Goodness knows that it has been a long time since I've updated this fanfic. When I started this fanfic, I had planned on having the piece be ten chapters long, and I had quite a few things planned out for this fanfic. But now, I've lost my chapter list and I also think that is is time to end this. I mean, the second chapter was posted on March 9, 2007. That means it has been four years, eight months and four days. Truth is, I got caught up with wanting to make the first two chapters better, because I did have some really good critique given by reviewers, but I let it get in the way. So, here is the ending of Umbridge the Muggle Principle.

End Game

With a new person, changes do occur. Of course, it became quite apparent that Umbridge wasn't a good principle to have at the school. For some reason, she seemed to have a vendetta against all of the students, none of them knowing that she disliked them because they were Muggles and she was not happy that she had been removed from her playing field.

The woman made things bad for the students, taking away privileges and making it so that they had no rights at all. Now, one might argue that students don't have rights, but she did crazy things like forbidding any of the students from having an after school job, or forbidding the students from having any sort of art or music class. She liked being in charge and she liked making people's lives miserable.

Well, of course, there came the time that the students had enough. Well, actually... the teachers had enough and wanted her gone from the school. The last straw was when she banned the school's mascot because it was a horse. So, a group of students decided to get together to get rid of her.

Umbridge was doing her duties, when she walked through the door to the gym, only to find a bucket of some very sticky liquid dumped onto her shoulders. The woman found her cheeks turning a deep red, and she stormed forward, asking who had done it. However, some of the students turned on a huge fan, blowing feathers at her.

And then, a huge horse head was lifted above her head, part of the mascot costume. It was dumped down onto her head. The next thing the students knew, Umbridge was being hauled away in the ambulance and a bunch of cheers went up.

On the final note... I am thinking about writing a fanfic called Umbridge the Mutant Principle. It is a crossover that came to my head for a crossover based off the base idea here, where Umbridge ends up being the new principle in X-Men Evolution, and truth be told... I think I'll enjoy writing that, more then this.