Warning: Sasuke and Naruto will be OOC, but I will try to keep their characters as close as possible as to the ones in the anime and manga.

Full Summary: So… what are you supposed to do when someone gives you a baby fox, keep it? Kill it? And even worse it's a demon fox too. What are you supposed to do when the lady said that this demon child-fox was made for you, keep it? Kill it? And what are you supposed to do when you see the demon in its human form and fall in love with it? Keep it or kill it? That's what Sasuke has to choose.

Ok when it goes like this: Bold and italic that means Naruto in his fox form is thinking.

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Private Demon

It started as a normal day for Sasuke, getting up, glaring at every living thing he could see, and even some non-living things too. Being chased by fan girls along the way to school, and cutting into the forest to get away from them. But what was not normal was seeing a young lady maybe around the age of 20 or 25 come, running out of the trees and stopping right in front of him.

Not knowing really what to do Sasuke glared at the lady. Fuck just what I needed; now I'll be late for school. The lady brought up her head and looked Sasuke in the eye that's when he saw her eyes; they were red… blood red eyes. She smiled at him and Sasuke thought he saw a fang, but it was too quick to tell. Something caught his attention, looking down he could see a tiny fox in her arms.

It looked like a baby, no bigger then Sasuke forearm, its fur as red as blood with the ends of its paws pear white. Its tails were the same red but white going through eight of them. The tail in the middle of the nine had gold strips instead of white… wait…how many tails is there… Sasuke started to count the tails with his eyes 1…2… 5…7…9 there's 9 tails on that fox… oh my god there is… ok what did father say about a nine tailed fox… I know he said something about them before.

"Hello, are you Uchiha Sasuke?"

Sasuke glared at the lady, "So what if I am?" The lady looked down at the fox, who looked like it was sleeping, curled up in a tight ball and gave it a gently smile. Looking back up at Sasuke, "Well if you are, then he is yours."


"Yes this fox, he is yours, has been since the day I gave birth to him." The lady took a step towards Sasuke, then another until she stood right in front of him. Sasuke couldn't move as he watched the lady put the baby fox in his arms, and when said fox opened its eyes, Sasuke felt like he had been struck.

The demons eyes were pure blue, a blue that was like the sky, but also like the ocean water on a calm day, it seemed like the blue eyes sparkled as the fox looked up at Sasuke.


"Huh?" Sasuke had forgotten all about the wired lady as he looked at the baby demon. The said demon turned it's head and looked at its mother, then curled up into that little ball and went back to sleep in Sasuke's arms.

"His name is Naruto, in human, years he is about the age of 15, a teenager to your kind, but still a baby to ours." The lady looked at the fox one last time then turned to leave.

"Wait why is; he mine?" Sasuke called out before the lady could disappear, the lady stopped but kept her back to him.

"Because he just is, he was born to be yours, no one but you can control him… Not even me." With that said the lady kept on walking until she disappeared from Sasuke's sight.

Not knowing what to do, Sasuke kept on walking to school, glaring at anything that even tried to talk to him. Always keeping Naruto in his arms, and glaring at anyone who tried to take the baby fox away from him. Even once he was called into the principal's office, after five minutes Sasuke walked out with his fox, with a smirk on his lips. The principal was under his desk, rocking back and forth with his head into his knees and muttering about crazy fox people.

Sasuke was sitting in English, reading a book, with the baby fox curled up in his lap still sleeping. Glanced down at the fox a thought came to Sasuke so what do, I do with you… Sasuke moved his hand up and rubbed behind the fox's ear, the fox rubbed his face into Sasuke's hand. Do I kill you, or keep you…

The day passed fast for Sasuke, with the question 'Do I keep you or kill you' popping up when he least expected it. It's been quite today, haven't seen pink hair either, that's good I hope it stays that way.


There goes my good luck Sasuke thought as he kept on walking ignoring the call of the pink head girl.

"Oh Sasuke-kun do you want to go out?"

"Hn" and he glared at her, but it never worked on her it was like she was immune to it or something.

Sakura jumped on him taking hold of his arm, making Sasuke stop and stand still.

"C'mon let go on a date! WE both know I'm better then any of the other girls at this school. And way better then that Ino-pig." Sakura said moving one of her fingers up and down Sasuke's arm.


"What? Did you say? You said yes didn't you! Yay lets go to the amusement pa-"

"I said no. So. Let. Me. Go." Behind Sasuke's words you could hear a kind of growing/hissing noise.

Sakura looked down for the first time and saw the thing that was in Sasuke's arms. It was making the sound with its ears pulled back and baring little tiny fangs. Its eyes were in slits and were a dark red like its fur.

"Aww it's so cute, but why is it making that nose? It must not like how you're holding him Sasuke! Here let me show you."

Before Sasuke could say no, Sakura grabbed Naruto and the hissing/growing intensified as Sakura held onto Naruto in a death grip. Sasuke smirked as he watches pink hair try to hold onto Naruto without being bitten or scratched. He must not like her either, I think I like him a bit more.

Naruto didn't like this girl, she was annoying his master, he could feel it in his blood. So he did the only thing he new he could do without getting into trouble, he growled and hissed at the person. But that didn't work out the way he planed, instead of her shutting up she picked him up. Now he was pissed, no one other then his mother or master could hold him. So Naruto tried to bite or scratch her… and did.

"OWW!" came the scream of Sakura as she flung the fox out of her arms, the thing bit her, and bit her deep.

Sasuke just smirked as his fox bit the pink hair girl and then jumped back into his arms, curled back into that ball. But before he did that he growled one more time at the pink hair girl, then went back to sleep.

"Sasuke-kun your…your… thing bit me!" Sakura cried as she held her bleeding hand.

"Hn, stay away next time then." With that said Sasuke started one his way home, unconsciously rubbing the fox's ear again.


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