"Can you tell me if I'm living?

I can't seem to feel me breathing

Do you know where we are

Will we find our way out

Of this lie?"

Hours had passed and it was almost closing time. Raye let the player take control of its self, as she always did around that time. She jumped off of the stage to land in front of Kurt. She crossed her arms "So… have fun?"

"With you frauline, of course."

"You weren't exactly with me so much as in the direct vicinity."

"You tell me it's over

I say it doesn't matter

Despite our differences

We know each other

When will our words finally fly?"

Bunny closed the door and left her co-workers to let out the stragglers. She had barely walked two steps when Raven appeared before her. "Are you off now?"

"Yeah, I just have to put my things away."

"Can I walk with you?" Mystique asked shyly.

Bunny smiled at this false modesty "Sure."

"Love has turned us blind and deaf

All we hear is times are ending

Our troubles piled up

Past the safety line

We no longer try."

"Rememba when Raye first moved in wit ya an' Bunny? Ya thought it'd be ah good idea if ya threw ah parta fo ha but sha got so mad at ya fo abandonin ha fo me?"

"Yeah…" Setsuna answered warily.

"Ya had at apologize at ha so much but got sa tired ah it ya told ha tha she'd undastand once sha found someone sha loved."

Setsuna sighed "Your point?"

"Do ya still love me?"

"I still catch my breath

every time I see you

I don't know what you do to me

But I know it's a forever thing

Makes me wanna cry."

The main lights turned out and the guide lights came on. Bunny put her things away and Raye packed up. Setsuna locked up the booze and they went out the door. They locked it behind them and the guide lights flickered out. The Hellsing girls made it out to their car as the three Marvel characters made it to theirs. They began the drive home.

When the girls got to their house no one was home yet. Out of habit Raye pushed the message button on the answering machine.

"Hey guys, we wont be coming home tonight. Our mission is running overtime-"

"This is fucking bullshit!" Yusuke's voice was muffled by the distance from the phone.

"Yes well, we'll be back late."

"Shit Kurama, there they are!"

"Love you bye." Kurama hurriedly ended before he hung up.

The front door opened and the marvel group walked in. "What was that about them being late?" Raven asked.

"It's their mission. Who knows when they'll be back." Raye said.

"So we have the place to our selves?" Kurt flopped down on the couch.

"Yeah. But I for one am going to take this time to sleep." Raye said, yawning.

"Ditto." Bunny headed to her room as Raven followed.

"Yeps. Have fun guys." Setsuna stretched once before opening her door.

"Sorry mon ami, but ah'm goin ta." Remy went to their room.

"Guess it's just me." Nightcrawler settled down for some television.

Hours had passed and not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. The door to Setsuna's room opened and a dark figure entered her room and closed it behind him. Her blue eyes opened. "Hi" the voice said


Author: haha! suspense! This'll be drama-filled and all angsty and fun. I THINK this'll be the last chapter with music. This chapter was so hard to write, so forgive the strained parts

Cherry: You're just covering you own ass

Author: Hells yeah. Of course i am!