Disclaimer: Though I do own the poem and plot, the insperation came from Michael Dante DiMartino's & Bryan Konietzko's Avatar: Last Airbender.

Summary: All Prince Zuko wanted was his father's love. He just wanted to feel like he was wanted in the place he felt he most belonged. But for two years he was thrown out and still not word from his father. Zuko's feelings run deep into his heart, for he is always reminded of this hurt, by his scar.

A/N: This is my first Avatar: Last Airbender poem, and story (online) for that matter. I know that I showed this to my friend's at school, but I want them to still read it, because I changed the last verse. Enjoy:


Walking in the cold
Calling out your name
It's easy for me to mold
Into the face of pain

I'm crying in the dark
I wonder where you are
Tracing my scar, your mark
The proof you went too far

How could you turn on me
Hurt someone who looked up to you
I don't understand how you can be
So cruel to someone so loyal and true

You gave me a game to play
Cat and mouse so I would leave
I thought there would be a day
When I could come back and plead

For your love and your trust
I would fight the ocean tide
If I could, if I must
I'd do anything to be by your side

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