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Yuri thickly groaned when a kick landed directly into his rib. He attempted to wrap the blankets thickly around himself in hopes of cushioning another attack. However, another kick sent his entire body nearly over the bed. With a heavy and tired sigh, Yuri adjusted himself into a sitting position in his bed and rested his exhausted eyes on his attacker.

His fiancé shifted roughly on the bed, blonde curls tangling themselves with every toss.

"Wolfram…" he practically growled due to the dryness of his throat. Where's a glass of water when you need it?

Yuri leaned his weight on one elbow and positioned an arm to push Wolfram but halted in his shove when he noticed the furrowed eyebrows and distressed whimpers emerging from the sleeping form.


The word spilled over trembling lips and Yuri studied Wolfram with confusion. "Khalid?"

Wolfram gave a moan.

"A nightmare?" Yuri wondered, eyes filling with small concern. "Wolfram? You okay? Hey…wake up. You're having a bad dream…"

Yuri gave Wolfram a hard shake when gentle ones failed, only to have Wolfram shout out and land a fist in Yuri's unprotected face. Startled and now slightly pissed off, Yuri clung to his nose desperately and let out a pained moan. "God, that hurt! Boxers make getting punched in the nose practically painless…"

After nurturing his wound and releasing another moan of dismay, Yuri turned to Wolfram once more. Sweat began forming over the brows and the whimpers became more frantic. With a now tender nose, Yuri crawled closer to Wolfram's form and took hold of his wrists to cease the outbreaks. "Wolf!" he cried, pulling the boy closer. "Wolfram! Wake UP!"

Wolfram responded with a ferocious growl and made to bite Yuri in sleep.

"Ack! Damn it! Wolfram!" Yuri nearly screamed, placing both legs on either side of Wolfram's hips to prevent the blonde boy's endeavor to kick him. "Wolf, it's me! It's Yuri!"

With a violent shake from Yuri, Wolfram let out a gasp of air and snapped open his eyes. They quickly darted around the room, absorbing the surrounding area before finally settling on the dark eyed boy atop him.


Yuri offered a smile and sighed with relief. "Yeah, it's me. You were having a bad dream again. Are you sure you're okay, Wolfram? That makes it four nights in a row."

Wolfram gave a small nod as if recalling the vivid nightmare rather than responding to Yuri's question. "I'm fine, don't worry. Yuri?"


"Why are you on me?"

After a quick surveillance of their current positions, Yuri flushed brightly. "O-Oh. Well, I suppose I didn't ease your nightmare when I shook you. You started hitting me."

Wolfram grunted as he sat up once Yuri slid off. "Hm…sorry about that."

Yuri lifted his shoulders in a small shrug. "Nah, it's not that different from any night, I guess. But you certainly pack a punch," he mumbled, rubbing his sore nose.

"Hmph. You're just a wimp, is all. A little punch and you're upset about it?" Wolfram cooed, the nightmare melting away from his memory.

"Don't call me that," Yuri whined, narrowing his eyes.

Wolfram snorted and parted his lips as if to speak again when the door let out a lonely creak. Both Yuri and Wolfram glanced toward the door and found Conrad's gentle face leaning in.

Smiling at seeing Conrad, Yuri motioned his godfather to enter. "Hey, Conrad, why are you up so late?"

Conrad entered the room but left the door partially ajar, his hand still resting on the doorknob. "I thought I heard voices in here," he commented, glancing at Yuri then at his younger brother. "I assume I'm correct considering the two of you are up. Is everything all right?"

Yuri gave a nervous chuckle and fluffed his pillow. "Wolfram was having a bad dream is all. We were a tad noisy with me trying to wake him up and him crying out in his sleep."

A hint of concern shone through Conrad's eyes. "Are you alright, Wolfram?" he asked, taking a small step toward the two.

Wolfram crossed his arms stubbornly and turned his gaze away from Conrad. "I'm fine, Conrart so do be polite and leave us in peace to sleep."

"Come on, Wolfram, no need to be so rude to your own brother," Yuri said, frowning slightly.

Conrad gave Yuri a sweet smile. "I assure you it's quite alright, Your Highness. You do need your sleep. And don't worry, Wolfram didn't hurt my feelings." The fact that Wolfram called him by his first name was enough to convince him of Wolfram's warming up to him.

