The Mole

By: Iroh's Tea Shoppe Girls

Disclaimer: We don't own Avatar: The Last Airbender, if we did, the Mole's name would've been actually given.

It was a hot midsummer day when the mine was closed. Most of the miners were retiring anyway, so it wasn't a big deal. But for Yan Shu, it was a problem. He had just started out in the mining business.

The town was slowing becoming a ghost town by autumn, many people leaving to move closer to family. Yan Shu decided after months of unemployment that he should move on too.

He went to a nearby big city. There he found multiple jobs, as a cook, delivery boy, and general laborer. Sadly, while they did put food on his table, none of them were quite as rewarding as his job as a miner had been.

Then one day a man with dark long hair came to the city looking for strong men who were good benders. That was the day Yan Shu was hired for what would be the most rewarding job of his career, as a fighter for Earth Rumble.