Melinda's POV

Melinda awoke and looked around the unfamiliar room. She heard commotion coming from somewhere, but that didn't matter, she was alive. She sat up, and then it hit her, Carrie had been shot. Her sister could be de…hurt badly. She got up, she was sore, but she could survive. She got to the top of a staircase, still no sign of people, but the talking seemed to be coming from downstairs anyway.

Taking the steps on at a time, Melinda carefully made it to the downstairs; she followed the sound of the talking. She quietly walked towards the room, knowing no one heard her, for she had a lot of practice with always having to avoid him.

They were in the kitchen, she guessed. She was starting to panic when they mentioned her.

"That girl will feel so bad when she wakes up to find her friend is dead." It was a male voice.

They have to be lying. Melinda told herself, but she knew they weren't. Carrie had been shot. She was gone. Melinda stepped into the room, everyone shocked that she was awake, walking, and had just overheard them saying her friend had been shot.

Melinda stood there and finally spoke four words, "She was my sister."