero is all in how you look at it. Everyone has always seen Harry as a hero, even when he was a baby. They all expected him to grow up and be the knight in shining armor that would ride in and save the day whenever the wizarding world needed him. Well, he did that. He lived up fully to their expectations, even though his heroic efforts cost him his life. Our world mourned the death of The Boy Who Lived, mourned over him as though he were everyone's best friend. In all the weeping and wailing, another hero got overlooked.

Ron was a hero, too.

I'm not just saying that because we were a couple. I don't see him as a hero just because I loved him, but because he truly was a hero. He had the quiet strength and determination that guided us through these hard times. He was noble, courageous, loyal.....everything that makes up a hero was in Ron. Harry unintentionally overshadowed his best friend, but Ron understood. He knew Harry didn't ask for fame, he didn't ask to be the savior of the wizarding world. Yet when Harry died, no one except friends and family really cared about the loyal friend that went with him. It might have been spotted if one looked carefully in the papers..... "The late Harry Potter's good friend, Ronald Weasley, was also killed in the battle against Voldemort." That's all. No mention of how he didn't have to go with Harry, of how he went because he refused to desert his best friend. Just a name on the page.

Nothing in the world is fair; I've learned that the hard way. It isn't fair that Ron's name will be forgotten in a few years by everyone except those who knew him. It isn't fair that I lost my two best friends the year of our graduation, that they were taken from me and I wasn't even there in the battle with them. It isn't fair that Ron and I won't ever get to be married as we had talked about, as we had planned. We could have had a life together, but evil destroyed that dream.

In spite of all that, I still have my memories. Ron and Harry both changed my life in ways I never thought possible. They showed me what real, true friendship means. Even through squabbles and quarrels, we remained friends, and we always forgave each other. Never once did they turn their backs on me, even when I pushed them aside and told them that I didn't want their help. Ron went even further than that: he showed me what love was really all about. Maybe things wouldn't had lasted between us, as I know most teenage relationships don't go far in the real world......but that doesn't change the fact that I loved him. I still love him, even now.

I lightly trace the names on the headstones, one right next to the other. Two heroes, side by side. Two illustrious warriors that marched into battle together, both of them dying a warrior's death. As I feel the letters etched upon the stone, I make a silent vow, a promise to both of them as they lie sleeping:

You won't be forgotten.