Title: Storm child

Rating: G

Pairing / Characters: Ukitake Jyuushirou

Word Count: 445 words

Warnings: Mild spoilers for Kaien's death but not much else

Summary: Jyuushirou has a temper. What happens when he loses it…

A/N: I love the idea of Jyuushirou having a terrible temper because he's so mild mannered. You know what they say, still waters run deep and in Jyuushirou's case, that would be knee deep. After all, what kind of temper would you have to have to have a thunder / lightning based zanpakutou anyway??????

I've always had a temper; despite the things Shunsui would say about me, it's one thing I've never been able to cure. I keep it under control as well as I can, but it doesn't always work - the resulting disasters usually take months to clean up. Shunsui, damn his hide, knows all the right buttons to push – and he seems to enjoy it.

I was three the first time my mother nicknamed me storm child. I can't remember what I did – only that afterwards, it rained for six hours. Not just rain, but a storm the likes of which my parents had apparently never seen before. I remember being fascinated by the lightning that danced across the sky like purple flowers, the hail, and the sheer amount of rain that came down. I only found out afterwards that my reiatsu had caused the storm. After that, the nickname stuck.

The year I was to join the academy, my parents were killed by a hollow right in front of my eyes, and I was powerless to stop it. When it turned its attention to my family, I snapped. It was the first time I called on my own powers and destroyed the hollow, even though I used my father's zanpakutou. I was so angry I couldn't control my powers, and I destroyed several buildings in the area as well as somehow creating, of all things, a tidal wave.

I told you, my disasters usually take months to clean up.

The last time I lost my temper was the morning after Kaien's death. My powers have increased considerably since I became captain, and that morning I had to get out of Soul Society altogether. Shunsui told me later that it rained for two days and hailed for about eleven hours. He never did tell me why the eastern and southern gates needed to be rebuilt.

I can feel a headache coming on. It's been many, many years since I've lost my temper like this, and I can't think what set it off. Perhaps it was Aizen's taunts about my health, perhaps it was having one of my subordinates die in my arms, perhaps it was just that a hollow had the audacity to try and attack me in my own division.

Whatever the reason, my division lies knee-deep in water, and every single building save one is in ruins. I shrug silently and release bankai, sheathing my zanpakutou. I won't admit it, but it felt so good not to have to control myself. It felt so good to be able to use the power I have, even if I did destroy everything around me.

I sigh. Shunsui's going to love this one.