Cityscape Asleep

x by Ebony x

(notes: The character here isn't mine - and neither are the views expressed here. This is a work of fanfiction on a touchy subject.)

Everyone is dreaming.

From where he sits on top of some high-end apartment building, Deidara can see the heat rising from the city in waves. It was almost disgustingly hot that summer, but he'd lived through much worse. Still, the weather has caused the entire city to take on a worse smell than usual, present even high above the streets. It's like an infection.

Right now, he has a clear view of the bridge, and alongside it, a larger-than-life billboard with a model smiling unkindly down on the city that worships her kind. She's a New Age version of the statues and paintings made by civilizations thousands of years before this city was built, detailed depictions of their Gods and Goddesses. She's part of what people live for nowadays. The old religions are slowly falling, and in their place are airbrushed movie stars, sleek cars, computer-programs that practically run themselves…

To Deidara, it's more than a little sickening how everyone's so caught up in it. If you listen closely now, you can here the soft electronic hum of those praying, for faster internet connections and bigger televisions, for designer clothes and maybe even a swimming pool. And this city – this dirty, washed-out place composed of harsh angles and grey skies is being used as their sanctuary? They slave day after day, all for this ugly place? Are they blind?

He pulls a cell-phone from his pocket and after checking the time, starts dialling. To be quite honest, if there's anything Deidara believes it's that the Gods have been dead for a long time.

It's time to wake everyone up.

Thirty seconds later, Deidara watches an eighteen-wheeler driving down one of the bridges leading to the city explode. The sound of it hits his ears soon after, and he watches the bright orange flames with a smile on his face. Cement is flying through the air, along with pieces of metal from vehicles, flashing with sunlight as they make long arcs through the smoggy air! People scream, cry, watch it all come undone, and Deidara's pleased with his work. It's unfortunate civilians had to be sacrificed, but how else can they have such a great impact? It's horrible, but it will stay on peoples' minds for a long while yet, making them think. Just like the best works of art, the chaos in it is frightening but inspiring. Beautiful.

Today he forced open at least one person's eyelids and made them look at the world they live in. Today he created a masterpiece.

Why dream when you could be out there living?