Chapter 4

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The cave was dank and dark except for the flickering light of the torches hung on the sides of the cave wall. He walked extremely slow and delicate, almost like a tiptoe into the cave slowly approaching the deeper and darker depths of it. Then all of a sudden he heard a roar. "RAWWRRR!!!!" It was like an inhumane beast and it pierced the chill silence of the cave. The excruciating fear he felt at the notion of entering this spooky cave all alone filled with unholy monstrosity added by that ungodly scream caused him to shriek in terror and he fell down cowering in fear.

"AA! HaHAHaHaHAHAhA!!!" Aergriz heard laughter like a hyena behind him. Just 10 feet away was the entrance to the Payon cave and in the middle stood a figure. He could not see the details but the figure approached him slowly. He walked in strange jerky manner like a robot and a zombie and when he got close enough for Aergriz to see its face, he saw the ugliest expression he had ever seen in his entire life.

"Boo!" The figure said.

Aergriz just stared at him expressionless. They stared for what seemed like a minute until the mysterious person shouted in frustration. "Aren't you scared of me?! I am the terror that sleeps in the night, I am the uhhh…I am terror itself! NyaHaHaHaHa!!" It cackled.

"HYAAAAHHHH!!!" Aergriz stood up and did a spinning side kick onto the obviously insane person. The person flew back 3 feet away and lay motionless. Then he walked over to investigate.

The light from the entrance shone onto the person's face and he could clearly see all the details of its features. To his surprise he found that it was a girl. A very cute girl in fact despite that ugly beast he saw earlier; but certainly not as cute as Mizuki he thought to himself.

Her voice however didn't sound like a girl. Instead it sounded like it had been hit with an ugly stick.

She had brown colored hair that was tied in a ponytail and she wore a red scarf on her neck. Her clothes were rather manly looking as she had cowboy jeans and a yellow t-shirt. She carried a bow and a quiver which identified her as an archer.

After a while the girl still hadn't woken up. He panicked a bit thinking she was dead but decided to do CPU to revive her. "I don't have resurrect so I'll do it the old fashioned way!" He pinched her nose and put his mouth to hers and sent a full breath of wind into her lungs. Then he put his hands on her chest and pushed 3 times. "1! 2! 3!"

He realized that her chest felt surprisingly flat for some reason. Then he put his mouth against her and suddenly the her eyes open. She looked at Aergriz and screamed in his mouth.

Aergriz jumped away from her in shock. "WHAT WERE YOU DOING?!" The girl shrieked in her unwomanly voice.

"I was trying to revive you! You didn't wake up so I thought you were dead." He replied

"But I was breathing wasn't I?! Oh my god that was so gay." She spit on the floor wiping her mouth fervently.

"Umm gay? Why issit gay?" He cocked his head to the side with a confused expression.

She started to unbutton her t-shirt. "NUUU What are you doing?! Don't do that!" Aergriz protested and closed his eyes with one hand.

She or he then proceeded to open her shirt revealing a flat muscular chest complete with a 6 pack.

He took a little peek through a gap between his fingers .

"WHoaaaa! I mean…. yiikes..."

"Y-you could have just told me you were a man…." Aergriz said embarrassingly.

"Nah, it's faster this way."

"But you look like a girl. A really cute one…" Aergriz said as they both walked together into the deeper part of the cave.

"Yeah. Everyone says that….." He sighed. "My name's Dappertape." He introduced himself.

"Hahahaha seriously?" Aergriz laughed as he found the name funny.

"Ummm no haha it's Landis. I'm sorry I scared you back there. You just seemed so scared I- " Before he could finish they both heard a moan coming from deeper into the cave. "I guess we'll have to continue this later. Let's dance." Landis said as he geared up for action. He took out his oak bow and pulled out and arrow from his quiver.

"Hey." Landis called Aergriz.


"You do know that healings are effective against these zombies right?" He told Aergriz.

"Yeah I already know that." He frowned as he replied feeling quite irritated from the stupid question. Of course he knew that. He is an acolyte of the holy church. He was taught about the ways of a priest and in addition Mizuki already reminded him about it.

He didn't need some strange transvestite to tell him that.

"Hey relax. I was just making sure. Okay look sharp here they come." As he said that, 3 zombies approached them moaning and groaning; their dried flesh brown with decay and rotting away.

An arrow whizzed into the head of the first of the zombie and the force of the impact blew its head backward. It faltered a bit but continued its advance. Then a bright light surrounded the zombie and parts of its body disintegrated killing it. They dispatched the other 2 zombies by sending 2 bolts of arrows each at the head and the throat of the zombies and finishing with a heal bomb.

Aergriz breathed a sigh of relief after the battle was over. He was scared but also proud of himself for defeating the zombies; with his own two hands. But if it wasn't for Landis he would not have made it. The archer's accuracy was impressive. The arrows all landed on the vital parts. The guy was weird but he was really good.

"Hey. Wanna party?" Landis asked Aergriz.

"Sure." He replied accepting the proposal immediately. He had actually come to the Payon cave to train himself because he wanted to be stronger. Ever since Mizuki and he went to Mt. Mojlnir to hunt monsters revealing himself to be incapable and weak, he felt a burning passion to be stronger than ever.

Partying with Landis may seem like he's relying on someone like he always did, but then again, everyone has to rely on someone once in a while. Besides, he's a support acolyte, he has to learn to be a good support therefore he needs to be in a party.

They made a good team. Landis shot arrows so accurately and in rapid succession and Aergriz just bombed the zombies with heal. A score of monsters fell to their might and could not even get anywhere near them. After awhile though, while wandering in the cave, they heard someone crying. As they approached the source, they discovered a little boy.

As they approached the source, they discovered a little boy and to their horror found that he had a grievous wound on his chest.

"He-lp…please…my friend…he needs help…." The boy pleaded and then he passed out.