"But still-"

"Sleep, Your Highness. I'll leave you two to do so."

"Yes, you do that," Wolfram uttered, beginning to settle back into the sheets.

Sighing at Wolfram's response, Yuri proceeded to do the same. "Alright. Well, good night, Conrad. You get some rest too. And try to remember to call me 'Yuri', okay?"

Conrad gave a bow and began to exit the room. "As you wish, Yuri."

The soft click of the door shutting was the last sign of Conrad and Wolfram released a small sigh. He shifted his position to face Yuri's back and frowned.

Another nightmare. Wolfram was aware the dream was identical each time and yet he could not recall the details after a minute's passed. His inability to recall the cursed nightmare frustrated Wolfram, which resulted in him growling.

In hopes of changing the subject that lingered in his mind, Wolfram focused his attention on Yuri's form. Watching Yuri's back inflate with each even breath calmed Wolfram down. Hesitantly, Wolfram brought himself closer, enough that their legs brushed. Either Yuri had already been captivated by sleep or he didn't mind the physical contact. The former presented itself as the more practical reason, Wolfram thought.

Regardless of the reason, Wolfram took comfort in the close contact and slowly shut his eyes.



A clash of steel and a loud cry ended the session for the soldier who now sat on the ground, panting for breath.

Wolfram's eyes narrowed and he brought his hand up to point accusingly at the soldier. "You allowed yourself to get distracted! A true warrior removes all his worries and focuses on the battle before him. Become tempted by a distraction and your opponent will be sure to make it your last!"

"Y-yes…Lord…von Bielefeld," the soldier gasped, standing upright and returning to his position in line.

"All of you pay heed to this! Never get distracted and never allow yourself to be surprised! Honestly! This was one of your basic teachings! I expect more from you all!"

The soldiers stared at their commander and their eyes slightly dropped with shame.

Wolfram frowned at this response and gave a defeated sigh. "You men are the best I have. I know you can do better. Perhaps a break will do you all well. But remember, your opponent doesn't give you a resting break! Back here in an hour. Understand?"

"Yes, sir!" His troops called and proceeded to take the much needed break.

After his troops dispersed Wolfram sheathed his sword and stretched his muscles before allowing himself the pleasure of leaning against a wall.

The morning had gone by so typically for Wolfram even with Yuri around. Yuri awoke first and proceeded with his daily morning exercises with his godfather. Then, by the moment Yuri had bathed and settled in for breakfast, Wolfram was up and about, being sure to save a seat for Yuri beside him at the table. Small chit chat took place at breakfast and it took little time before Yuri was nearly dragged away to his studies.

Despite the situation, Wolfram had to train his troops regardless if Yuri was in his studies or not. Better that he's in his studies while I do my duties than him running off with some hussy…

"Lord von Belafeld…"

I won't ever let that cheater leave me…


I don't want him to leave…

"…Lord von Belafeld."


Not after-

"Why, I do believe I see Shibuya shaking the hand of a very lovely young woman…"

Wolfram's eyes widened and the blank abyss that was his stare evolved into a fiery pierce of a gaze. He snapped his head upright and twisted his head to his left. "Wha-?"

His jade eyes quickly studied Ken Murata's form, which stood proudly erect before him yet suggested a casual aura with Murata's arms loosely crossed over his chest.

"Sorry to have tricked you," Murata began, offering a sheepish and charming smile. "You didn't respond when I called your name..."

With a snort of irritation, Wolfram's nerves calmed but began to tingle. The Great Sage always possessed a mysterious, even suspicious, quality to him that made the blonde warrior slightly uncomfortable. Despite his discomfort, Wolfram offered an acknowledging and respective half-bow.

"I just…got distracted in my thoughts," Wolfram stated.

Murata raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Do share."

Wolfram's eye twitched and he attempted to remain polite. "That's…not necessary" he grunted. "Is…there something you wished to discuss with me?"

Noting Wolfram's effort to change the subject, Murata's gave a soft laugh and clasped Wolfram's shoulder. "Yes, in fact. Your eldest brother asked you to be present for the meeting that is to be held shortly."

"And The Great Sage himself took the task to request my presence personally?" Wolfram inquired suspiciously.

Murata shrugged and gestured with his hands for Wolfram to hurry along in. "Well, I do consider us comrades and would like to get express my comrade-ness by walking you to the room. I found it to be a convenient opportunity."

