Author's note: I have never in my life been so motivated about fanfiction as I am about Daseys. Maybe its all the Sexual tension. I just keep getting story ideas. This one should be LONG. The first chapter is set ten years into the future, but there will be plently of flashbacks. Enjoy.

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January 30th 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Connell of Toronto are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Vanessa Connell, to Derek Venturi son of George Venturi and Abby Monroe and step-son of Gretchen Venturi, all of London, ON. The bride is a 2014 graduate of Trent University, where she received a B.A. in psychology. She is currently attending graduate school at the University in the hopes of getting her PhD. The Groom is a 2012 graduate of Trent University, where he received a B.A. in advertising. He is currently employed at McMillian and Associates. A July 2017 wedding is planned.

By the tenth time Casey Macdonald read through the announcement, she was pleased to discover it no longer gave her the urge to throw-up; as she had literally done the first time she saw it, early that morning. She wasn't sure which was worse, the fact that Derek was getting married and she hadn't known anything about it, or the fact that the announcement made no mention of her mother. Casey's mother had died in a car accident five years ago now, when Casey and Derek were twenty-one. Her step-father, George, had remarried last spring. She spent all day at work zoning out, thinking about the time she spent with Derek, about the things they said to each other when they were young. Now, after coming home and rereading the announcement, she took a few deep breathes and prepared to make some phone calls.

George answered on the second ring.


"Hi George, its Casey." she said, she heard him suck in his breath on the other end of the line.

"You saw it?" He asked.

"Of course I saw it." she said.

"I'm sorry Casey." He sighed.

"How could leave my mother out?" She asked.

"Casey, it was just, I know that, you must be upset but," he rambled, then took a long breath to steady himself, "The Connell's didn't think it was wise to list three mothers for Derek, they said it cluttered up the announcement, they though it would confuse people, so since Abby his biological mother, and since Gretchen is my wife now-"

"And since my mother is dead." Casey spat, cutting him off, "God it makes so much sense now- wouldn't want to confuse people, so leave out the dead one."

"Don't be like that Casey." he said.

"It's disrespectful George." She said, furious.

"They're nice people Casey, they really are, and it's been five years." He said warily.

"So we should just move on, we should just forget she existed?" She seethed.

"No one is saying that," he said.

"It sure sounds that way to me. What I don't understand, is how Gretchen, who you didn't marry till Derek was 25, who has met him what- three times? Get listed as his step mother. That's not right." She said.

"Three times huh?" George said, "That's twice more than you've seen my son this year. If you want attack people, why don't you call him? Take your anger out on who you're really upset with. I don't have time for this tonight." He said, and then hung up. She sighed. Still fuming, she dialed another number. She wanted the truth about this Vanessa girl, this whole Connell family.

Marti answered instantly.

"Hi Casey!" she shouted. At 16 Marti was still full of energy and she never failed to make Casey smile.

"Hey Marti." Casey said.

"Guess what?" Marti asked, "I told you about the spring musical right?"

"Sound of Music?" Casey asked.

"Right. Parts were posted today! I'm Maria!" Marti said, sounding triumphant.

"Congratulations!" Casey said, Marti had become quite a good actress as she got older,

turning her love of imaginary friends into a talent.

"You'll come right? April 20th?" Marti asked.

"Wouldn't miss it." Casey said truthfully.

"So, you called about Derek didn't you?" Marti asked.

"I saw the engagement announcement in today's paper." Casey admitted.

"I figured. I'm sorry Casey." Marti said.

"Your dad says they're nice people. What do you think?" Casey asked.

"Well." Marti began, then hesitated, "they're nice enough I guess." she said.

"What does that mean?" Casey asked, "Would I like them? Would I like her?"

"Of course not," Marti laughed, "she's marrying Derek, she could have cured cancer and you'd hate her." That was the other thing that hadn't changed about Marti, her perception. She saw things for how they were, which was why Casey trusted her opinion.

"Fair enough," she said knowing better than to try and deny anything, "well do you like them?"

"I guess. I don't really know them. I was surprised to hear Derek asked her to marry him, he didn't even tell me he was going to do it first." Marti said, sounding a little hurt, "she's pretty, actually she kind of looks like you, brown hair, big blue eyes. She's an only child and I get the feeling they have money." Marti finished.

"She looks like me?" Casey asked, not even registering the rest of what Marti said.

"A little." Marti said, and Casey could hear the smirk in her voice, "I gotta go Casey, but

I'll call you if I learn anything else."

"Bye Marti." Casey said. Sometimes Casey was a bit unnerved by how much Marti understood. She often suspected Derek and told her stories over the years. Everyone else seemed to just have suspicions about her and Derek; Marti always spoke as though it were fact. Shaking her head, she dialed another number.

Lizzie's phone went straight to voice mail, so smiling, she dialed Edwin. He answered on the third ring.

"What's up Casey?" He said.

"Hey Edwin, is my sister there?" Casey asked.

"Isn't she always?" Edwin asked, "You need her?"

"Actually I wanted to talk to both of you. Are you busy? I can call back." Casey offered.

"Nah, I'm studying and Lizzie's looking over some soccer stuff. Give me just a second and I'll put you on speaker phone." Edwin said. Casey heard a click then her younger sister's voice,

"Hi Casey!" Lizzie shouted.

"Hey Liz." Casey said, "So did you guys see today's paper?" She asked. There was an uncomfortable silence on the other end of the line,

"Casey I-" Edwin began.

"Don't apologize again." Lizzie cut him off, "He's been apologizing all damn day, as though it's at all his fault." she said.

"Will you please just be quiet and let me talk woman? I need to say this to Casey." Edwin said. Casey laughed. She could picture them, curled up on the cheap couch in Edwin's apartment, surrounded by text books and soccer balls, Lizzie hitting him and Edwin shushing her. They were best friends and they sometimes behaved at twenty-two much they way they had at twelve "Nora was more of a mother to me than my own mother, and I'm hurt and shocked by all this too. I'm sorry Casey." Edwin finished.

"That's really sweet Edwin, thank you." Casey said, "You ok Lizzie?"

"Yeah, I mean it sucks, but I'm used to it. You should be too Casey. You should also not spend hours of your time hating Vanessa. It won't do you any good." Lizzie said. Not for the first time, Casey wished she could be as laid-back and logical as Lizzie.

"Have either of you met her?" Casey asked.

"Nope" Lizzie and Edwin said in unison. Casey sighed and laughed with them.

"Hey Casey?" Edwin asked.


"Call him." Edwin said.

"Easier said than done," Casey thought.