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You can only move as fast as
Who's in front of you
And if you assume
Just like them
What good will it do
So find out for yourself
So your ignorance
Will stop bleeding through
-Flyleaf (Breathe Today)

"You shoot me son! You shoot me in the heart!" John yelled at Sam. Sam looked at Dean his heart and mind tearing him in two different directions.

He couldn't shoot his own father, and when he looked to Dean who shook his head no, telling Sam not to do it, Sam lowered the gun.

John yelled out, and a black cloud poured from his mouth, floating towards the ceiling. Sam watched the cloud, and then looked back at his father. The man gave his a disapproving glare, his features laced with defeat. Sam turned away from him, and watched as the black cloud drifted towards them again.

The cloud seemed to form a grin, but before Sam could do anything it shot towards him. He heard his father and Dean call out for him, but there was nothing he could do, as the cloud reached him, and threw him across the room. He hit the wall hard, and fell to the floor gasping for air.

The cloud shot for him again, but he was too dazed to even move. He was once again picked up, and this time he was thrown at the door. The wood splintered around him as he hit, and the door broke off its hinges, sending Sam to the ground outside. Sam felt his shin snap as he landed on it, and he let out a weak scream.

Seemingly satisfied, the cloud dissipated, leaving every one of the Winchesters broken in its wake. As the cloud left, Sam lost his fight with consciousness, and waded into the welcoming darkness.

John watched helplessly as his youngest son was thrown across the room into a wall. As Sam was picked up and thrown again, this time into the door, which broke, sending Sammy onto the ground outside, John was already moving, dragging himself closer to both his sons. He watched as the cloud that was the demon faded into thin air, and then looked down just as Sam's eyes were closing.

John pulled himself closer to Sam, but stopped as he got close to Dean. His oldest waved at him to go check on Sam, and haltingly he pulled himself closer to the mess that was Sam. As he stopped at Sam's side, John reached out, feeling Sam's neck for a pulse, ignoring the rest of him, until he felt the unsteady twitch under his fingers.

Realizing that there was no way in hell he was going to get his sons out of the cabin and to the hospital by himself, John reached into his pocket for his cell phone, as he took stock of Sam's injuries. As his hand hit the small phone, John dialed with one hand and with the other, he checked Sam's pupils for a concussion. The reaction he got was sluggish, telling him that Sam definitely had a concussion.

"9-1-1 what's your emergency?" A peppy voice from the other end of the phone asked.

"My sons and I were in a hunting accident. One of them fell trying to help the other, and while they were fighting a-" he thought for a second, and then said, "-a bear, one of them accidentally shot me." 'Good one John' he thought. "We need help really fast, please they aren't doing good. If you don't get here soon, I don't think they'll make it." With that John stated where they were, and asked them to send someone as fast as they could, his son's lives depended on it.

Afraid of moving Sam, John pulled himself back through the doorway and over to Dean, who was long past unconscious. Feeling safer moving his eldest, John got a grip under Dean's arms and dragged him over closer to the door, where he could keep an eye on both his sons.

He didn't know how long it took, but as John heard the sirens grow closer, Dean's breaths grow raspier and Sam's shallower; John gave into the darkness that had been pulling at him, since he had forced Sam to shoot him.

Dana Davin and her partner, Jake Dumas pulled the ambulance into the dirt driveway of the hunting cabin and shutting off the engine, both grabbed their medical bags, and ran towards the cabin. They first came upon Sam, lying unnaturally still, leg twisted in an odd angle, blood running freely from his head, and shallow breaths grating through his lips.

Dana knelt next to him, and Jake, seeing the two older Winchesters went inside to help them. Seeing the damage done to all three of the men, Jake called for back up; knowing that there wouldn't be enough room, or supplies to help all three of them in the ambulance. Both Dana and Jake worked on the men, trying to stabilize them enough to travel.

Just as two more ambulances were pulling up, Sam took a few more grating breaths, then stopped breathing all together.

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