Another one of my 'What If' stories that crept into my head sometime back. I was asked to repost it by Outsidesluver1992. I've got a long line of what I would like to domyself with this storyline as the years would go along for everyone invovled, but hence I can't get SCTH done yet, so we'll just have to see.

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He still couldn't believe it. His little girl was getting married.

'Well, ya better believe it son. Cause your half way down the aisle and in debt up to your baby blues.'

Struggling to keep the smile on his face as he nodded to the guest's that they passed, Doctor Leonard McCoy snarled something back at the annoying droll voice. The last thing he needed at this second was to have everyone attending think he finally went off his onion in the middle of the ceremony.

Not that he hadn't been considering the idea since the day he received the news from Joanna six months earlier. The very idea of a man's only daughter, let alone his only child was something hard to take in. Especially when he was never given the inkling that she had been seriously dating anyone to begin with.

Once the shock had worn off and he had managed to get his blood pressure back to normal, he discovered why it had been a well kept secret by his precious little girl.

He met his future son-in-law and was close to visiting the emergency room again.

Part of him couldn't blame the two, once it was said and done. If he had known from the beginning he wouldn't have been pleased and would've been more than tickled to find away to split the happy couple up. Including the notion of finding someone who knew the pricing for having someone legs broken.

Yet, he also could understand their thinking. Especially after that last thought. Not that he had anything against the man. How could he? Other than the fact that he was a career man and he knew very well what could happen in a relationship when one of them was wrapped up in their career. And he knew that this relationship was going to be highly tested from the word go and every other word that came to mind.

But he kept his mouth shut. For the life of him he didn't know why, but he had.

No he took that back. He did know. He loved her and wanted her to be happy. If he said anything now, he knew he would've heard about this day from his ex or a friend of a friend instead of being here to give her away.

He just prayed that they would find their way through life with more understanding and eyes wide open than he had into his own. Or he may have to find someone who did know something about breaking more than just legs.

Coming out of his reverie, McCoy glanced over at Joanna and gave her another bolstering smile as he felt her hand squeeze his arm before releasing in and moving over to join the man that would be her husband.

Forcing himself to grin, McCoy made a point of looking the man straight in the eye as he handed his only child over to him to care and love for the rest of his life.

"Take good care of her, Jim."