Rating: K+

Pairing: Zutara

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She tried to see him through all the rain. She really tried. Not only was it the rain that was blinding her, it was her own tears. He was the one who made her cry in the first place. He had used her. Used her. Those two words meant so much. She felt more hot tears slid down her cheeks. Her hair was soaked and was sticking to the back of her neck. Her clothes clung to her like they were holding on for dear life.

"Please..." she heard him whisper. She didn't want to look up to his face. If she did, she would be lost in his eyes. But you can't see him, can you? she thought. Something seemed like it was eating away at her heart. It hurt so much. She never knew what emotional pain was until this day. But it wasn't something so easily forgotten either. You can't just forget that someone hurt you. That was like forgiving somebody who killed your family. It's hard. But it wasn't her fault she had to keep reminding herself the she had fallen for him. She had actually fallen for him. But it was when he hurt her, she realized not everybody gets a happy ending like in the books. Like in the books.

She felt a hand on her cheek, wiping her tears and rain, together mixing on her face. She remembered back to all those summers ago. Back when nothing had to deal with boys. But there were hardly any to choose from. Now everything seemed to confuse her. No. It wasn't ever going to be the same again. When he said he loved her she had thought he meant it. Now it seemed like and old toy. Thrown aside and forgotten. Remembering all those happier things, only made her cry more.

She felt strong arms go around her slender waist, pulling her closer to him. She had been so preoccupied with her thoughts she didn't notice it at first. They had been like this only a few days ago, only happier. It had been happy embraces. They would laugh. Anyone who saw them could only guess they were friends. No one could ever see how they felt inside. It had to be a secret. Until the day they decided to admit it. Still, they were as good as friends. Always laughing, smiling, and just happy. It was always happy embraces. Now this one seemed like an apologetic embrace.

Lightning flashed across the sky and roaring thunder shook the earth. She shivered and he puller her closer. Once again lighning flashed the sky and thunder shook the earth wildly as if it were and earthquake. But it wasn't an earthquake, it was thunder. Her breathing quickened as rain pelted her tiny form. Only yesterday had this living hell started. He lifted her face up to meet his gaze. She couldn't see anything in his eyes. It was like there was an invisible wall around them. There was one thing she could read, sorrow. She suddenly became self-consious. What if he could read her eyes?

He said her name softly, and slowy lowered his mouth to hers. It was like she could tell everything about him from this one kiss. She could tell how sorry he was for using her. She could feel his love for her. His hand tangled in her wet hair, as did hers. So they stood there, in the fierce storm, embraced, but not for the end, but for a new beginning.

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