Kabuto spent the remainder of the day in a bit of a sulking mood. Thoughts of what happened the night before plauged him, for the details of last nights events continued to evade him. His usual obessision with the dead and its bodies for the first time did not interest him. As he tried to the examine the body of the dead ANBU before him, flashes of Sasuke's sleeping face came before him.

He picked up the scapel, that sat on a table to his right and brought the tool down to the dead ninja's neck. Suddenly a flash, rather blurry, of a kunai slowly and lightly scrapping the side of the Uchiha's face. Slowly Kabuto retracted the scapel away from the dead man's neck and put it back on the table, and stepped away. Kabuto walked backwards, his attention far away from the situation at hand and where he was going, his back hit the wall and he slowly fell to the floor. "What have I done," he asked himself silently and stunned.

The sound of an opening door fell upon his ears, instictively he looked up his shocked and distant expression became rather cold and hate filled as his eyes fell upon the figure at the door. Quickly, Kabuto got up from the floor, pretending that Sasuke had not just entered his personal examination room. He moved his head from the left to the right, wanting to crack a nick in his neck, and then went back to his examination of his dead body.

"Ahem," Sasuke coughed, trying to regain the attention of Kabuto that he only had for a moment. Normally he would never disturb Kabuto while he was in this room, but today was different. After the scene in Kabuto's bedroom earlier in the morning, he felt the urge to confront Kabuto. When Orochimarun entered his room with in the early morning hours, awakening him rather roughly at the discovery of the scar on his cheek, he did not dare to say a word to the Sannin.

Kabuto roughly slammed the scapel down on to the table near him, and he let out a slow and annoyed growl. "You know better than that, to be in here right now," he started warningly to his visitor, "so I suggest making your business known and then leave." He didn't look up at Sasuke his eyes remained on the dead body before him, the body that he had been trying to examine for over two hours now. He waited for a few moments for the young man to speak, but when he heard no reason for his visit, he turned around and snarled out, "What do you want, Uchiha?!"

He saw a small smirk cross Sasuke's face and tilted his head to the side in confusion, "now that I have you complete attention." Suddenly it hit Kabuto hard, i he knew I was in his room last night, /i his conscience bit out at him. He did his best not to allow his worry to cross his face as he was faced with the Uchiha before him. He allowed a low scoff to escape his lips as he narrowed his eyes at the boy in front of him, and then turned his back to the raven haired boy.

"You won't for long, if you don't let your business in here known," he retorted back to Sasuke, his eyes widened with a bit of worry, but fell upon the body that laid on the table.

"I know you were in my room last night," Sasuke muttered out slowly and almost threatingly out at the gray haired man in front of him. He watched as Kabuto, slowly turned to face him again but was angered to find that his piece of news had no effect on Kabuto at all. "You know, I spared you from Orochimaru and his fury. Last night and this morning I had the opprotunity to tell him."

One of Kabuto's eyebrows raised up quickly and his emotionless stare toward Sasuke turned hated filled and cold in a matter of seconds, and he stepped closer to Sasuke. He reached into his pouch and pulled out a kunai, slowly he brought it up to Sasuke's eye level holding it threatingly toward the boy in front of him. He smirked a bit, "are you blackmailing me, Uchiha? You should know that I do not take to well to that, by now."

"No, no," Sasuke said as he brought a hand up to Kabuto wrist and pushed it out of the way, "I am just saying that you owe me."

"I owe you nothing," Kabuto said slowly bringing his Kunai back up to Sasuke's eye level. "Now if you don't mind leave before I decide that I want to examine your dead body," he growled out slowly, and putting an emphasis on the 'your' in his sentance.

He stumbled through the halls of the great compound, drunkenly and hand on the wall to keep his balance. His objective tonight was similar as the other nights, he needed that boy out of the picture. Last night, all he wanted to do was scare the boy away from the village, but his smug attitude and implication that he owed him changed everything. He wanted the boy dead, and tonight was the night it would happen, i Orochimaru-sama will regret thinking that he could replace me with him, /i he thought bitterly as he slowly opened the door to Sasuke bedroom. He took his usual posistion beside Sasuke large bed and pulled out a Kunai, and held it above the young man below him.

Suddenly Sasuke's hand jutted up and took grip at Kabuto's wrist, and a low chuckle filled the quiet room, and the Uchiha spoke silently, "you are actually considering taking my life after last night, in my very room?" The smugness in the boy's voice made Kabuto skin crawl, and he knew it as he looked into Kabuto's sleepy and drunken eyes. He smirked as the sound of footsteps, the same footsteps from last night came closer to the room, and thought, i he is busted /i , he opened his mouth to yell out. His eyes widened as he saw and felt Kabuto's free hand quickly and tightly fall upon his lips, his gaze went up toward his visitor's face and he saw a smirk on the man's face above him.

"You actually think I am foolish enough to kill you here," he wisphered quickly as he released Sasuke's hushed face and brought his fingers to his lips. As the footsteps stopped in front of the door, he muttered the same words as last night and as the light entered the room and as a large shadow stepped with in the light, a puff of smoke appeared and both Sasuke and Kabuto were gone.