x by Ebony x

How they met is a long story – her friend Yura owns a bar where Tsubaki likes to get drunk, and often calls her roommate Kikyou to pick her up, and a while ago she was dating his half-brother but that has its own tale – and it changes every time because she's usually drunk while telling it. It probably doesn't matter now, but it's fun to look back on.

(She hated him when they met.)

Kagura's sitting in a small café, elbow on the table, chin on the heel of her hand, and her coffee cup is half-empty. People are walking by on the sun-lit street outside, and she doesn't know any of them but some of them look familiar. Maybe she's seen them before, or maybe one of her friends knows one of them, maybe she'll meet them sometime down the road. Who really knows?

People are rushing by, hurrying on with their lives, and she's just a girl they likely didn't see, framed by a window, waiting. Downtown is one of the most-crowded lonely places she knows. She thinks maybe she's starting to hate this city.

(Just a nameless face, waiting.)

"Sorry I'm late again," Sesshou-maru mumbles as he slides into the chair across from hers. Kagura doesn't look at him at first because she's pretending to be pissed off, but he sees through her childishness like he always does. He's wearing a suit and there are holes in her jeans, and this is the third time in a month his meetings have made him late – it doesn't matter.

She believes she loves him, and it's enough.