The Boulder

By: Iroh's Tea Shoppe Girls

Disclaimer: The Tea Shoppe Girls don't own Avatar: The Last Airbender, or the Boulder.

"I hear you're looking men," a thin weakly man said, approaching Xin Fu.

"Yes, strong men for a competition, I'd recommend you go home little man," Xin Fu said coldly. He's been trying to recruit for several weeks. It was mostly teenagers and those who were weak who inquired.

"I'm not interesting in it for myself," the man said. "I've got a lazy good for nothing brother-in-law who just sits around the house working out all day long. I'd be very happy if you could give him a job."

Xin Fu looked at the small man questioningly.

"Don't worry, he's huge," the man said. "About as big as three or four of me!"

"Very well," Xin Fu said. "Bring him here tomorrow and we shall see if he is worthy."

"His name is Yuan Shi Tou," the man said happily, he hated his sister's brother always loafing around the house, never helping out. "He'll be here tomorrow at this time. Thank you so much!"

"He'll need a shorter name," Xin Fu said.