"Too convenient. I have to get back to my troops within an ho-"

With a laugh, Murata ushered Wolfram physically into the castle. "We don't want to be late now, do we?"

"But my tro-"

"Oh, now, I'm sure the meeting won't be that long. In any case, I'm sure your troops will understand why their lovely commander had to leave them."

Lovely? Wolfram felt his discomfort level extend to 76 percent.

Erasing the memory from his mind as best as possible, Wolfram strolled alongside Murata, periodically glancing at the boy beside him with mild interest. Murata was relatively handsome in his own way and Yuri liked him well enough. He was also capable of analyzing a situation well even under pressure. I suppose he isn't too strange…I guess I do sort of like him…His discomfort level began to decrease…

"Why, thank you," Murata said with a sincere grin as he opened the door for Wolfram.

Discomfort level: 94 percent.

Eyes widened at Murata's response. Wolfram gave him a good stare and made to reply when Gwendel called from within the room.

"Wolfram, stop staring at him and get inside. You can stare at the Great Sage once the meeting is done," came the gruff voice oozing with impatience. Wolfram thought he heard what was Yosak's chuckle.

Snorting, Wolfram entered the room, muttering a quick "thank you" for Murata's holding the door open. Conrad, Gunter, Yuri, and Yosak were already settled in and Wolfram instantly stood by Yuri, near the corner, hoping to keep his distance from Murata. It's not that he disliked Murata, but the space would still provide him with some temporary luxury. A lot of space.

Hearing Yuri give a bored sigh, Wolfram took a quick look at his fiancé. The wrath of Gunter's lessons manifested in Yuri's exhausted demeanor. With a roll of his eyes, Wolfram patted Yuri's head. "Poor wimp…"

"Don't….call me-"

"Be quiet, you two" Gwendel demanded. "You can have your lover's quarrel once we're done with the meeting."

"And after Wolfram stares at His Eminence here," Yosak said between chuckles.

"I dare you to say that ag-" Wolfram began with a hiss.

Conrad lifted his hands in a gesture to settle everyone down. "Now, now, let's just being the meeting…"

Gwendel cleared his throat as a way of preparing his speech. Everyone kept silent but the tension lingered, with Wolfram contributing plenty of it.

"Now, the matter at hand is an invitation we received from a foreign kingdom. A request to meet the new Demon King."

Yuri slightly smiled and felt his mood brighten. A trip to a foreign kingdom would be much more amusing than another moment's time with his studies. "That sounds great. Who wants us to go?"

Yuri thought he noticed Gwendel's face tighten in anger for the briefest second. The eldest of the three brothers raised the letter and said, "it's from the King of Sulteri."

"Sulteri?" Wolfram gasped, attention completely fixated on the subject.

Yuri turned to gaze at Wolfram at his sudden outburst. Sensing a new strange anxiety in the room, he scanned the others' expressions. Yosak displayed obvious discomfort but gave the impression of holding it in. Murata…well, was Murata, not appearing to demonstrate any sort of disturbed state of mind. Gunter turned his body so that Yuri was unable to notice any facial features but Yuri suspected his thoughts were identical to those of the others.

Lastly, Yuri glanced at Conrad and was disturbed at the cold and hard stare the older man possessed. His face held its composure but Yuri noticed Conrad's eyes betrayed any calm impression he tried to maintain.

Definitely a touchy subject…

"Yes, Sulteri," Gwendel responded during Yuri's analysis of the others. "The King would like to invite us to a ceremony held on behalf of the new Demon King and to create a treaty. They wish to join our cause it seems."

"It seems?" asked Yuri. "Is…there something that happened between Sulteri and the Great Demon Kingdom?"

Ken Murata raised both eyebrows in bewilderment. "Shibuya, you honestly haven't been paying attention at all during your studies?"

"No, it's not His Majesty's fault," insisted Gunter. "I…have yet to instruct him on that lesson."

Yosak cursed and crossed his arms. "I suppose I can't blame you for that."

"Now, Yosak…if we're to negotiate a treaty we mustn't speak of them in such a manner. I'm sure that Yu-"

"Conrart! You understand the situation at hand most of all!" shouted Yosak. "I'm amazed you're so damn calm about it all."

