Title: Honour and FriendShip
Author: Fadette
Pairing(s): None
Rating: None
Warning(s): None
Disclaimer: This is my first fanfics in English. I want to thank to my friend Misaseba for
help me to correct it. (Sorry, but my English is bad ).
Summary: Ryu and Hayato think about the friendship and the honour




Odagiri Ryu, you are a traitor!

After his fight with Ryu, Hayato was becoming more violent than usually. It seemed as if he wanted to take advantage of each opportunity to fight or to defy others. He said that he was only doing it to demonstrate that they were not cowards and thus to wash the stain that the treason of Ryu had left on the honor of the class 3D.

But his closer friends knew that it was not only for that reason.

All of them were angry with Ryu, but Hayato was the one who had felt most from his treason. After all he was his best friend.

How you could do this to us?

He felt an uncontrollable rage, he would have expected something like that from anyone, less of Ryu.

Why did you do it?

He did not talk with him either.

He was simply by himself, like a coward, and surrendered to the enemy.

Why Ryu, why?

He asked.

He wanted to give him the opportunity to defend himself.

But Ryu only said "That fight is just stupid".

Damn Ryu

How could you betray the class?

How could you… betray me?

They have known each other since they were children and in spite of being so different, they had managed to establish a very special friendship. They were so different…, Ryu was a cold and inexpressive guy. He did not smile easily and it was even more difficult to know what he was thinking. But even so, Hayato knew that Ryu felt better hanging out with them than in his luxurious house, and in spite of his scornful commentaries, he also knew that he was amused by the fooleries of him and the others.

He always thought that they had a special connection. That their friendship was one to withstand anything. Maybe that was the reason why it was so hard to accept his treason.

Why Ryu?

Don't you have any honour?

Don't you care about our friendship at all?.

Maybe he was wrong.

Maybe this friendship was never really important for him.

Maybe he was with them only because he was bored..

How am I supposed to know,for he never said anything.

And that hurt him the most.

I can't forgive you

No. He could not forgive him. He would never do it. He felt sorry for Takeda, who really seemed affected by the situation, but as the leader of class 3D, he was not to allow a treason like that, although it was committed by someone who had once been his "best friend".

Friendship and Honour are more important than anything, and you, Ryu, have betrayed both.

I will never forgive you

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I am sorry, Hayato.

Ryu always knew what he was risking when doing that, he knew would be considered a traitor and he would have to submit to the judgement of the group… and of Hayato. There would be consequences and he would pay forthem.

Now nothing matters anymore.

I did it and I do not regret doing it

It had not been a easy decision, but when he came to it, he didn't think about returning back. It was his decision, it was the way that he chose. But… Was it the correct decision? Sometimes he had doubts.

Not only did he lose the respect of all his companions, but also the friendship of his best friend.


Maybe it was the latter that hurt him the most. He could not forget the rage and deception in the eyes of Hayato, the eyes that said to him "I will never forgive you". Ryu knew he would not do it. He knew so much about Yabuki Hayato. He knew the thoughts and feelings of Hayato, and he knew how he would react for sure.

Hayato was like that.

Impulsive, proud, enthusiastic.

And very obstinate and rancorous.

You will never forgive me, I know.

But Ryu had to risk it.

When Takeda explained the situation to him, he did not think about his own situation as first priority

Unlike his family, the family of Takeda was simple and affectionate, people who only wanted the best for their son. Takeda was lucky, he was a amusing guy and he was without a doubt the pride of his mother, and Ryu did not want to take that to him. By experience, he knew how painful it was to see the deception in the eyes of your parents, knowing that you will never fulfill their expectations.

No, he did not want that to happen to his friend

Takeda Keita would graduate.

And his mother would be proud of him.

He would make sure of that .

It was his choice.

And he wasn't returning back.

I don't regret it.

When Hayato accused him of betrayal, Ryu was mentally prepared for that, but even so it hurt.

It hurt much more than he imagined.

Now, I am on my own

When he hanged out with his friends, the solitude that always seemed to surround him disappeared completely. Those "bakas" had that power on him, especially Hayato who was always able to make him feel like somebody special, like part of something. They were his true family.

Honour or friendship….

His father said that it was the best thing than could have happened to him.

Those delinquents weren't really his friends, they would only bring problems to him.

They did not have honour, or dignity.

Hayato said to him that he was a cowardly traitor who (hid after the pocket of daddy) hanged on his daddy's coat-tail (I think that's how you say it in English). A rich kid who did not know the meaning of honour and friendship. He was not worthy being part of class 3D, he did not deserve to be among them.

The professors told him that he was unworthy to his parents I'm not sure about this part though), that if he continued thus would only bring misfortunes to his family and school.

"Honour, friendship, dignity…"

¿Which is my way? It was difficult, but he had to choose.

And so, as silently as always, Ryu Odagiri had made his choice.

I choose Friendship.
I choose to protect them rather then caring for my own good

And he had no regrets.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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