a ficlet collection, by That'sMyFiasco

Disclaimer: No, Inuyasha isn't mine. However, the strings I have attached to him to make him my little puppet are. Playing with ready-made characters is such an irresistible temptation, don't you think?

A/N: This collection is my home for my ficlets, which I define as shots consisting of 250 words or less. All chapters, unless otherwise noted, are in no particular order, unrelated, and may feature various universes, characters, or pairings. Thank you very much!

Update, 7/10/07: Concis is now COMPLETE! Thanks a million for your loving support and reviews. Please, even though it's officially finished, feel free to send me your feedback.


Kagome let out a heavy sigh. "Ooh, Inuyasha! Why must you run so fast??"

"Well, why do you always want me to run so slow??"

Dislodging herself from Inuyasha's back, Kagome dropped to the ground with a slight "oof". Rubbing her backside, she stood slowly.

"If you weren't so insanely impatient, I might be able to feel that we were going to arrive in one piece!"

A little surprised, Inuyasha glanced over his shoulder at the windblown girl. "Are you saying you were scared? Running with me?"

Instantly, the girl's cheeks coloured. Leaning over, the hanyou put his lips next to her ear.

"I didn't think so."