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Author's note - This fanfic came about because of an experience when I was in high school dealing with a new principle.

The New Principal

At Moggle Highschool, they had been having problems enforcing certain rules. These rules in particular only dealt with the dress code. But they had parents complaining about the fact that the students were breaking the school dress code. Of course, this dress code had been set up about three years ago and in reality, it was those parents who were most complaining who had the children who didn't dress right. Part of this was that the students could change out of dress code before they got home.

So, they had decided to get rid of the old Principal and get a new one. Though really, was it the principals fault? Or was it because they needed to have a scapegoat for the school to fall back on. I mean, the most obvious choice was the principle. This happened even though she could not possibly have seen every single student in the entire school. She had been more focused on getting the students a good education and keeping the grounds safe.

So, then, since she was fired, there was in need of a replacement. They went through many of the resumes, but none of them were 'disciplinary' enough. It was then that a woman came in with her resume. At first sight, they could tell that she was such a person. Her hair was so curly, it spoke that she would let nothing get in the way of her disciplining the students. Her large, frog like mouth gave out that she was able to command with a loud, booming voice. And her eyes, well though slightly twitchy, told that no one would get past her watch.

So, they would have just hired her, if it weren't for the fact that they would have had complaints from some of the parents.

"So, may I ask, what have you done in the past for work?"

"For the longest time I worked in the government. You might say it was based on immigration. For awhile I worked in a school that needed disciplinary action right away. I was originally a teacher, but I was moved up to the position of head mistress."

"What sort of disciplinary action was needed."

"The students weren't just breaking school rules. They were breaking government laws."

"It says here that you were awhile in a hospital?"

"It was an accident related to a horse print in my back. Need I say more?"

"I see. Well, the hospital does say that your cured. What exactly is it that you were in for."

"I don't believe that you are allowed to pry into my medical history. That, sir, is against the law,"

"Well, I see nothing wrong. Actually, you're the only one who can probably do the job." The man got up and shook her hand. "Welcome to the school, Principal Umbridge."

Author's note - Thankyou Mingshun. I agree that isn't really how she would probbably wouldn't say something like what she did. So I changed it. I have it so her awnsers are half truths, so that when soemone asks, if they ever do, she can say se was telling the truth, they just misinterpreted her. That, and pointing out I misspelled Principal as principle, one of my worst spelling errors I ever had.