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Chapter one - The begining of the misery

It began when he was one and continued until the day he turned seventeen. Sixteen long years. Sixteen years of hate, fear and pain. And through it all he had one wish. To have a loving family.

The night the Dursleys found him on their doorstep, Harry Potter's life changed forever. Changed for the worst.

Petunia Dursley opened the door, she did not know why she had gone down in the middle of the night but somehow she had felt compelled. Now she looked down and uttered a shriek. Vernon came running down the stairs, awakened by his wife.
"What happened?" He demanded. Petunia wordlessly pointed her shaking finger at the bundle on the doorstep. Which ,having woken and seen two large figure standing threateningly over him, let out a loud cry.
"There's a letter." Vernon pointed out. Stretching out her arm, Petunia picked up the letter, making sure not to touch the bundle, which had fallen silent again. Turning the letter over they stared i n horror at the seal of the bader, snake, eagle, and lion entwined around the letter H. They opened the letter with trembling hands.
Mrs Petunia Dursley,
4 Privet Drive,
Little Whinging,
Surry, England.

I extend to you my deepest condolances. Earlier today, your sister Lily Potter and her husband James Potter, were murdered by Lord Voldemort. Their son Harry however somehow survived with no more than a scar. Lord Voldemort disappeared. You and your husband are his only living family. I ask that you take care of him until he is old enough to live by himself.
Albus Dumbledore, Head master of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"Surely we can't keep him Petunia, after all your sister was... one of them!" Vernon spluttered. Petunia was thinking.
"Come now Vernon, it's the middle of the night. We need to at least bring him in until morning." She replied. Vernon hmphed , then turned and strode back up the stairs. Petunia sighed and gingerly picked up the bundle of blankets, revealing the sleeping baby inside, with a lightning shaped scar on his forhead.


Petunia had told Vernon to go back to sleep and was now sat on the sofa, rereading the letter while Harry lay beside her, but far enough away so they weren't touching. Pentunia frowned. She had just discovered another page, when she was sure there was nothing else in the envelope. Curiously she read on.

Petunia. I presume you are now alone, as this page would not have shown itself if you were not.

Petunia almost dropped the paper, this mean't it was magical.

I realise your view on magic to be less severe than your husband's, so I will tell you this. Someone with magical potential such as Harry's may sometimes use accidental magic. This means he will use magic without aid of a wand. This may happen at any time in his life.
There is another reason I ask you to keep Harry. As I have told you Lord Voldemort disappeared when his curse rebounded from Harry. I, unlike most of the wizarding world, believe he is not dead. If he returns he will be after Harry once more. I have placed on him a powerful protection spell. This ensures that as long as he can call your house home, Voldemort can not touch him there. They can not touch you or your family either. This spell will end when he comes of age. What i think happened at Godricks Hollow is this. James attempted to hold off Voldemort, while Lily and Harry ran, but sadly he was killed too quickly to be of much help. Voldemort cornered Lily and Harry. Lily threw herself infront of Harry and begged for him to be saved. She was killed. But then as Voldemort attempted to kill Harry in the same way, the curse rebounded upon him instead. This was because Lily died for him, placing the protection of love upon him. When Harry is eleven years old, he will return to Hogwarts. I ask then that you let him return for a short period in the summer, so he can still call your house his home. When he is older he wil no doub't have to face Voldemort again. If Voldemort rises and Harry is lost or dead, then both world, magical and non-magical are in danger. Petunia I have nowhere else to turn, Harry can not grow up in the wizarding world and you are his only relatives in the muggle world. Please, take care of him.

Petunia stared at the child next to her for some time contemplating what she had read. Finally she sighed and, to no one in particular said,
"Alright, I'll do it. But i hope this Albus doesn't expect me to love the boy."

And so began Harry's life of misery.

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