Kagome wiped the sweat from her brow, grinning triumphantly. Ecstatic, delirious with joy, she ran towards Inuyasha and flung her arms around his neck. "We did it! We finally did it! Naraku is gone!!!"

As her friends began to cheer with happiness and relief, suddenly a young woman came walking out of the trees, smacking on chewing gum. "Alright guys! That's a wrap!" Making a slashing movement with her hand, she grinned at the Inu-tachi. "Fabulous, guys, just fabulous. Couldn't have done it better myself."

Suddenly, the trees starting moving, carrying by the props-men as they were carted off into storage. A tall, burly guy came to take away the hiraikotsu and the tetsusaiga as Sango and Inuyasha headed towards the now-visible doors behind the bone-eater's well (which was being dismantled before Kagome's eyes).

Confused, and fairly certain that she had been slipped a hallucinogen at some point or another, Kagome ran up to the girl, who had by now pulled her hair back with a coloured pencil and was giving directions to two guys carrying camera equipment. "Excuse me? Excuse me?? What's going on? What- what happened?"

"Oh, hey there sweetie!" The woman grinned at Kagome and looped an arm around her shoulders. "Congratulations! You've been the star of the biggest and most popular reality show to ever hit the states!!"

"The... states..." said Kagome faintly, her brain completely refusing to process the idea. "Reality show?"

The girl nodded, letting go of Kagome to step around a cart filled with what looked like twenty replicas of the fire-rat suit. "You bet! Everybody just loved watching you live your little adventures like you actually thought they were real." She chuckled to herself quietly. "Ah, I'm a genius."

As the teenager looked around, she saw Sango talked with what looked like a modern-day Sesshoumaru as Miroku chatted up one of the camera guys. At a dressing table, Kikyo was fixing her hair, having already donned a mini-skirt.

Desperate to fix her crumbling perception of reality, Kagome grasped at the girl's arm. "But- but the jewel! Naraku! The demons- Inuyasha! What about Inuyasha??"

As if he had heard his name being called, Inuyasha walked up and put his arm through the young woman's, tweaking her hair affectionately. Kagome gaped at her friend- now mysteriously missing his lovely soft ears. His ears!! The girl blew a bubble in Kagome's direction playfully, giggling when it popped. "Oh, Yasha here's the most up-and-coming actor in America. I think he did a great job, don't you?"

As Kagome ran off screaming into the backdrop, the director shrugged and turned to Inuyasha. "Oh, you know reality stars- fickle little creatures."


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