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All right, here's all you need to know: This story takes place between the second and third movie. There is Jack Frost-ness, there is Bernard-ness, there is OC-ness, there is Curtis and Carol and Scott and probably eventually the whole Neil, Laura, Lucy, Charlie clan. But it's starts kinda slow here with some set up. I took some liberties with the universe, it is slightly AU. I'll explain more later cause this suckers too long as it is… Happy reading!)

Vernal Equinox

By: CrimsonGypsy

What to Get the Girl Who Has Everything
All I Want for Christmas is You
Here's My List I Checked it Twice
Wasn't Good Wasn't Bad
I Was Naughty & Nice…

It's Gonna be a Cold Winter
But I Won't Need the Heat to Keep Me Warm
As Long As You Wrap Yourself Around Me on Christmas Morn
Whether It's Now or Later
As Long As It's Before You Go
My Love is Always in Your Favor
And Now You Know That All I Want for Christmas

All I Want For Christmas Is Us~ Tristan Prettyman & Jason Mraz

Chapter 1

Curtis stared at his watch for the third time blinking his blue eyes repeatedly as if the action would make time move faster. The second hand had only made it half way around the dial since his last observation which caused him to sigh. "She should be here by now," He found himself saying to no one in particular. Pushing his glasses back up on his nose, Santa's number two elf returned to methodically pacing back and forth inside the Elfsburg stables. The stable elves seemed to pay him no mind and continued about their business, tending to seven reindeer and keeping everything tidy. Curtis grumbled to himself wishing his superior had been sent down on this errand instead of himself. It wasn't that he minded the task, but he had pressing inventions to attend to. On top of that there were the issues in the kitchen that he didn't even want to begin thinking about. Curtis stopped pacing suddenly and looked up to the sky. Above him the aura borealis swirl lazily streaking the air with shades of pale blue, pink and green. He finally smiled as he spied what he had been waiting for.

Through the secret entrance to Santa's workshop flew the big man's eighth and final official reindeer, Vixen. The number two elf was more interested in the reindeer's passenger, the reason he had been sent to the stables in the first place. Suddenly, his distain for the task given to him all but disappeared. It was the beginning of November that meant it was time for Fiona to arrive.

Though many fantastical creatures frequented the North Pole, Fiona was among the more interesting. That wasn't to say that she was as all knowing as Father Time or as all powerful as Mother Nature, but she was different in her own way. Fiona was a sprite and the physical embodiment of the spring season. This fact alone made her truly out of place in the wintry wonderland of Santa's workshop. Several hundred years ago, however, it had been decided by the Council of Legendary Figures, that instead of remaining in down south during the winter months when her magic was weak, Fiona would travel up to the temperature controlled North Pole. It had become her job to oversee the production of special flora for the holiday season.

Vixen landed in the stables a short time later. The stable elves quickly began attending to the reindeer as her passenger looked around. The tall girl smiled when she her turquoise eyes caught site of the elf waiting specifically for her. Curtis offered a hand as Fiona hopped down from the reindeer and onto the hard ground. She shivered despite the thick soled boots that protected her from the cold. Taking back her hand and brushing off her skirt of snow and reindeer hair, Fiona turned to Curtis and grinned even more. "Happy late Halloween," she beamed throwing her arms around the elf. Curtis hugged her back, smiling as well. "I brought you a present!"

Curtis marveled as how happy the sprite seemed today. Most of the time when Fiona made the trek up to the North Pole, she would disembarked from her transport and begrudgingly made her way through the factory and out of sight for several days. In recent years though, she had seemed more chipper upon arrival. Curtis could tell, this time, from the heavy amount of black and orange intermingled in her usually green attire where she had been previous to her arrival that had put her in such an up mood. "How was Halloween Town this year, Fi?"