Conrad gave Yosak a chilly stare before replying, "Anger won't change what has happened nor will it contribute to a peaceful pact between our kingdoms."


Gunter took a step closer to Gwendel. "Surely you must consider this invitation as a set up, yes? What if they got their filthy hands on his beautiful Highness? Oh! The torment he will suffer because of our inability to see through this façade!" he woefully moaned.

"Gunter, please! Don't start with that. This is no time for you-"

"I'm just saying that you of all people should at least-" Yosak continued accusing Conrad while Gwendel raised his voice against Gunter's moans and cries.

Yuri stared in shock at the scene before him, Gwendel arguing with Gunter, Yosak arguing with Conrad, and Murata simply sitting nonchalantly with his eyes focused on Yuri. Yuri held his gaze with a desperate look before turning to Conrad and Yosak when he noticed Yosak approaching Conrad. Yuri quickly placed himself between the two to stop the dispute.

"Come on you guys…I know I don't understand the situation but this is no way t-"

"I'm sorry, Your Highness," Yosak said sternly keeping his eyes on Conrad, "but this is something I must ask you to stay out of."

Conrad narrowed his eyes and moved in closer only to have Yuri press his palms against his chest. "Don't ever speak to Yuri in such a manner, Yosak," he warned but obeyed Yuri's demand to stay at bay.

Yuri mentally cringed as Yosak took another step closer to Conrad. "Enough you guys! Do-Murata?"

The Great Sage, in a fluid motion, stood up, took in a deep breath and let out a thunderous command for silence.

Everyone paused.

Yuri let out a breath of relief.

Murata, after clearing his throat, smiled at the obedient response he received and looked at the others accusingly. "Honestly," he breathed and ran a hand through his hair. "With all of you arguing, I barely had room in my own mind to think."

He placed his hands firmly on his hips and looked at the others. "Alright, now…let us prepare for our journey ahead, yes?"

Gunter's eyes nearly rolled out of his head. "Why, Your Eminence! Surely you jest! This could truly be a tra-"

"If you doubt my decision…then let us ask Shibuya for the final say," offered Murata.

Yuri blinked rapidly and opened his mouth but nothing came out. He gave a deep sigh and contemplated his options. "Well," he started, attempting his best to sound firm but felt himself faltering. "I still think it's important to trust people. Maybe they want to resolve whatever tension exists between the two kingdoms. If we don't give them the chance, it doesn't improve the current situation, right? I say we go."

Murata smirked and faced Gunter. "That settles it."

Gwendel massaged the right side of his head with three fingers and reluctantly glimpsed at Yuri. "Due to the circumstances, I will accompany you and will leave Gunter in charge until our return." Before Gunter could protest to his staying behind, Gwendel shot him a glare that kept the other silent.

"I assume Conrart and Wolfram will also accompany you two?" Gwendel asked to Yuri and Murata.

Yuri glanced at Conrad and was received with a smile and a nod but when he glanced in Wolfram's direction, Yuri's own smile wavered. Wolfram stood with his arms loosely wrapped around his middle and his eyes troubled Yuri. The usual passionate gaze consisted of two rusted emeralds that suggested Wolfram was in a world of his own.

"Wolfram?" Yuri whispered, concern coating each syllable. "Are…you okay?" Come to think of it, Wolfram wasn't even involved in any of the arguments. Usually he would have ripped someone's throat out by this point…

Following Yuri's worried glance, Conrad stood close to his youngest brother. "Wolfram, you look pale."

Wolfram raised his eyes painfully slowly to meet Conrad's face. They hardened as they returned to normal when noticing his brother's concerned look. "I'm fine."

"Perhaps you should stay here until Yuri returns," Conrad suggested.

"No! If I'm not around to watch him, you'll allow him to get involved with some pretty girl or handsome man. Of course I'm coming along!" Wolfram crossed his arms before his chest with a determined look.

Yuri smiled and nervously chuckled. "At least you're yelling again. I was amazed at how calm you were during the arguments. Usually you're-"

"-arguing just as the others are doing? Am I to take that as an insult, you wimp? How dare you make such a comment to your own fiancé!" the warrior cried.

Quickly the black haired boy brought his hands to his chest as a sign of peace. "No, no!" he persisted. "It's just that…I'm…uh…"

"What? A cheater?" Wolfram accused, bringing his face dangerously close to Yuri.

"No! I'm…!"

"Just admit you are a cheating wimp!"

Wolfram's sudden switch of attitudes slightly worried Yuri, yet his yelling again indicated that Wolfram was alright and that gave Yuri enough security to let it pass. "I uh…," he said, hoping to avoid Wolfram's accusations, "Shouldn't we go get ourselves ready, Wolfram? We should probably spend some time with Greta before we leave as well."

The mentioning of the young child instantly brought a sparkle of happiness in Wolfram. Thank goodness it focused his attention on Greta, thought Yuri.

"My, what a responsible father you're being. I must agree with you, for once. We need to bond as a whole family as much as possible," Wolfram insisted, giving a nod as he headed toward the door.

"A family, huh?" muttered Yuri. A sudden thought prevented Yuri from following Wolfram any further out the door. "Oh wait…go on ahead I'll be right there. I uh…forgot something."

"What is it?"

Yuri heard his stomach coil and began creating a good excuse that would not upset Wolfram. "Uh…it's just that…"

"Lord von Bielefeld!"

Wolfram turned away from Yuri and stepped out into the hall to meet one of his fellow troops rushing toward him. "What is it?"

"Sorry, sir, but the new trainee was honing his skills alone and it seems he got himself injured," explained the soldier.

Yuri thought he saw a vein appear on Wolfram's head. Although he felt pity for the soldiers who endured the wrath of Wolfram's anger, he also knew Wolfram took pride in his soldiers and treated them relatively well despite his cold attitude.

And Wolfram indeed was aggravated by the message that the soldier brought. "Alright, alright. I'll go over there and deal with it. Has a healer been sent for?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Gather the other troops that were training with me today and those that had plans to train today. I'll be leaving and will have to cancel the sessions."

After dismissing the soldier, Wolfram turned to Yuri. "I have some business to deal with, but you better be with Greta when I return. Don't be leaving for your precious Earth." With a final 'hmph', Wolfram made his way out of the castle in a jog.

"Shall we find Greta then, Yuri?" Conrad asked gently as he held the door open for Yuri. He looked to the others in the room, expecting them to follow out. Murata simply waved at him and made a gesture for them to leave the room.

"We got some things to discuss for a moment. You two go and find Greta. After all, your fiancé will be upset if you're not with her by the time he's done with his duties," he teased.

Yuri gave him a dirty look but exited the room and Conrad followed, being sure to shut the door behind him.

"Do…you think it's wise to bring His Excellency along on this journey?" Yosak asked Murata once the two left the room.

"We cannot force Lord von Bielefeld to stay. Besides, I believe being beside Shibuya brings him peace and vice versa, even if Shibuya doesn't realize it. He'll need Wolfram's strength on this journey," Murata answered sympathetically.

Gwendel grunted and gazed at Murata. "You knew the King would want to go to Sulteri all along, didn't you?"

He was only rewarded with a smug look.


Yuri leisurely walked beside Conrad with only their footsteps providing any sound as they headed toward the gardens. Yuri must have taken one too many peeks at Conrad's face because his godfather caught his stare at one point and asked, "Is something on your mind, Yuri?"

"…Um…No…Well, it's just…I guess…."

"Ah, you're curious about Sulteri and what happened back in the room, yes?"

Giving a weak smile, Yuri nodded his affirmation. "It's just…I mean I wanted to ask inside the room but-"

"I understand, Your-er…Yuri. Though me providing you with historical information may upset Gunter, if you insist…"

Yuri nodded repeatedly, dreading the thought of receiving a lecture from Gunter on such an evidently touchy subject. "Well it's his fault for not teaching me to begin with, right? Go ahead."

"Alright, then. About ten years ago, their was a death of a man here on Demon Kingdom soil, in this very castle" Conrad began explaining, keeping his eyes ahead.

Yuri blinked in sudden interest and repeated, "A…death?"

His godfather nodded. "The man was of Sulteri origins and held a high position there. The death was completely placed upon the Demon Kingdom's shoulders and it created a major conflict. A war nearly broke out."

The details were somewhat vague but Yuri felt that now was not the appropriate time for asking. His curiosity got the best of him, however. "But…why would it be an entire kingdom's fault? Did the whole country get together to execute the man? And…was he doing anything bad that made them decide to kill him?"