"It was fabulous as always," Fiona gushed, pulling her bags down from Vixen's back. The reindeer grumbled slightly but made a cooing noise as soon as the bags were lifted and Fiona had given her the requisite head scratches. "Jack seems to out due himself every year." Curtis had never met, Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween Town, but he had heard stories, mostly from Fiona. He could only imagine the terrifying yet mystical spectacle that was Halloween Town around its holiday. "They seriously know how to throw a party around there. I had to rush, though, so I didn't get time to change. I'm freezing!" she laughed indicating the costume she still wore. Her long scarlet hair was pulled into two braided ponytails bedecked with green and purple ribbons and glitter. The actual costume was a dress made up of a black sleeveless bodice and an almost inappropriately short evergreen skirt. The colors made her white skin seem even paler. Purple tights provided very little comfort for her legs though her feet rested comfortably in black leather boots. Fiona shivered again as she pulled a black trench coat from her duffle bag. She pulled it close and with another smile she handed a small orange and black bag, brimming with brightly colored oddities to Curtis.

"Thanks Fi," the elf said, staring with wonder into the bag. Though curiosity made him want to venture a look inside, Curtis knew there was business to attend to. "I'm supposed to take you see Santa right away. He wants to talk to you about this year's plans. Also, there's going to be a big Council of Legendary Figures meeting soon. You can leave your bags here and someone will take them to your room"

Fiona audibly groaned at the mention of the CoLF. Her happy mood was only slightly dampened by the prospect. She pulled her duffle bag over her shoulder, left the rest of her bags where Curtis has indicated and said, "Lead the way."

Scott Calvin sighed for what he thought was the fifth time in the past twenty minutes. The man known as Santa Claus tried to ignore as his skull pounded rhythmically to a tune he couldn't quite decipher. On the opposite side of his desk sat two full grown mythical creatures bantering like children. They had finally resorted to simply glaring at one another and waiting for Santa to resolve their conflict.

On the left side of the invisible fighting ring, was the fabled Jack Frost. The light skinned sprite in the blue and white pinstripes sent an almost tangibly frigid stare in the direction of Santa's Head Elf. Bernard, the green and red clad elf in question, was doing a fairly good job of combating the icy glare with his own heated anger.

Santa sighed and turned to Bernard. "So, let me get this straight, once again: You want him out of the factory because he keeps meddling?"

Bernard nodded, dark brown curls bobbing wildly. "Santa, he already ruined two days worth of work. You saw the damage in the kitchen and the wrapping room. How are we supposed to wrap presents with that soggy paper? It'll take at least a week to get new materials!"

Santa raised a hand which quickly silenced the elf. He then turned to Jack. "And you, you think you have every right to be here, swear you've done nothing but ask questions and try to help, and you need to be here for the Council meeting."

"It's my duty as a member of the Council," Jack said. "I have to be here for the meeting, do I not?"

"Like you ever care about those," Bernard scoffed.

Jack raised an ice covered white eyebrow. "I believe he was talking to me, Bernie. And what do you know of my Council concerns?"

"I know you haven't attended a Council of Legendary Figures Meeting in over 10 years. I didn't figure they were too high on your priority list. I think you're using it as an excuse to stick around and ruin Christmas, like you do every time you're here." The human sized elf stood from his chair growing more frustrated. He turned to Santa, placing his hands on the desk for emphasis. "Really, Santa, I don't know how you don't see this. There's less than two months 'til Christmas and there's still too much that needs to be done. We don't have time to deal with him on top of it!"

A knock at the door caused all three men to jump. They looked between each other, attempting to regain their composure. Bernard sat back down as the door opened revealing Santa's number two elf. Scott sighed again, though he was thankful for the interruption.

"Um, Santa, I'm sorry to interrupt," Curtis said, as he entered the room and noticed the meeting taking place, "But Fiona just arrived and you told me to bring her here ASAP."

Scott actually smiled for the first time since Bernard and Jack had burst into his office squabbling. "Oh course. Bring her in. We're almost finished here." As Curtis ran to get the Spring Sprite, Santa turned with all seriousness back to Bernard and Jack. They both straightened up in their chairs. "So here's how we settle this: Jack, you may stay around the Pole until the Council meeting, but you are to be scarce, got it? If I hear one word of mischief, machines freezing, elves slipping on ice, anymore cocoa machine explosions, anything… you're done. I'll throw you out so fast you icicles will thaw."

Jack's cerulean glare turned from Bernard to Santa for a moment before turning into a cheesy smile. "You have my word Santa. I'll be on my best behavior. Heck, I'll even help out if you need me to."

"That definitely won't be necessary," Bernard grumbled.