Godfather and godson left the castle and began turning toward the pathway that led to the gardens. During this time, Conrad went on. "The man…was suspected of scheming but there was no factual proof. It was a 'he say, she say' situation. And it wasn't the entire kingdom who decided his death. It was the impulsive action of a member of the demon tribe."

"So…The demon suspected the Sulteri man of scheming a bad plot and…killed him?" Yuri inquired," But if that's the case, how is it the whole Demon Kingdom is responsible for it and not just that one man?"

Yuri continued looking at Conrad, awaiting an answer but all he received was, "I suppose it only takes a spark to create the fire."

With that enigma comment, Conrad remained silent, appearing to be in thought. Yuri craved to press the topic but the peculiar expression on Conrad's face prevented him from persisting it.

I guess I could always ask Wolfram…Maybe Conrad knew the guy…What if it was Yosak? Or someone else that Conrad knew? Or his strange reaction could be due to the fact that he knew the man from Sulteri and mourns his death?

As they nearly entered the gardens, Yuri decided of another topic in hopes of easing the tension. He did have another question at any hand that had been hidden in the back of his mind. "Hey, Conrad?"

"Yes, Yuri?"

"What's a 'Khalid'?"

This immediately halted Conrad in his steps. He twisted his entire body to face Yuri, eyes partially wide. "Where did you hear that name?"

Yuri, rather perplexed by the situation, spoke quickly as if he discovered something he was never meant to. "I…Uh…I heard Wolfram say it in his sleep last night. D-during the bad dream…."

Conrad's shoulders began to slacken and his entire demeanor seemed to deteriorate. "I see…"

"Conrad? Can you tell me?"

After a brief pause, Conrad whispered, "I suppose it's best you knew. Khalid…was very close to us here."

Anticipating a heavy tale, Yuri sat on a bench shaded by a large tree and offered Conrad room beside him. "Close? He…lived here?"

Taking up the offer, Conrad sat and said, "Yes. He was training under Gunter just as I was. He was a foreigner but we were close with the country he came from and Gunter saw great potential in him. As you can imagine, we all were fond of him, even Gwendel. He was a brilliant strategist and Gwendel respected his gift for both strategy and close combat. He warmed up to us as well, especially toward Wolfram.

"Wolfram was coming of age and once he had, many suitors flocked over him, both men and women. We all did our best to protect him from the grabby hands and sick men out there. Khalid was practically Wolfram's bodyguard when not training or performing chores. People believed that he had fallen for Wolfram."

The mentioning of this made Yuri flush. He coughed and asked, "You mean…like…in love?"

Conrad smiled, the memory fresh in his mind, and replied, "Yes. I understand it's unusual in your world but here, it's no different than a man and woman together. But he loved Wolfram…or at least, most people thought it."

"Most? So someone suspected that he didn't really love Wolfram?"

"Well, some circumstances led that particular person to doubt his true nature is all," Conrad explained, his hand forming a fist and clenching so stiffly that his knuckles grew white.

Yuri frowned and leaned closer to Conrad. "Conrad, what is it that you're not telling me? There's something else, isn't there?"

Conrad gave Yuri a pathetic look before standing up, being sure to have his back face Yuri. "Yes…there's more. Khalid…is the man that was killed. The man from Sulteri and…he was no man. He was the prince."

"The…The PRINCE? The prince of the country Sulteri was killed?"

"Wolfram saw it with his own eyes. He saw the killer," Conrad added, more to himself than to Yuri.

Yuri flew into a standing position and went before Conrad to look into his face. The most pathetic and tragic eyes met Yuri's.

"Conrad, who was the killer?"

Conrad presented a pitiful smile for Yuri before saying the words that crushed Yuri with horror and disbelief.

"Why, you're looking at him, Your Highness. I killed Khalid."


I really hoped you enjoyed the first chapter. I know it may be a bit dull with all the information that has to be presented with who's Khalid and such.

Oh, and just in case you're not aware, a "he say, she say" situation is a saying commonly used in the law referring to a case that lacks sufficient evidence. So basically the only evidence is that "Yuri said Wolfram punched him but Wolfram claims that Yuri crashed into a wall", so you don't really know who is right and who is wrong.

I think people use that phrase even in daily language…I'm not sure…maybe.

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