"Bernard," the elf snapped to attention as his boss addressed him. "Stay away from Jack. Both of you, stay out of the other one's line of sight. It'll just be safer for everyone that way."

"Yes Santa."

With that acknowledgment, the door opened again, this time revealing Curtis and Fiona. "Fi," Santa grinned, cheeks rosier than normal. The girl smiled and sprinted from the doorway over to the large white haired man. He grabbed her in an encompassing bear hug. When the two parted, Santa pointedly cleared his throat at the other three, getting back to business. "Jack, you're dismissed. Curtis, do me a favor and show him out. Then go check on the kitchen. See if they've finished cleaning up yet."

"I don't even get a chance to say hello to my dear Fiona before I leave?" Jack asked, walking up to the sprite. He took her hand in his and lightly kissed the top of it, grinning as he pulled away.

Fiona rolled her eyes but smiled none the less. "Hi Jack."

"Looking lovely as always. I love the dress." He rose an eyebrow noticing the slightly risqué costume Fiona donned. She pulled her coat closer trying to hide herself and the blush that slowly crept across her cheeks.

"All right, you've said your hello, now get out of here." Jack shot one final stinging glare at Bernard, flashed another smile at Fiona and followed Curtis out of Santa's office.

Fiona laughed as she took the seat next to Bernard that Jack had earlier occupied. It still held a slight chill. "Are you two at each others throats again?" she asked Bernard as Santa sat back in his own chair.

Santa sighed, giving Fiona the answer she needed. "It's not my fault he's a troublemaker!" Bernard erupted in his own defense.

"That may be, but it's no reason to be rude, Bernard. I don't even get a 'Hi' or a 'How's it going Fi?'" Fiona crossed her arms over her chest and looked at him pointedly. Bernard opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out.

"Any who, back to why I called you here, Fi," Scott said, interrupting the lack of conversation and attempting to save Bernard from an awkward silence. "We need to discuss this year's plans."

"I'm all ears, Scott," Fiona said, taking her focus off the floundering head elf. "Wait, unless you're trying to tell me you're replacing yourself with a toy clone again this year. In that case, I'm out."

Scott laughed, but he knew despite her jovial tone, Fiona, like anyone else present, couldn't take the mistakes of the disaster that had been 'toy Santa' too lightly just yet. He noticed Bernard cringe at the mere mention of the creature that had terrorized the factory that Christmas. "Nothing like that, I promise, Fi. But because of it, I did have the elves upgrade the green house for you. Got a lot of those improvements you were asking for. Bernard did most of the work so you have him to blame if it's not to your liking." Bernard's eyes went wide for a moment shifting between Fiona and Scott. Fiona bit her lip to keep from laughing as Scott continued. "But think of it as a thank you, for all your help with that fiasco and getting Carol adjusted." Fiona nodded in approval. "On another note, you're first delivery is due in a week."

Fiona nodded. "A bit early this year?"

"Christmas just seems to be coming earlier and earlier these days. Pretty soon we'll be in the busy season by August." The entire room seemed to shudder at the idea of such early stress.

"Well that's about it, I think." Scott stood from his chair as did Fiona and Bernard. "Oh, you know about the emergency council meeting coming up right?"

"I heard such things," Fiona said, rolling her eyes and pulling at her pigtails. "I mean, I'm surprised I'm invited. When is it exactly?"

"Apparently Mother Nature's trying to control a situation down south and doesn't think she can make it until Friday at the earliest. I'm not really sure. It's all been odd and hush-hush," Scott explained, running a hand through his snow white hair. "Anyway, nothing to worry about just yet, I'm sure. Fi, as always if there's anything you need let us know. Bernard, if you'd be so kind, please take Fiona to see the new greenhouse and then help her get her things to her room."

"Yes, sir." Bernard gave a curt nod and turned for the door, followed by Fiona and they left the office.

"Oh and Scott," Scott looked up from the papers he had begun examining to see a Fiona's head stick out of the doorway. "Jack, the Skellington Jack that is, wanted me to say "hi." And Happy Halloween." Santa Claus chuckled and waved the girl away. No matter how much trouble the council and Jack Frost were going to be, at least Fiona would help keep things interesting.

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